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What is Dak Prescott’s Ceiling?

is one of the NFL's most talked-about players at this time. Following a disastrous to the ankle that left him sidelined for most of 2020 and forcing him to only play 5 games of the season, the has made a partial recovery in time for this year's . With Dak back in the saddle again, one question is raised: What is Dak Prescott's ceiling?

Rob Phillips is confident in saying that champion, the highest ceiling of a quarterback player, is what's next for Dak Prescott's future. Phillips is quick to note the possibility and even probability of this coming to pass, due to Dak's excellent drive and work ethic.

Additionally, Phillips uses the age difference between Dak and former Cowboy QB Tony Romo, who didn't start to really hit his stride until his mid-thirties, whereas Dak is only twenty-seven years old. This gives time for Dak to continue to grow and improve and surpass him.

Phillips believes that provided the Cowboys can afford a host of offensive support, Dak will be able to show promising results for his team. While he isn't sure about the quality of the rest of the Cowboys, Phillips is certain that Dak can lead them to victory. However, Phillips also made sure to mention that just seeing Dak play at his best again is all he could ask for. With these glowing endorsements, natural-born talent, and a strong work ethic it's easy to understand why like Casumo who offer NFL lines, Basketball parlays, and the latest hockey odds are backing Prescott to succeed.

David Helman's assessment of Dak Prescott is not quite as optimistic as his colleague's. He makes it clear that he believes Dak cannot be considered among the best three NFL players, at least not yet.

However, going by a metric of flagship NFL players with talent, , and age, Helman is certain that Dak would be among the first picks. Helman then goes on to mention that Dak's mindset of pressure being privilege is a great mindset to have if he's going to lead the Cowboys.

Regarding the Cowboys, Helman also thinks the team is flawed, but he believes that Dak will be the reason they make it to the Superbowl.

Dak Prescott's supposed ceiling is rather specific under the lens of . He believes that Dak will be the first-ever Cowboy to throw for 5,000 yards, as he'd already done over 4,900 back in 2019, beating the record of previous Cowboys QB .

Spagnola continues to list some past achievement statistics of Dak's, saying that with an updated team strategy and a new, more -oriented lineup, we may be looking at Dak's best season. As far as Spagnola is concerned, Dak can only go up from here.

To sum up the opinions of the staff writers of, all three of them have high hopes for Dak Prescott's future prospects. Phillips' assessment is largely optimistic, taking into account Dak's room for growth and his ambition. Helman's analysis of Dak is heavily idealistic, pinpointing particularly his leadership skills and his mindset. Finally, Spagnolia's assessment of Dak is wholly based on football statistics, with a change in strategy predicted to give Dak the he and his team need for this season.

Although his spirit and ambition have never left him, Dak Prescott's body has not quite made a full recovery. His ankle was actually repaired by surgery, and Dak himself has remarked he's going to incorporate stretches into his pre-game plans more frequently.

However, it's only a matter of time before Dak makes a full recovery, and he himself can finally do more than answer this question — he can show us.

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