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Week 1 Kickoff Countdown: Vinson Smith is the Greatest #57

Another day, another dollar, as the old saying goes.

But in my case, another day, another post.

Currently, we sit 57 Days until we see arguably the G.O.A.T Mr. visit the in Week 1, and as much as I would love to discuss that matchup, we got some business to handle.

On Saturday, I dropped a Greatest #58 post that honored LB Dixon Edwards, so if you missed the post, check it out above.

As of lately, the trend has been LBs getting picked in my Countdown to Kickoff posts, and I thought things were going to change today, but boy, I was wrong.

But before I spill the beans on who got today's nod, here are all of the players who have worn #57:

    • , LB (2005-2008)
    • Ron Burton, LB (1987-1989)
    • , LB (2009-2012)
    • Alan Campos, LB (1996-1996)
    • Quentin Coryatt, LB (1999-1999)
    • Kyle Davis, C (1975-1975)
    • , LB (2019-2022)
    • DeVonte Holloman, LB (2013-2013)
    • Bruce Huther, LB (1977-1980)
    • Mike Keller, LB (1972-1972)
    • Angelo King, LB (1981-1983)
    • Louis Mackey, LB (2002-2002)
    • , LB (2014-2014)
    • , LB (1990-1992,1997)
    • Jimmie Turner, LB (1984-1984)
    • Louie Walker, LB (1974-1974)
    • Malcolm Walker, C (1966-1969)
    • , LB (2015-2018)
    • Barron Wortham, LB (2000-2000)

As I said, it was LB-galore for another number.

Although I had an extensive list of players to pick from, it was difficult finding that one impactful player because none of them made me be like, “Oh my god, he was a monster during his Cowboys tenure.”

But the show must go on, so without further ado, let's welcome Mr. Vinson Smith.

Vinson Smith's NFL Career

Coming out of East Carolina University after a four-year stint, Smith went undrafted in the 1988 . The would sign him as a UDFA, but his whole first year would be -riddled, and he would leave the franchise and get picked up by the .

Another opportunity to make a name for himself, Smith faced adversity again as he spent most of his Steelers tenure on IR, and he would move teams again, but this time to the Dallas Cowboys during the days.

A special-teamer in his first season, Smith's “arrival to the NFL” came near the end of the season when he put together two solid performances at weakside , and because of it, he would become a full-time starter in 1992.

From there, Smith would become a highly-productive player (ranked top-five and top-six in tackles) and was a critical player in the Cowboys victory over the .

Following that year, Smith got traded to the and would have four highly-productive years before returning to the Cowboys for a second stint. Unfortunately, he couldn't replicate the same level of performance he had in his earlier years with the Boys and got cut after the season.

Although he had a short-lived Cowboys career, Smith finished in the Top-50 for tackles in franchise and tallied 423 tackles, eight , and seven fumble recoveries during his 11-year NFL career.

Also, for those who like useless, fun facts: Smith is one of 33 players with the last name “Smith” to ever play for the Cowboys all-time, and he's one of the best LBs in East Carolina history.

Take that for data.

Nonetheless, congratulations to Mr.Vinson Smith on being the Greatest #57 in Dallas , and be on the lookout for the Greatest #56 on Monday.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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While I agree there’s no 57 who really stands out, mainly because there’s never been a long time starter to wear the number, I would give the honor to Malcom Walker who was solid in his two seasons as the starting center. He probably would have had a much longer & better career if he didn’t sustain a knee injury in ‘65 that affected him for the entirety of his career.

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