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Success or Failure? As Cowboys’ Offense Goes, so Goes the 2020 Season

Dallas Cowboys offense key to the success of the 2020 season.

The investment the Dallas have made on the offensive side of the ball over the years better pay off in 2020 because their season likely depends on it.

The Dallas Cowboys had arguably the best in the league last season and luckily for them they have eight out of 11 starters returning this year. Gone is , , and , but all the others will return to what should be a formidable unit once again.

Make no mistake, losing Frederick, Witten, and Cobb would be a deathblow to just about any other team in the league. Not the Cowboys though. Who replaces Travis Frederick is the biggest question right now, but they could do a lot worse than – who started all 16 games in 2018 – the favorite to start at right now.

As far as replacing Jason Witten and Randall Cobb is concerned, the Cowboys may have upgraded from those two. isn’t quite the blocker Witten was, but he’s got a real shot of being a mismatch weapon in the receiving game. Cobb’s replacement, , could potentially take the Cowboys to an entirely different level.

Let that sink in for a little bit…

That’s quite a bit of talent on the offensive side of the ball. Anyway you look at it this should be at the very least a Top 5 unit in 2020. And if last season was any indication, they have a chance to be even better under the guidance of second-year .

Success or failure likely depends on the Dallas Cowboys offensive unit this year. With the majority of the starters returning, they should literally be able to hit the ground running and hopefully pick up where they left off last year. Defensively, there’s really no way of knowing how they will perform.

They’re just way too many moving parts right now on the defensive side of the ball to know for sure what they’re capable of. They’re installing a new system, lost their best cover corner () and a starting (), and don’t have much of an to get everything installed and up and running. The shortened offseason has hurt them most of all.

The doesn’t have to be great. Their job will be to get the ball back in the hands of the offense, whether through turnovers or forcing a few three and outs. The more time the offense has the ball the better. Keeping it away from the opponent and hopefully putting points the board will be the blueprint in which games are won in 2020.

The Dallas Cowboys should be able to hang with any team in the league with the weapons they have at their disposal on the offensive side of the ball. Anything they get from the defense and will be icing on the cake. It’s not the best recipe for success, but that’s the way the cards have been dealt. Now they have to let the chips fall as they may.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys offense can carry the team in 2020?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. So y’all didn’t play against Drew Brees. The Patriots game two touchdowns has a blowout… And the eagles was hurt with all rookie receivers and they still knocked you out the playoffs

    • Ouch! Though I refuse to believe the Eagles knocked us out of the playoffs. Granted, we fell short against a weakened PHI team when it mattered, but this team eliminated themselves long before that …

    • The first part of your comment didn’t make any sense, but I did understand what you were saying about the eagles game, and even though they did win with a team of rookies, they didn’t beat us with our team healthy either!! Dak played that whole game with a messed up shoulder, and the coaches kept taking Cooper out when we needed him the most!! I say if Dak played that game healthy we would have won…. And now about the patriots and saints games…. I’m just gonna take a shot at replying to what I think your saying…. We only lost by 2 points to the saints, which isn’t too bad considering how good that team has been the last few years!! And we only lost by 1 score to the patriots…. And if it wasn’t for Cooper slipping and falling in the rain when the ball was thrown to him, the patriots wouldn’t have even won by that much, cause that slip caused an interception, and it gave the patriots their only touchdown of the game, as a matter of fact, it was the only touchdown of the game!! So idk what you meant when you said BLOWOUT, but the patriots didn’t blow us out!! I don’t think we were blown out by any team last season!! So come back and explain your comment a little better

  2. Alot of good points Alan but kinda of a “glass half empty ” assessment. Agree if the defense is below avg they will likely not make the playoffs. Also think health of the team is extremely important. We were without LVE for good part of season and Lawrence came into season off shoulder surgery and never looked healthy. Those are our 2 best defensive players. If they have bounce back yrs along with J. Smith that will go a long way towards making our defense respectable.. Also o-line had health issues most of the yr. The upside is with our offensive prowess we should score enuf to be in every game. I believe we were 0-6 in games decided by 7 points or less. A better head coach and special teams would have likely reversed a few of those and gotten us in the playoffs.

  3. Nice to be able to eke out a couple wins via a shootout but I believe the defense will be what dictates this team’s success. Teams with great offenses that achieve championships are typically blowing teams out and not winning shootouts every week. Their defenses have to be good enough to not surrender 20-24 points every week.

    Our offense should be really good, and should win a few games on their own, but the defense (or lack of) will determine how far we go. Turnovers and stops, that’s what it will come down to.

  4. Outscoring opponents wins games, but it’s still true more often than not – defense wins championships. What happens if Zeke goes down with injury, or gets suspended again? Pollard is like Marion Barber to me – great when he’s the change of pace guy, but he’s NOT an every down back, size-wise if nothing else. Looney’s good, but he’s not as good as Frederick was even last year, and pressure up the middle is any quarterback’s biggest problem. Now Dak is good size and has good escapability, but no quarterback is 100% as good when flushed out, despite all the spectacular plays guys like Rodgers make when the play breaks down, if you look most of the time it’s a throwaway, run out of bounds or a short throw for just a few yards to his “safety valve”. Now maybe Jarwin, with his better speed than Witten, can turn some of those few yards to first downs or longer plays, maybe even some touchdowns, but that’s an uncertainty. There is nobody on the roster than can hold a candle to Tyron Smith at left tackle, if he’s out, which he’s been most years lately, that’s a big problem. Defense is okay, but what if Lawrence opts out, Gregory isn’t reinstated, and Smith can’t overcome 4 years of no football? The rookies and other backups will have to really surprise, with no pre-season and few practices, they’re just not going to be “ready for prime time”. There’s no first round, blue chip defensive end from the draft this year on the roster to take Lawrence’s place, and even if someone surprises, who plays the other side? Heath wasn’t very good, but Clinton-Dix is no Deion, he has a history that indicates he’s better than Heath, but that’s a marginal improvement.
    No, you can’t depend on offense to carry you to a SB, though that COULD happen. Not saying it won’t, just don’t get too enthralled with the “high powered” offense, just remember the Bills in the early 90’s, and the Saints the last couple of years, both awesome offenses, but did they win it all?

    • Alan, while you bring up some good points, you crowd your post with a lot of “ifs”. Let us not make excuses before the season even starts

      If Zeke, If Smith, if Lawrence, Gregory, Smith, ETC. Every team has question marks. Lets deal with what we have, instead of what we MIGHT NOT HAVE.

      At this point in time, our offense is STACKED with talent. Many people mocked Witten for his lack of YAC. So Jarwin may be an upgrade at TE. Lamb should be an upgrade over Cobb. Don’t believe Lawrence opts out. Wish he would let his play on the field SPEAK for him. Zeke has been injury resistant.

      Of course, defense is very important, and I believe ours got a little better with the FA and draft additions. Lets not forget last year, in LOSES, our defense only gave up 12 points to Saints, 13 points to Pats, 17 points to (second game) Eagles. So I think the combination of a better offense and defense should hopefully be enough to get us into the post season.

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