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Troy Aikman: “I Think Dak’s Leverage Went Up After This Year”

It's the million-dollar question that fans of the have been asking for two years now. When will get signed to a new contract?

With an under his belt, two titles, constant progression in his game, and 69 consecutive starts before his season-ending ankle in October, Prescott has proven his worth to the Cowboys organization, yet he's still searching for his long-term security.

There's one person who has been consistent in his praise of Prescott, and that's Cowboys legend and Hall of Famer . He spoke with the recently and made it clear that the Cowboys aren't going to be contenders anytime soon without the right guy under .

“They’re not going to get very far without a franchise ,’' Aikman said. “They’ve got that in Dak.’'

Prescott's injury was a brutal one to watch, and once he went down so did the hopes for the Cowboys of having a successful 2020 campaign. They went 4-7 without Prescott. With a disappointing 6-10 record, the Cowboys missed the for the second consecutive season.

The three-time champion believes that the way the ended for the Cowboys made it more difficult for Prescott to be signed long-term.

“I think the price tag went up,’' Aikman said. “I think Dak’s leverage went up after this year.’'

The Cowboys are currently seeking to sign Prescott for the foreseeable future before the March 9 deadline for applying the . If no deal is reached by then, the Cowboys will apply a second tag of $37.7 million to keep Prescott from hitting and give the organization until the July 15 deadline to sign him to a multi-year deal.

Aikman thinks a second tag could be the beginning of the end of Prescott's time as a Cowboy.

“I’d be really surprised if he’s playing under the franchise tag again this year,’' Aikman said. “My guess is if he is, that will be the last we see of Dak Prescott.

“I just can’t imagine that he’s going to feel really good giving an open negotiation to the Cowboys if he’s played two years under the franchise tag.’'

The bottom line is that this a deal that should've been done a long time ago. Prescott and the Cowboys continue to be adamant that they want to get something done. The former wants a shorter deal in order to hit free agency early and cash in again, while the latter is seeking a longer commitment.

This topic will dominate the headlines in Dallas until it gets resolved, and make wait impatiently with anticipation in the meantime.



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Matthew Lenix
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And yet Skip and Shannon on undisputed Said today that they don’t think Dak will get a long term deal with Cowboys and that they both said the last 2 seasons Dak has played , a lot of these “numbers” ppl talk about was just a bunch of empty calories so it’s whoever you wanna believe

There’s also reports that Dallas is prepared to franchise tag Dak again if the two sides can’t reach deal

Cowboy Fan Ed

Well I just read that Russell Wilson is mad because he is getting hit too much! I like RW and think he is on of the best all around guys in the NFL!!! What I would like to say is if these QB’s would would take less money then teams would be able to draft better Quality OL and players in general! If PM thought he was harassed in the SB wait till the Chiefs can’t put Quality linemen around him and watch his production diminish! Dak needs to kick his agent to the curb and sign for a lot less than he is asking for !

Mr. Football

Dak will be signed to a long term agreement take it to the bank. The Cowboys generating media attention in the off season to keep the franchise revelate.

Mr. Football

Never happen it’s about security off the field take the money while you can. Loyalty went out the door when the NFL implemented free agency


Oh really ? On undisputed they said that things got ugly in the “Imminent” deal fiasco , Dak and his agent pulled the rug from underneath Jerry after Dak beat up those 3 bad teams in the first 3 weeks 2 seasons ago ,

And the thing Skip made a point about is that this was what burned a deal getting done cuz , Jerry don’t play games when it comes to negotiations, you agree by word to do the deal , you sign the deal


Skip also said that Charles Robinson at Yahoo! reported that out of all the Execs he’s talked to around the league that they give the Cowboys signing Dak long term A 0% CHANCE OF SIGNING HIM LONG TERM cuz they know Jerry and they know the bridge got burned

Gary b

Funny how people cherry pick expert opinions to further their narrative. But we all do it don’t we. Bet i could find more experts that say the cowboys should resign Dak lol

John Berry

yeah thats smart ask for less than what you’re worth. You really dont have a clue do you. I suppose you would walk into your bosses office and say Boss please pay me less so you can make more money. You, my friend have no idea what you’re talking about. Leave this conversation to those of us who do.

Jeffrey D Williams

I have to strongly disagree. Dak wants more money than he is worth, based on his last three seasons of play. If you take Dak’s last 7 games and compare them to Dalton’s last seven games; Dalton has better stats and, a better record. Prescott is worth, after the injury, exactly a minimum wage, incentive laden, one-year contract which is about $39,000,000.00 less than the Franchise Tag. After 2021, Dak will hold every card and Dallas will have absolutely no power. If Dallas were smart, they would look at Dak with a 5year, $30M contract and if Dak refuses to sign, let him walk and become a free agent this year rather than spend $39M on a QB coming off an injury and inflated stats (who could not “be on pace” to set a Dallas Throwing Yards record when you are also on pace to break the Pass Attempts Per game record (Dak was throwing 50+ times per game (average) over his 0-4 start in 2020). Dallas could have signed Drew Brees if not for their Romo problem, I hope they do not do the same and hold onto Dak;if you want a SB, Aaron Rodgers is your best bet….

Chuck Wright

Sign Dak to the non-exclusive FA tag. He and his agent can go negotiate the best deal they can find. Dallas has the right to match. Best fit for everyone (stick with me) is Carolina. We get the Panthers #1 this year, in a perfect world, Wilson falls to 10 (don’t know much about lance) . . .if not, we draft Mac Jones then sign Teddy Bridgewater (we give Carolina our 4th round comp pick for him)

And to the Dak fanboys. 8-10 in the last two years despite all the fantasy points he earned you. And the worst loss of the 10? 2019 last game of the season vs the Iggles, a win the division or go home game. Dak lead us to 9 points. Nuff said.

Draft looks something like this:

Mac Jones

Ailm Mc Neil DT


(comp pick to Carolina)


CB (yep, we need 2)



Emmanuel Acho and Bucky Brooks both said yesterday on SFY that the Cowboys should franchise tag Dak ,

If you loses wanna deny all this then go ahead , I guess I shouldn’t have had high expectations for Cowboys Fans , can’t even bring an unbiased opinion on things

Tell me this you smart asses , if it’s certain cowboys are gonna sign Dakota then why is there so many reports as of late that say it won’t ? I HAVEN’T SEEN A SINGLE REPORT WHERE THE COWBOYS ARE GONNA SIGN DAK LONG TERM AS OF LATE you morons can give me that then I’ll look at it , other wise , stop dissing what is true , man you ppl are so blind shouldn’t have expected there to be unbiased cowboys fans

Gary b

CHUCK- That’s alot of what ifs and different scenarios that would need to fall into place bro. It doesn’t work that easy. Can’t just WISH things all these things into happening.


Breaking news , the Houston Texans have released J.J. Watt

Gary b

X-88 wow where is all the this coming from and with the language. U know good and well their are many experts that emphatically say we should resign Dak. Amongst them Troy/Emmitt/Jimmy Johnson. Who would know better or has the pulse of the cowboys more than those guys?

All this chatter u hear with Dak and the cowboys is par for the course. Now I’m not saying there is no scenario where the cowboys wouldn’t resign Dak. If it starts getting ugly and one or both parties is really unhappy it’s possible. But we’re not in a unique situation. Many QBs league wide are unhappy for various reason as evidenced by all the QB movement recently. Also Wilson and Rodgers are unhappy and have publicly said so. When have you ever heard Dak say one negative word about his contract or the cowboys? You also don’t hear Jerry complaining about Dak at all. In fact the opposite. They both want to get the deal done. They just can’t agree on the parameters.


Just cuz you aren’t hearing them say anything directly , that doesn’t show that everything is peaches and cream between Dak and Jerry , do I seriously need to bring up D Watson and Texans ? D Watsons actions show he doesn’t want to be in Houston , and he hasn’t came out publicly with his distaste of Houston

You wanna hang your hat on 3 of the most hallowed Cowboys players and the most hallowed cowboys coach to give an unbiased opinion ? Then go ahead , I’ll hang my hat on Bucky Brooks who’s been since the beginning of all this Dak contract drama , the one who’s been soooo pro Dak getting what he can get , now he’s saying the Cowboys should franchise tag Dak

I’ll hang my hat on Skip Bayless who’s a huge cowboy fan , whose been there since about the beginning and has written books if I’m not mistaken on Cowboys , who now believes there’s REAL BAD BLOOD between Dak and Jerry and also believes that Dak’s “Numbers” he’s put up the last 2 seasons was just empty calories

I’ll hang my hat on all the reports that says otherwise on a deal getting done that you can’t dispute

You live and die on the opinions of cowboys greats to give unbiased opinions ? Go ahead , that’s your grave , not mine

Gary b

Yep I’ll take the opinion of TROY/EMMITT/JIMMY JOHNSON all day long.

Skip Bayless is a big blow hard tv personality though for the life of me I don’t know why. That guys always blowing smoke. I would believe the opposite of what he says. Who do you think has the pulse of the cowboys or has more inside info/contacts? Ex cowboy legends who still have strong ties to the team, or a big blow hard like Skip Bayless. I know where the smart money goes on that.


Ok good for you , I ain’t here to play patty cake so yeah we don’t have to agree on this , I’m done writing comments on Dak till either the Cowboys sign Dak long term and I’ll say you were right , but if Cowboys don’t get him signed long term and let him go , trade him , or Franchise Tag him , I won’t stop chirping about how biased you ppl are on here

Gary b

CHUCK- By the way if u recall Dak had a legit shoulder injury in that Eagles game. He took a cortisone shot before the game and tried to gut it out and be there for his team.

Poor example if u were using that to dis Dak.

Gary b

Okay we all heard it here. X-88 will offer NO comments about Dak’s contract until a decision has been made.

By the way I can play it anyway u want. I prefer to stay civil and respectful, but I take my cues from how I’m spoken to.

Gary b

By the way unless the cowboys sign him long term or go nonexclusive and trade him (which is the more unlikely scenario). This will be a complete failure on Jerry’s part. We will have lost our QB and received no compensation.


Troy Aikman=Captain Obvious

Gary b

RANDALL- In regards to his commentary on tv couldn’t agree more. I know he’s a legend but he’s plain vanilla. Never gets excited about anything he sees on the field. Is devoid of any sense of humor at all. Plus he rarely shares anecdotes or stories about his playing days with the cowboys. My wife loves him but I much prefer Tony Romo. Great analysis and look’s at it from a fan’s perspective. Gets excited and really seems to be enjoying himself.

Mr. Football

I think the Cowboys organization are about media attention. Dak contact negotiations have been going on since 2019. Yet this organization doesn’t have a fallback plan to counter the negotiations giving Dak an incredible amount of leverage. That’s why I believe that the Cowboys front office[Jerry and Stephen], will fold and sign Dak long term. To make matters worse, the Cowboys will not be scouting any of the top quarterbacks[Lawrence, Fields, Zac Wilson, Trey Lance]. The only quarterback worthy of Super Bowl rings is Lawrence. I think the others will be game managers like Dak, playoffs, no rings. It will take and act of Congress for Urban Myers to NOT select Lawrence, unless he submit to a Godfather like proposal he can’t refuse. The Cowboys didn’t send a single scout to the Lawrence dress rehearsal, probably considered it to be a waste of time. Anyway, Dak will be under center in2021 for sure.

Mr. Football

The 2022 NFL will probably be the 1st NFL since 2021, where a quarterback will not be drafted number one. Cowboys as usual no fall back plan. Don’t trust the FO in evaluating quarterbacks. The Cowboys was lucky that Dak fell into their lap.

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