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Warts And All, Dak Prescott Shows Why It’s Not So Easy To Move On

was far from perfect Sunday night in Philadelphia. In fact, at times, he was downright bad.

Prescott missed two potential touchdown passes to and on fly routes down the sideline, and might have left points on the board when he badly missed in the flat in the early in the game. Prescott continued to panic in the pocket a bit during the first half, and took an absolutely horrendous sack on what would end up being the Cowboys' first touchdown drive of the night.

All of this is true. All of this is indisputable.

Where things get tricky, however, is that while these flaws continue to show up in Prescott's game, so do his strengths. A particular set of strengths and skills that the can be highly valuable in today's NFL, especially if deployed correctly.

Beginning with the final drive of the first half, Dak Prescott played the type of football we've rarely seen from him over the last calendar year. He was comfortable in the pocket, seldom abandoning clean looks or running into . He utilized his legs and ability to extend plays when necessary, and delivered some absolute strikes to help the Cowboys get into scoring range multiple times. Prescott also picked up some key third downs with his arm to answer Eagles' scoring drives, something we haven't seen from these Cowboys in quite some time.

Dak was far from perfect on Sunday night, but he did show why he is so hard to move on from. When the is clicking and Prescott can have that comfortability (that is all-too-rare in the NFL), he looks like his Rookie of the Year self. But, we all know that when things really break down, he isn't able to put the offense on his back the way the true “top” quarterbacks are.

I am a Dak Prescott fan. I'll make no mistake about it. But what do we call it when a is good enough to keep you competitive, can have wildly impressive plays/drives/games while also having wildly frustrating and bad plays/drives/games?

We call that quarterback purgatory. We call that the .

The only thing which separates Dak and Dallas from being in full purgatory mode, to be quite frank, is Prescott's youth. Because of that youth we can still hope that he can develop as a passer and quit being so gun-shy and timid to make tight window and anticipation throws.

But how long can a team truly wait before they become Marvin Lewis and losing by 30+ points at home?

It's a question which is tough for every team to answer. Dak Prescott is too good to easily replace with a random quarterback off the street, but it's hard to imagine he's good enough to get your team over the hump without significant help around him.

So, in the end, here we are. With the Cowboys at 4-5 fighting with an -led team for what will most likely prove to be a rather irrelevant division title.

But hey, it's always fun to win in Philly isn't it?

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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Bruce Hood

Dak also need great coaching! Brady = Belichek. Brees= Payton. Rodgers= McCarthy. Even Mahomes got Andy Reid. Point I’m making is you writers don’t go far enough to give true fans the entire picture. Dak has great upside with great coaching. Jason Garrett is nothing more then a get it boy, Jerry’s pawn. All the coaches I listed above don’t have ownership interference and they far…. exceed Garrett ability to coach. Dallas has flaws in its OC who failed at head coaching, DC who failed at head coaching and a QB coach who was NEVER of NFL quality. When Dak gets surrounded by quality coaching he will rise to the top because that kid is a winner not a quitter.

Ethan Chazin

Ummm, no. He exhibits all the qualities of a QB who cannot adapt as his year 3 midway season status suggests. Incapable of throwing the long ball with accuracy, all those stutter steps throwing off balance kissing wildly feeling phantom pressure taking stupid sacks not being able to read the field or throw receivers open… these are all “QB” killers and the team is one season away from having to make a contract extension on him for @ $120+ million.

William Pep Hatcher

He was 72% last game.

Bruce Hood

Ethan, you’re proving my point and it proves that he doesn’t have adequate, stellar, coaching. Football is not something that you do from the perspective of microwaving food. Microwave food sucks and if you get a guy that doesn’t have the proper coaching around him he will exhibit some things that coaching, good coaching can correct. I do believe some of the thing that Dak does can be corrected, like holding on to the ball too long and knowing how to make proper reads and throw the football deep. He has exhibited throwing a deep ball in a game just look up Michael Gallop when he caught the long 49-yard touchdown pass. Personally I feel if you’re not a true Cowboy fan don’t make comments on this page or blog. Go and find your team and be critical of them and not this team. I’m rooting for Dak and will continue to root for the guy because I believe we’ll get some coaching in here that will utilize Dak skills and make a lot of you guys eat crow.

Sexcdex Xfact

Amen Bruce

Ethan Chazin

Brice I will root for the Boys as I have done for 40 years and post whatever I want wherever. You make absolutely no point other than you hate microwaveable food. What is your point?!? That Dak has had poor coaching. Unlike thank you my argument was based on logic and what we have seen the past season and a half of Dak’s Erratic and often horrible performance. What games are YOU watching? He is not a QB to plan your future in this team has made every effort for him to succeed now he has to perform and he is taking major steps backward we have one more season to make a decision on him. I suggest you learn how to have civil conversation with your fellow fans instead of making these attacking hostile replies.

Bruce Hood

My name is Bruce, don’t give opinions about me when you are stating opinions yourself. Your response is incompetent and every American has the right to post things within the guidelines of the social page. We all have flaws and you’re magnifying Daks flaws and you have them too. Jerry Jones is in charge of paying his players not you. Fans/ fanatic are just that! If you’re a beat writer be balanced in what you write and not totally negative. I’m a man in my fifties and don’t look the part, however a Cowboy fan sink or swim. Dak will succeed with great coaching!

Sexcdex Xfact

I’m an avid Dak Prescott fan
He’s not worth a top tier QB contract yet
But also
No QB has carried his team without 2-3 years on the bench learning accept Big Ben & Tom Brady etc
They had better weapons & coaches around them

Dak lost both his top weapons & QB coach
Dak’s in his 3rd & 1/2 o line
Dak JUST got a true #1 & no time to get as other QB’s
Dak has NO tightend like an Ertz, Graham, Olsen, etc to date
Zeke has been a constant either & this is his team
This team has yet TI be Dakfriendly & we all know this
With coaching facing unemployment Dak finally got creative playcalling

Now we see the receivers have been getting open, just nothing like Amari Cooper

Now Zeke’s getting lanes & Dak better protection
The same o line that failed Zeke has been failing both he & Dak &the receivers
Coaching could’ve & should’ve been coaching this way all along

Nick Russo

I personally agree with you Bruce. I think that Dak has all of the physical ability to be a franchise quarterback but he has not gotten the coaching necessary to reach that potential. Some of the mechanics that he has, such as the studded steps and the jump throwing are very fixable. We saw him step into throws Sunday night and deliver them on the money. Furthermore, the offensive gameplan typically is abysmal. And that’s just as important as the physical play. If I can tell you that when we go into 12 with Noah brown on the field we are going to run, what makes anyone think that DCs around the league don’t know that? Fact is that coaching will show us Daks full potential. If then he still isn’t cutting it, you move on. But we have not given him a fair chance with this coaching staff and the kid didn’t forget how to play the game after the greatest rookie season ever.

Bruce Hood

Agreed, a lot of the naysayers don’t see that it’s coaching that’s the problem. Kellen Moore is not a quarterback coach I would want coaching any professional. Maybe a pop warner team possibly High School. And some of these what I call haters who aren’t paying Dak Prescott one dime treat him as if money is coming out of their pocket and they’re jealous because they don’t have an opportunity to get a hundred million dollar contract. I heard a very special guy that’s a mentor mind say haters hate because that’s what they do and if the shoe fits take it off.

Leonard Brown

I swear you couldn’t have said it any better. If your QB coach is Kellen Moore then I expect you not to grow. If we get a Lincoln Riley or an offensive guru, Dak would grow tremendously. I’m not saying he’ll become a Pat Mahomes, but he could become a Jared Goff who relies on Gurley and the Defense, but can throw it really well. Goff was horrible with Jeff Fisher and when Mcvay showed up he looked like a pro bowl QB.

Bruce Hood

Leonard, what a heck of an observation bringing in Jeff Fisher and Jared Goff. I believe we still have to look at Pat Mahomes who’s having a great first year as a starting quarterback and I believe he’ll continue to have great years because of Andy Reid who knows how to put him in a scheme or a place that will cause him to have great success. Bravo my brother with that observation of Jeff Fisher and Goff because Goff was horrendous when Fisher was there. And some of us think that coaching doesn’t matter, please get good coaching and you have a great quarterback.

Travis Diggs

Wasn’t Romo 9-7 in year three?? Relax on all the Dak hate you delusional bandwagons. So soon we forget Romo gave us 12 years of uhhhh??, not much outside of records. Jason Garrett could have Tom Brady and the Cowboys would still be average. Dak needs real coaching. I can’t judge Dak fully until a real “qualified”coach gets in here

Bruce Hood

I agree Travis, look out here come the haters to say otherwise.

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