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Trevon Diggs Proves Cowboys Top Corner in Week 1 Matchup Vs. Mike Evans

The Dallas put a lot of trust in second-year cornerback Trevon Diggs in their week one loss, asking him to follow Buccaneers WR Mike Evans. The expectations for Diggs have been high ever since the Cowboys waited until the 44th overall pick to address cornerback in this year’s draft. may see the starting lineup soon, but he did not make his Cowboys debut at Tampa Bay. This left Diggs on an island with Evans, paired with and as the team’s starting .

Diggs was only targeted by once on his final drive, nearly coming away with a game-sealing interception. His strength as a physical cornerback in man coverage paired well against a big receiver like Evans.

Evans caught one ball against Diggs, and three all game – his lowest output since last season. It was the Cowboys issues in pass coverage at LB against Bucs TE that hurt them the most, something they have the depth to prepare for with leading the way, , , and .

Where they lack depth is CB, making Diggs a mainstay in the lineup although Thursday was just his 12th start. Diggs faces a different challenge against the Chargers next week, with Keenan Allen as their WR1. Allen is a more agile and precise route runner compared to Evans, similar to Trevon’s matchup in .

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Preparing for his second NFL season against not only Cooper but and has given the Cowboys confidence they can at least take away opponent’s first option in the . Where Chargers QB Justin Herbert goes from there next Sunday, with Mike Williams and at his disposal, remains to be seen.

What’s been proven repeatedly is Trevon Diggs’ playmaking ability, and his scheme fit in ’s will continue to give him opportunities in man coverage. His interception on Thursday gives him four through 13 career games, a level of production on the ball the Cowboys have been desperate for at the position for too long.

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Written by Sean Martin

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  1. The term “shut down corner” is over-used. Ramsey is about the only one in the league right now. Just call them really good CB’s and let’s use “shut down” for those very elite few who really are. A team’s best CB is not a “shutdown” corner.

  2. It’s too bad we didn’t have another corner that was just at least half a good as Diggs when we played the bucs!! Cause Anthony Brown definitely is not!! Brown should be benched for the rest of the season!! I think Nahshon Wright could’ve played better than Brown did in that game and he don’t even have any experience in the NFL!! But as far as Diggs goes, I’m excited to see how much better he can be!! If he’s this good in just the start of year 2, I can only imagine how much better he’ll be by the end of the season and on!!

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