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What Can Cameron Erving Bring To The Cowboys Offensive Line?

The Cowboys made “splashes” all throughout the 2020 , which understandably took away some steam from their moves. Especially moves which occurred after the draft was already complete.

But Dallas' of offensive lineman should not be overlooked. A savvy move to bring in a veteran with real game experience is one thing, but Erving has the ability to be used as both a swing  and  if needed by the Cowboys.

Erving signed a one year deal with the Cowboys back in May. He comes to Dallas after spending his last three seasons in Kansas City, where he most recently started eight games at during the Chiefs' season.

Erving won't be pushing for a starting job, of course, but he can fill in nicely in the role after his departure to the Giants this . A former pick back in 2015, there's nothing but upside for the Cowboys in this deal.

Maybe Erving can find his footing while being in the same room as a couple of future Hall of Famers in and . Maybe if Smith needs to miss time during the season due to his back, Erving can jump in at left tackle and not cause a catastrophic breakdown of the entire (looking at you, ).

Or, maybe not. But given that Erving is on a one year deal, that would be fine too.

This Cowboys roster is filled with a perfect mix of young talent and experienced veterans, so much so that they seem uniquely fit to stay the course during such a turbulent offseason.

Of course their stars are their stars, but having players like Erving (a Super Bowl champion) to fit in as depth pieces is the key to building that complete championship roster.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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This team plays the free-agency game perfectly. They always set themselves up beautifully for the draft, then make any necessary post-draft signings like this one. That’s why folks can give up on Dez coming back … the move would have been made by now. I’m sure they’ll still play the 1st wave of free-agency if a value or special talent is there (ala Deion), but for the most part, they seem to have learned their lessons. Whether they win enough remains to be seen, but top-to-bottom this is a well put together roster.

Gary b

Every team needs a versatile experienced lineman like Erving who can play G/T and the fact that he played 8 games at LT for SB champion Chiefs bodies well. Between the draft and free agency this has been one of the cowboys better off seasons in recent memory. The only downside is many of their players are only signed thru this yr will have some holes to fill next yr and will need some of these rookies to be ready to start by 2021.

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