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USA Today ranks Cowboys fanbase among top-10 worst in sports

On Friday, Writer Mike Freeman posted an piece on the Top 10 worst fan bases in sports, and if you haven't guessed, your made the cut.

Freeman slotted the Cowboys at No. 2 and said: 

in August: (Saying while in your face) “This is our year! Back in the !”

Cowboys fans in December after being eliminated from the : (Saying from across the room) “I'm gonna switch and become an Eagles fan.”

The other sports fanbases that landed on the list were:

  • fans at 10
  • Notre Dame football fans at 9
  • University of Texas football fans at 8
  • Golden State Warrior fans at 7
  • St.Louis Cardinals fans at 6
  • Red Sox fans at 5
  • Boston Celtics fans at 4
  • fans at 3
  • Miami Heat fans at 1

At first, after reading Freeman's piece and seeing how the Cowboys were ranked, I was a little upset because I view the Cowboys fanbase as a passionate group that will ride for the team.

However, after some consideration and heavy debate with my friends on a Friday night (while we drank root beers), he's spot-on with his rank because there is that select group of people who ruin it for the fanbase.

Yes, it's okay to be passionate about your team, but from the looks of Cowboys-related sites and communities, you find loads of negativity and armchair General Managers who think they can run the team better with their eyes closed.

And that's never fun.

However, I don't fault those fed-up folks because the team hasn't won in 26 years, but this is why other people categorize us as the worst.

Although this season may look like it's going to be a circus already — fans have mostly predicted a down year — my advice would be to remain optimistic, but realistic.

Come to the post-season, we have no clue what the team or even the Landscape may look like, but just taking it game-by-game is the best thing you can do.

If you call a Super Bowl run right now, you may set yourself up for failure.

Until then, let's try to work together to not land on these types of lists anymore

So what do you think Cowboy fans: are we/y'all one of the worst fanbases?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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I would never say I’m leaving to be an eagle fan no matter how bad of a year we had!


To switch from a Cowboy fan to (ugh) Philth-a-delphia is akin to jumping off the Empire State Building! Rock Bottom.


Hmmm every year the Cowboys have the highest rated games on tv and are always in the top 3 in merchandising sales and when the team travels on the the road all you have to do is look into the stands and you will see thousands of cowboys fans cheering on the cowboys. The worse fans!!! Hardly. Passionate, disgusted!! Fed up!! Tired of just good enough to make the playoffs and one and done! you betcha! What fan base wouldn’t be after 26 years of the snake oil salesman Jerry and now we have his son cap boy Stephen, who holds on to a dollar likes it’s his last one. Thank GOD for Will McClay and the draft or the cowboys would consistently be picking top 5 every year


Not to be combative, but I don’t understand this frequent enamoration I see connected with W McClay. He’s been with the DC for 20 years, as pro scouting coordinator, director of football research, then VP of player personnel. They have a grand total of THREE playoff wins in the last 20 YEARS. If you give him credit for so called “good” drafts, then he must also get at least some accountability for the horrible post season record.


I see what you are saying but I feel the blunt of the blame goes to coaching, second only to ownership. I’m not sure how much say Will has in choosing the coaching staff. Although probably not as good as some fans think I feel the Cowboys have had a good run of players, good enough to make a little more noise in the playoffs.

Dewayne Eilson

Look here WC aint the reason for the 3 playoffs wins or losses his job is to get talent and if u look at the cowboys pro bowlers during his direct duration u would see he has done his job Do u guys remember RIP Larry lacewell and all the crap he drafted ok lets give Will his respect job well done if u want to press blame for coaches then there is Mr Jerry Jones.


How three of the best drafted current players were picked that were more luck than skill.
1. NO BRAINER, CeeDee just FELL in their laps.
2. Luckily for them their FIRST ROUND Choice CBs Surtain and Horn were GONE, and Eagles were dumb enough to do that trade that they ended up with M Parsons.
3. It was the “hated” Stephen Jones that snatched the Johnny Manziel card out of JJ’s hand and that they ended up with their BEST long-time player, Zach Martin.

Some of the players drafted under McClay tenure:

2006 draft: Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Fasano, Jason Hatcher, Skyer Green, Pat Watkins, Montavious Stanley, Pat McQuistan, E J Whitley.
NONE with team.

2009 draft: Jasson Williams, Robert Brewster, Stephen McGee, Victor Butler, Brandon Williams, DeAngelo Smith, Michael Hamlin, David Buehler, Stephen Hodge, John Phillips, Mike Mickens, Manuel Johnson.
NONE w/team.

2012: Morris Claiborne, Tyrone Crawford, Kyle Wilber, Matt Johnson. Danny Coale, James Hanna, Caleb McSurdy.
NONE w/team.

2017: Taco Charton (instead of TJ WATTS?), C Awuzie, J Lewis, Ryan Switzer, X Woods. Marquez White, Joey Ivey, Noah Brown, Jordan Carrell.
TWO w/team.

2019: Trysten Hill, Conner McGovern, Tony Pollard, Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, Donovan Wilson, Mike Weber, Jalen Jelks.
Four w/team, one real standout, and Hill is very shaky.

Sure, there have been some good/great picks (other than the aforementioned above) such as Zeke, Travis Frederick, T Smith, J Witten, Dez Byant, S Lee, D Lawrence, T Diggs . However, there have been, as one can see, a TON of MISSES.

Again, I don’t see this undue adoration for McClay. IMO, not good results, and this is beared out by the POSTSEASON FAILURES (3 first round wins) over two decades. Sure, many will make the “go to” excuse of bad coaching/ownership as the reason, but they don’t play on the field, the players do.

Jeff Alan Wolf

As A Cowboys fan for over 50 years I have NEVER acted that Way,
I’m sorry but I disagree with the article.


That’s a RIDICULOUS article from someone who is an obvious hater. Cowboy fans are THE MOST LOYAL fans we don’t Dominate the TV because of lack of fans. That’s coming from a Cowboy fan who rocks a Star on his hat Daily in Denver Colorado!!

Cowboy Fan Ed

I became a Cowboy fan because of Tom Landry! To me he is the face of the Dallas Cowboys!! I guess the only reason that I would stop pulling for the Cowboys would be if they started taking a knee during the National Anthem. I’m not a big fan of Jerry Jones but one thing I have to say is at least he made the statement that as long as he signed the checks that the players would toe the line during the NA. I realize that we have had one clown that took a knee but as we all know he didn’t last long!! I don’t care if the Eagles win the SB every year and Dallas lost every game I wouldn’t pull for them!


Philly fans are the worst. They throw batteries….


Until such time as the Cowboys owner dies the preseason hype will never go down and the number of championships will never go up.


Granted, the Cowboys also have the largest number of bandwagon fans, those who hop from team to team each year. Those are the ones that long-time Cowboy fans find to be the most vocal and obnoxious. Perhaps Mike Freeman could do a little more than scratch the surface to present more fact than fiction, and you, Rocky Garza Jr could do better than to regurgitate said fiction.


They hate all over the Cowboys, no surprise they hate on the fans. Our fans don’t throw ice balls trash and beer on the opposing team and field, just saying.


Really? Did you not see the Cowboys fans throwing trash at the players after they lost to the 49ers?


USA Today is not credible. Everybody knows that! Absolute trash!

Rodrick Doss

Go to blogging the cowboys and you would think you are on blogging the Eagles. I can’t believe that blogging the Cowboys is a site for Cowboys fans. From Jerry Jones to Steven Jones, Dak, Zee, to this year’s draft. They talk about the Cowboys like they are dirt. I would never think that the Cowboys site would be so hateful. I have wiped my hands clear of that website. It sounds like an Eagel trolling site.

Rodrick Doss

Drop the Blogging the boy’s website and go to the Star where real Cowboys fans are heading. Any site for the Cowboys is better than the blogging the boy’s website. That is the worst website for the Cowboys. There is nothing but crying, fans that think they have it going on, are just degrading this team. The articles are great it’s just these fate fans who think they are GMs, Players, Doctors, Coaches, nothing but haters. The site is like blogging the Eagles trolling site or anything but the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboy Fan Ed

The reason I pull for the Cowboys is because of Tom Landry! We just don’t have men like him coaching anymore! Only Tony Dungy compares to him! If we were to loose every game I still wouldn’t jump ship and start pulling for the Eagles ! I wrote earlier and gave Jerry some credit on an issue that the league was facing last year but evidently what I said must have out of bounds with the proof readers on this sight but I guess now that even the truth can’t be spoken ……’so with that said once I pull for a team I stay with them through thick and thin!


What a coincidence, I rate USA Today one of the 10 worst publications in sports coverage. Seriously, how many people still read USA Today? It was a big deal in the 90’s, kind of like the Cowboys. But, unlike the Cowboys, their relevance is now practically nonexistent. At least the Cowboys still win a division and make the playoffs once in a while.


Born and raised in Dallas! I don’t care if the Cowboys lose every game I’m always a Cowboy!

Kevin Harris

If you grow up in Texas and played high school sports, the coaches teach players anything can happens nd in order to win the championship, you have to start by believing the impossible andworking hard as a team, each season is a new season, if you didn’t grow up playing sports here you will never understand the believe system in winning


Wow they just listed some of the BEST franchises in all sports I wonder why ppl hate them lol

Keith Morris

Its the fans who are totally delusional that ruin it for me and many are very disrespectful to those of us who are long term fans..Ive been since 1977 and yes I am very frustrated and jaded over the way the team has been run since 1995…but I mean we have to be realistic..and when we are we are not exactly treated in a positive light by many of the current generation who are way too in your face and make way too many excuses for the repeated failures of the Jerry admin..I would love it too change but getting overly optimistic leads to far too much disappointment..always support them but I have become jaded


This article is beyond irritable. What fan wouldn’t go in the new season saying this is our year . And no we don’t switch up especially to the eagles. Our fan base is the best in the league. DC is the best and most profitable franchise. Get outta here with this nonsense

Bill Johnson

Fat a dilfia fans throw batteries, their OWN handicapped fans out of their wheelchairs so they can steal them, the vet was the ONLY sports stadium in THE COUNTRY with a sitting judge, in chambers in that toilet, to handle the trashy fans in the stadium. What’s THAT say about worst fanbase???? Been a fan of the GREATEST team ever since 1978……

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