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Which Senior Bowl Safety Should the Dallas Cowboys Prioritize?

In the 2017 , the Cowboys thought they were getting the answer to their question with the selection of in the that year. Though he was drafted late and played at a small school, he was highly thought of as a player who could play various roles. That was evident early on as the Cowboys dealt with in their , and Woods was forced to play a lot in the slot as the nickel . He did a nice job too, which provided the promise that he could be the answer to their safety questions.

After a couple of solid seasons in 2018 and 2019, seasons in which the Cowboys flirted with the idea of trading for an All-Pro safety in or , Woods fell back to earth a bit in 2020 and looks like a long-shot to rejoin the team this .

And so here we are, once again, needing to prioritize safety in the NFL Draft. Thankfully, it appears to be a draft that is deep at the position. That bodes well for the Cowboys. There may not be a name that is a top 20 pick in this year's class, but there are several starting-caliber safeties available in the second and third rounds.

One of these players is , from Florida State. 's Tyler Brooke published a piece focusing on one player that each NFL team should prioritize from the Senior Bowl.

Here's what he had to say about Nasirlideen.

“Perhaps no safety in this year's draft has the athletic profile Hamsah Nasirildeen possesses. He has great size for the position at 6'3″ and 213 pounds, which allows him to be a versatile chess piece for more creative defensive coordinators.”

Nasirildeen has great click-and-close ability to plug up rushing lanes or make contact with receivers at the point of the catch. His length and speed make him an ideal matchup in man coverage with even the most athletic tight ends.”

He isn't certain to be a reliable deep safety at the next level, but his size, athleticism and versatility inside the box make him the kind of playmaker the Cowboys could use on their .”

Tyler Brooke, Bleacher

I completely agree that the Cowboys need to take a long look at the safeties from the and make a concerted effort to get one with a top 100 pick.

Nasirildeen sounds like an intriguing player with his size and athleticism combination, but I don't think he's the safety the Cowboys prioritize from the Senior Bowl. It's that final paragraph above that gives me a bit of pause. “He isn't certain to be a reliable deep safety at the next level…” 

That's the kind of safety I'm looking for to play in 's cover-3 defense. Someone who can play in the back end, provide range in coverage, provide run support, and make plays on the football.

The guy they should prioritize from the Senior Bowl is , from the University of Central Florida. Grant is someone they could use as a single-high safety in cover-3. He's got a lot of athleticism and ball skills as well. Here's my scouting report on Grant from the other day. While I might prefer Grant to Nasirildeen, the most important thing is they'll have options if they decide to make safety a priority in the draft.

Over the last couple of drafts, they've had opportunities to take a safety and opted not to. They've had chances to for safeties or sign in ( or ) and somehow decided they weren't a scheme fit.

Well, with so much turnover coming in the secondary this offseason, the Cowboys would be wise to make a priority this year. They need to find a reliable playmaker on the back end to pair with . The Senior Bowl had several of those types of players, and the NFL Draft will be littered with them. 2021 is the year to find your free safety for now and the future.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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I wouldn’t be looking for a SS, if a good one falls to a position of great value then cool.
The team has a monster hole at Free Safety however.
Much more interested in finding a fast ball hawk / get a fast, agile, OLB to fill the role you are presenting in this article


There are a lot of good safeties out there, seniors or not. Grant has a lot of production, which is very intriguing. Nasirildeen has great size and can help against the run. Tough decision, but Grant appears to have more versatility, so I would vote for him between at least these two.

Victor Alan Gardner

Trevon Moehrig in the late first early 2nd would be the best scenario for the Boys. He probably won’t last until pick 44. They should get a real good look at his pro day at TCU.


They need to go after LeCounte from Georgia

Gary b

I think alot of the top rated safeties are projected as more SS types. Wison is that guy for us. We need a pure FS that has great range and instincts. Last line of defense that can prevent some of those easy TDs we gave up last year, many with no defender within 20 yds of the WR.

With that said the pool of safeties shrinks. The cowboys have to do their due diligence. Fortunately safeties aren’t valued league wide so we may have a shot at a stud in rd 2-3.

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