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Trey McBride & 2 TE Prospects That Cowboys Should Target

While the position isn't as much of a need as a or an interior offensive lineman, the should do their due diligence. Picking one up at this year's could pay huge dividends.

and a couple of other tight end prospects would surely benefit the Cowboys. The question is, how early should draft one? McBride, for example, can be had in the . and could be available in the third.

How early Jones has to select a tight end will likely depend on his current breakout player, Dalton Schultz. His fourth season with the Cowboys went well. He caught 808 passes and scored eight times.

However, Schultz is a , and the team finds itself in a financial strain that leaves the future of several players in doubt. Going the draft route is a cheaper option, and the Cowboys could end up with a future star in exchange.

Who should the Cowboys target at tight end?

Trey McBride, TE, Colorado State

The six-foot-four, 260-pound McBride was a 2021 Consensus All American last year and was the recipient of the John Mackey Award. While McBride is rising on draft boards, it's possible that Jones could move up into the early selections of the second round.

Last season, McBride broke out, amassing 1,121 receiving yards and stretching the field from the tight end slot, averaging 12.5 yards per reception. He was second in the Mountain West Conference with 90 receptions and eighth in yards from scrimmage.

Showcasing a solid frame highlighted by his impressive thick lower body, McBride's athleticism is noteworthy. He possesses dependable hands, and his route-running is crisp for a tight end. He has excellent awareness of zone coverage as well.

Overall, McBride would be a great option as a long-term solution for the Cowboys.

Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State

Another prospect that the Cowboys should consider, this one in the , is Iowa State's Charlie Kolar. The tall tight end, who stands at six-foot-six and weighs 260 pounds, has the physical tools to succeed in the NFL.

Size can't be coached. However, Kolar's downside is his hands, which can be inconsistent at times. His speed is lacking, but it's made up for with his polished route running. Kolar's initial impact on the Cowboys will be felt on short and intermediate routes.

To his credit, Kolar was first-team All-Big 12 last year and was in the Big-12's top five for touchdowns, receiving yards, and receptions as well.

Jalen Wydermyer, TE, Texas A&M

The Cowboys could go with Sean McKeon next season if Schultz becomes a commodity they can't afford. By doing so, they allow McBride, or in this case, Jalen Wydermyer, to be the team's TE2 next year.

The six-foot-five, 255-pound prospect emerged as a scoring threat in the SEC last season. He was ninth in the powerhouse conference with six touchdowns. In his three-year, 34-game career, Wydermyer racked up 1,468 yards from scrimmage and totaled 16 touchdowns

Unlike Kolar, it's doubtful that Wydermyer will last until the third round. That's due to his impressive size, which boasts imposing length and can hold his own against defensive linemen.

A solid athlete that can vertically stretch the field with his stunning speed, but he'll also get you yards after the catch as he's able to bounce off defenders. His ability to block in both pass and run plays against quick rushers earns him more points.

The Cowboys could have themselves a potential future star in Wydermyer, who offers great value and upside for a second-round choice.

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I’d much rather see them wait until the mid to later rounds to address TE.

Jarwin is the clear “receiving” TE.

McKeon is already similar to Schultz, a TE that is “serviceable” as an inline blocker, while mainly being used to run routes, find gaps in coverage and reliably catch the ball.

What they really need to find is a TE that is a “plus blocker” that can still run routes, find and settle down in soft spots in the D to move the chains. They don’t need to spend a 1-3 round pick to find that.

Some TE’s I wouldn’t mind them spending a mid to late round pick on:
Greg Dulcich
Jelani Woods
Derrick Deese
Chase Allen

I’d link to scouting reports on them all, but that forces “moderation” of the post, and they’ve got enough to do without me adding to it. Besides, it’s not difficult to highlight the name, right click on it and click “search Google for _____”. If it doesn’t bring up a scouting report near the top, type in “scouting report” and hit enter. 😉

Don D Fooshee

I didn’t realize Schultz had turned into a tight God in his forth year! I’m going to show my age here but his father Zeus or was it Odin, didn’t break into 808 passes till his 34th season in the old Norse Football League! Why are we looking for another tight end when this one’s got such good hands! With our offense clearly going through his 808 catches, why screw with it? I definitely have to cut down on the shots with the beers next year cause I didn’t realize the super yeoman’s job he was doing! Before I do that everyone raise your tallboys to Schultz!

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