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The Best the Dallas Cowboys Can Hope For this Offseason

All-in-all, the had a rather good . They made it to the Divisional Round but lost 30-22 to the , having been cut apart by C.J. Anderson and the next-level superstar , who ran riot thanks to an impressive showing from their .

The Los Angeles Rams were one of the early favorites to win the and dominated for much of the regular season, so for the Cowboys, who were once considered dark horses to even make the , losing to them shouldn’t be too disheartening to the team.

Now, the Cowboys get to use this season’s impressive showing to build toward an even better 2019 campaign, in which Dallas could move beyond the . So, here’s the best that the Cowboys can hope for in this .

Rams Win It All

The Best the Dallas Cowboys Can Hope For this Offseason
Source: Bobby McIntyre, via Twitter

It’s somewhat of a strange concept across the sporting world to back the team that defeated your team, but in the NFL – and many other major league sports – there is an understanding that losing to the eventual champions is a fair consolation prize for your season ending early.

It doesn’t help the team very much, but the loss is considered to be almost unavoidable as the eventual champions were destined to be just that.

So, for the Dallas Cowboys to take some solace from the postseason, they need the Los Angeles Rams to defy the and win the Super Bowl. But, with the NFL betting seeing the Saints as favorites at +180, the Chiefs just behind at +260, and then the Pats and Rams at +350, it seems like the Cowboys’ loss won’t be a stepping stone for the eventual champion.

Bolster Dak’s Options

The Best the Dallas Cowboys Can Hope For this Offseason 1
Source: Blogging The Boys, via Twitter

During the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys decided to make the most of the ’ fire sale by bringing in , which had an immediate impact. Cooper proved to be an explosive option on many occasions, helping to keep defenses honest to give more room to operate.

Over the course of the season, also developed well, proving that one day soon, possibly next season, he could work as a very valuable receiver.

With these two in ’s arsenal for next season, the Cowboys would do well to add one or two more options as this is a passing league, and the Cowboys lacked that element to their for much of the 2018 season.

According to Spotrac, the Cowboys are set to shed $4.25 million and $1.875 million from their wide receivers bill with and expected to hit the market. A further $4.1 million could also be freed up if the team rids themselves of after his season of turmoil. So, without considering moves elsewhere on the team, Dallas is poised to have some money to play with in the summer.

One way that they could enhance the offense is with a who can also function as a strong receiving option. Throughout the season, Pittsburgh’s Jesse James worked his way into being one of the best tight ends with an expiring contract. At 6’7’’, 24 years old and having reeled in 423 yards and two touchdowns, an enhanced role for the Cowboys could evolve this offense a great deal.

Another option is UFA of the . But, he would be a huge risk given his three-year crisis. From 2016 to 2018, Eifert has only played 14 games, but, when he has played in that time frame, he’s scored six touchdowns and collected 619 yards. In his 13-game season of 2015, he landed 13 touchdowns and 615 yards.

For the Dallas Cowboys to take the next step, improving their must be their primary focus in the offseason – but not at the expense of other well-performing areas.

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