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The good, the bad, and the coaching? Mike McCarthy is the problem

The pain of another loss to the in the is enough to cause mass depression throughout . This is a great catastrophe all across the board for this team, not least of which for .

While so many players fought hard this season, the once again came up short in the postseason, making this another year where the Cowboys fail to make the despite having an amazing team.

With so much confusion and frustration within the Cowboys' fandom, it's best to take a breath and try to figure out what the problem is.

Many fans have fingers pointed at all areas of the field, including , Mike McCarthy, and .

To get straight to the point, the real culprit is Mike McCarthy.

No doubt about it, this man is the true cause of the team losing on Sunday. There are plenty of ways this man has screwed the team these last three years.

This coach has been blessed with amazing players who deserve to win Super Bowls. is the best in the NFL. is a top-3 in the league who is getting better and better every year. is a with a great amount of potential.

The Cowboys have the best team in the NFL for sure, however, McCarthy is holding us back.

I recently saw a comment on another post stating if the Cowboys had Superman, Captain America, and Thor on their team, they still wouldn't get past the under McCarthy.

Which reminds me, McCarthy used to actually coach a Superman-like player.

will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, however, how many Super Bowls has he won?

That's right, one.

Rodgers should have won at least three Super Bowls in his career with his talent, but no. Once again, McCarthy held an amazing team back for so long.

For 12 years McCarthy coached the and kept choking in big games. 

This is just another reason why this coach just can't get the job done.

The year 2011 will be the only time you will ever see McCarthy hold the trophy.

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy (shown here as head coach of the Green Bay Packers).

It's not hard to see that he is the true reason for the suffering of

Now, I understand what some of you may be thinking — Prescott needs some blame as well for the loss. I agree.

It is unacceptable to throw two interceptions in the first half of a playoff game, however, I still blame McCarthy for Daks' downfall. 

Dak didn't seem to be in a good mindset for this game and obviously wasn't appropriately coached pregame. McCarthy let everything crumble and looked away when people needed him the most.

This season was great, and I am very proud of our team this year.

Yet, we will never win in the big games with a coach like this. Before anything else, McCarthy needs to go. There's simply no other way.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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James Vargas

Sorry Tony. You are completely wrong on this one.

McCarthy did a great job throughout the year in spite of Dak at the QB helm.

It all falls on Dak. He is a good QB, but thats it. He had a great performance vs TBay, who has a secondary ranked in the 20’s as one of the worst in the league. Too many interceptions and bad decisions.


Prescott played poorly at San Francisco, but I think you should take a long hard look at that Hillbilly Kellen Moore. There’s the real problem on the Cowboys offense!!!!!


Most of the blame goes to the one responsible for us losing in first place, which that is Dak Prescott, those 2 picks were bad decisions by Dak, can’t pin that on McCarthy, both of those picks led to 9ers getting points, and one that took away possibly a FG, (assuming Maher would make the FG) that’s enough points that we would’ve won the game, so yes, it’s on Dak, not McCarthy

Also, why is it that when we do great, Moore is the one who gets all the credit for offense playcalling, but when things go bad, MMC is the one everyone goes to blame ?


Because Moore and McCarthy are both incompetent idiots mostly! If you’re taking an exam that has multiple choice questions, you’re going to guess correctly every once in a while. Probably not enough to pass that exam though. That’s Moore and McCarthy in a nutshell. They guess correctly on occasion, but wrong more often than not!!!


Ridiculous. The QB is the problem

Christopher Strazza



The Quarterback, the Head Coach, the Offensive Coordinator, the Special Teams Coach, and the so called General Manager!!!!!


Dak is the problem


Hank Harwell

My thinking is that it is indeed coaching, but not with the HC. I’m blaming the OC. He has to be the one getting his offensive field commander, the QB ready for every game, big and little, and I don’t think Kellen Moore is that guy. Sure he’s got some creative plays in the book, but if the offense doesn’t execute, then they are pretty scribbles on a page. Dallas needs to bring in at the very least a competent QB coach/consultant to work with Dak to emphasize his obvious talents and minimize his weaknesses. For far too long his skills have been wasted and he has had to shoulder the blame for things that a good coach could/would have helped him overcome.


Prescott’s flaws and shortcomings are numerous, but I agree with you that Kellen Moore is the MAIN PROBLEM on the Cowboys Coaching Staff! It’s his job to know Prescott’s shortcomings and then have enough sense to tailor the game plan around his strengths , not his faults. Personally I don’t think he wants Prescott to succeed!!!!


Hello Tony! I agree with you totally on McCarthy. I’d also add Kellen Moore to the list of problems in Dallas. What was that nonsense at the end of the game with Elliott snapping the ball to Prescott and a short idiotic pass to Turpin who was tackled immediately. Just made the team look more silly than necessary. How could McCarthy allow Kellen Moore to just basically do whatever he wanted regardless of how stupid it was? Prescott has rapidly turned into a quarterback that’s confused more often than not. That’s on Moore 100%. I hope he gets hired somewhere, anywhere, as long as it gets him out of Dallas. Jerry and Stephen Jones are a couple of rubes masquerading as NFL Executives. Neither of them has a clue about evaluating Coaches or players. Bringing Maher back after cutting him once already! What did they really expect from him? I expected exactly what he delivered in the end, INEPTITUDE! Missing kicks that High School kids in Texas can make with their eyes closed. The worse part of the San Francisco fiasco is we may lose Dan Quinn. The Jones Family HAS TO FIRE MCCARTHY, MOORE, AND FASSELL IMMEDIATELY!!!! Maher has to be shown the door and never invited back to Dallas for ANY REASON!!! HE’S AN ABSOLUTE STINKER!!!! Further, it’s way past ye to draft Elliott’s replacement and Prescott’s replacement. They made a poor investment in Dak Prescott and in Elliott. Both were grossly overpaid!The Unrestricted Free Agents on the roster is numerous, however most aren’t worth bringing back. Barr and Vander Esch can both hit yhe road in my opinion. The upcoming draft has a lot if what we need. If they could get someone to trade for Dak Prescott, it would help the team get better and younger quickly. New and competent Coaching is also a priority. Acquiring talent isn’t enough, it must be properly managed too. What if the Fortune 500 Companies were being ran by Chimpanzees. They’d fail miserably in short order just like the Dallas Cowboys.


The problem is fag-boy Dak. Nuthin’ more. Nuthin less.


What a bunch of garbage. I’m definitely not a McCarthy apologist, but he didn’t touch the ball during the game. Back to back 12 win seasons with playoffs. 4-1 with a back-up QB. A tougher-minded team for sure.

There is not a coach or OC on this planet that can make Prescott a better QB… he has reached his ceiling. You simply cannot coach this player to be any more than what we have seen. 7 years… read his college scouting report… all the bad traits are present in his game today. You can teach him a few new things, but he is obviously averse to correcting his bad habits.

As for the end of the game coaching decisions… McCarthy had more faith in his defense to get the ball back than he had in his QB converting a third and long, with a little over 2 minutes remaining, deep in their own end of the field. That was the right decision.


What are the two constants for this team the last 27 years without advancing to an NFC championship? Jerry and Stephan. We can blame Romo, Garrett, Linehan, McCarthty, Dak. Hell, you can even blame Jimmy Johnson for getting fired. These two sold you again on a talented roster that was depleted offensively this season. Amari Cooper, Cedrick Wilson, and Gallup coming off of ACL reconstruction. Also, La El Collins and Gregory both walked away or were just plain released. Please fan’s open your eyes to the nonsense.


Respectfully, to blame MM for this loss is just way off the mark. Of course, as the HC, he has to take some responsibility, but IMO, by far, the biggest reason for this loss has to be put squarely on the shoulders of the QB1. Really anyone who can’t see that doesn’t know much about the game. Not going to rehash the failure to perform again, as its obvious to most informed fans.

AND AGAIN, this QB1 has 40,000,000 reasons to be in the right “MINDSET” all by himself. And what exactly does “appropriately coached pregame ” mean??? That was the 19th game of this season, in the SEVENTH YEAR of his career!!!

I guess some folks don’t want to see reality for whatever reason. How much more has to be seen already? IMO, moving forward, the best thing to do now may be to either get a trade partner willing to take on this contract and player who may be more concerned with building a brand for his post career OR draft a QB EARLY and start a real competition/grooming process.

Chris Burns

While I respect your opinion in this article, why don’t you go a bit higher and put the blame where it really lies and that is Jerry Jones. Yes Jones has three Super Bowl rings but why? Jimmie Johnson that’s why. Before you remind me that Barry Switzer won the third Super Bowl under the ownership of Jones…..don’t. We all know that was the left overs of Jimmie Johnson’s tactical recruiting.
Being 18, you weren’t around back when we won any of the five Super Bowls. I’ve been a Cowboys fan for almost six decades. I’ve not just seen it all, I’ve lived through the highs and lows of the team. The one constant in the demise of the Cowboys has been Jones. All the coaches he has hired from day one he has looked at as figureheads and nothing more. Go back and research why Johnson left when he did. Dig deep and I think you will find that my opinion does indeed have some validity…….unless you’re related to Jones in some way. Thanks for the other articles though.

Chris Burns

Hey everyone, if your defense is as good as it should be, a safety can win any game.

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