Watching Cowboys War Room Could Be Particularly Interesting This Year

The majority of you will be tuning into either ESPN or the NFL Network to watch the 2018 NFL Draft, but as a Dallas Cowboys fan you might want to watch their War Room feed as well. I think it may end up being more entertaining than the actual draft coverage itself.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the handful of teams that actually allow a camera inside their draft room. This behind the scenes look provides fans the opportunity to view for themselves the inner workings of the draft process for an NFL team.

I don’t know about you, but I like watching the live stream of the Cowboys War Room. I find it really interesting how excited everyone gets the closer they get to making their selection and I also really enjoy when Jerry Jones picks up the phone to call their newest draftee.

Over the past few years there has some interesting moments in the Dallas Cowboys War Room, but I think this year things are really going to get exciting. I don’t know why I believe this will happen, but I can feel it way down in my gut.

I really think we could see the Dallas Cowboys make quite a few moves trading either up or down in this year’s draft. Maybe even make a trade for a veteran player like Earl Thomas. That alone makes watching the Cowboys War Room worth it in my opinion.

I also believe the Dallas Cowboys are going through a shift in power, starting at the very top and going all the way down to the bottom. This should make for some really good entertainment, but seeing the dynamics of how everyone interacts throughout the draft could answer some lingering questions.

Is Jerry Jones or Stephen Jones running the show?

Jerry and Stephen Jones
Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones

It may just be me, but it is starting to look as if Jerry Jones is beginning to relinquish some of his decision-making power to his son Stephen Jones. It’s something a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans have wanted for a while, but it might finally be happening.

For instance, I don’t think the Dallas Cowboys would’ve released Dez Bryant if Jerry Jones was making the decision. We have all seen him hang on to “fan favorites” longer than he should in the past. I think Stephen Jones was one of the driving forces behind Bryant’s release and also the reason why the Cowboys have been more frugal about the way they spend money.

I will personally be watching to see if either Jerry or Stephen seems to be the one making the decisions in the War Room. I doubt we will really see anything that would suggest one has more power than the other, but it’ll be interesting to watch nonetheless.

Does Scott Linehan have more power over the offense than Jason Garrett?

Scott Linehan
Dallas Cowboys OC Scott Linehan

This is another gut feeling of mine, but I really think Scott Linehan has more say over the Dallas Cowboys offense than a lot of people would like to believe. Yes, Jason Garrett is the head coach, but we just don’t see him involved much on the sidelines with the offense.

If rumors are true, Scott Linehan was the one person in particular who was pushing for Dez Bryant’s release. Supposedly Bryant questioned Linehan’s effectiveness as a play caller last season, which led to a rift between the two. It sounds plausible and would certainly explain why the Cowboys decided to ultimately move on.

I think it will be interesting to see if Jerry/Stephen Jones turns more towards Jason Garrett or Scott Linehan when it comes to drafting an offensive player. Garrett does have an offensive background, but to me it looks like Linehan is the one making most of the decisions.

Are the Cowboys drafting players for Kris Richard’s defense or Rod Marinelli’s?

Kris Richard
Dallas Cowboys DB coach/passing game coordinator Kris Richard

It’s looking more and more as if Rod Marinelli is starting to be phased out and that the Dallas Cowboys 2018 defense will have Kris Richard’s fingerprints all over it. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but I know I, and a lot of other members of Cowboys Nation have grown tired of Marinelli’s simplistic/predictable defensive scheme.

Again, like the dynamic between Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan or Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones, it will be telling to see who has more input on which defensive player gets drafted, Kris Richard or Rod Marinelli? Finding out this could determine how different the Cowboys defense looks in 2018.

I know a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans are hoping Kris Richard is able to re-create “The Legion of Boom” here in Dallas. He has already made a positive impact on quite a few of the Cowboys defensive players and was the driving force in moving Byron Jones back to cornerback. Hopefully he lives up to the hype.

Will you be watching the Dallas Cowboys War Room during the draft?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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