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Tyron Smith to play RT position in Jaguars game

After the that occurred against the on Sunday, the will be placing Offensive Lineman at the RT spot. So how did this happen? Well, during last week's game Offensive Lineman went down with a leg injury on a play. Not only did the Cowboys come close to losing against the Texans, but they also lost a valuable player that day.

Tyron Smith also suffered an injury, but that was earlier in the season (in practice) and now he's ready to make it back on the field. Tyron is a very good offensive lineman and I believe he has a lot of potential in him. I am definitely glad to see him return, although, it still would have been better to also have Steele with him on the line.

The main question is, does Tyron have what it takes to play ?

Absolutely, but he may need a bit of time to get re-adjusted to the game of football. I'm expecting him to let a couple of guys get the best of him on Sunday, but I also expect him to bounce right back and be the Pro-Bowler we all know him as. After all, his main position is and for someone to jump over to right can be a big change at first.

Overall, the Cowboys have not had much success when it comes to injured players. Many players have gotten injured throughout the season (important players at that). You had in week one, Cornerbacks and , and now Terence Steele.

A problem that has occurred for the Cowboys in the last few years is . If the Boys can be more careful, especially in practice, then we wouldn't have near as many problems and worries as this one.

Luckily, Tyron came back at the perfect time. I am sure glad he's here and I am excited to finally see him play in the . Hopefully, he's ready and set for a great game against the .

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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Nick Rado

The writer said” This will be a challenge for Dallas due to their offensive line not being very good no matter who they have on the team. Wait…what? They have a top 5 offensive line in the league without Tyron, with Tyron it has three hall of famers. Tyron, Peters and Zach Martin. Dumb kid writing articles

Anthony Sanders

You need to do your research if you’re saying in the very 1st paragraph you’re saying the offensive line isn’t good no matter who is playing… The offensive line is a strength of the team and the only questions that should be asked (if any) are how will Tyron adapt to RT and can he stay healthy.

Cowboys fan

Your main question should be does Tyron Smith have what it takes to move BACK to right tackle!! He played right tackle in his first year in the NFL, so it’s not like he’s never played the position before, but like I said, it was his first year in the NFL, so it’s been a long time since he played right tackle, which is why I said your question should’ve been, does he have what it takes to move BACK to right tackle!! I don’t think it’s a good idea to move him to the right side!! Players getting moved to different positions like that tend to get hurt a lot cause it’s not the position they’re used to playing Zack Martin got hurt just from moving from right guard to right tackle, so moving from left tackle to right tackle will be a lot harder to do, especially when your trying not to get injured!! I think they should keep Tyron Smith at left tackle, and move Tyler Smith in to left guard, keep Tyler Biadasz and Zack Martin at their positions and put Jason Peters at right tackle!! To me, that will put the best 5 in the game at once, and that’s what most teams try to do!! If they put Tyron at right tackle, then that means that Connor McGovern will be the starter at left guard, and he is definitely not one of the best 5!!


By all accounts, from the players that had to go against him in practice, Tyron has made the transition look way easier than it should be. Tyron is not only a technician, but he has some of the strongest hands in football. As long as his body holds up, he’s going to be dominant no matter which side you put him on. Some players can make the switch from side to side seamlessly. Others, like Doug Free, took some time to adjust. Tyron and Peters seem to be a couple of those rare players that can do it seamlessly.

Jim Edmiston

Are you really that stupid or do you not follow football?!

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