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Who is Really the Best Running Back in the NFC East?

Over the last few weeks, I have seen post after post about the running backs and who should be ranked first through four.

Many of those posts put first with second, followed by and Miles Sanders.

As a talent, Barkley should be one, but we know he has trouble staying on the field. People are overlooking and his ability. He could have made some of these lists.

I am not sure I agree with Gibson sitting ahead of the pack. He and Elliott had identical numbers last season. Elliott had a down year playing through some , and Gibson is entering his third season, so can putting him even ahead of Barkley be reasonable?

These lists favor who will be the week one starter, but you could argue both Elliott and Pollard should be on that list. When given the opportunity, Pollard shines. He is younger and has much less wear and tear on his body.

Pollard averaged 8.6 yards per catch last season, a number for a that is not touched much, and he is the backup. His receiving ability needs to be a focal point. It can add a brand-new element to the Dallas .

All of the running backs in the division are solid, but I think many forget Pollard hinders Elliott and his numbers. The pair together, Dallas has the best group out of the four teams.

Pollard beat Elliott in almost every statistical category last season. He can be the superior running back. Pollard is versatile, has a great burst, and brings more on game day.

I am not saying Pollard needs to take the bulk of the carries from Elliott. Let's see how the first few weeks of next season unfold, and maybe we are talking about Pollard possibly being the best running back in the division. I hope the Cowboys can sign him to a team-friendly deal to keep the duo alive, as we know many running backs have a shorter shell life with taking so many hits. For now, I will still roll with Elliott as the best in the division.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Thomas 33

Note that Gibson led the league in fumbles ladt year with 6.


Pollard should be the starting RB in Dallas, but it will never happen because Jones overpaid for Elliot and will force playing him to get value for what he paid even if it is not what is best for the team.


I couldn’t have said it any better!!!


Elliot is clearly the best in the division–Barkley? Lololol…

Gibson…solid, but ewww Redskins.

Sanders…just a guy when it comes down to it.

The total picture needs to be considered for running backs…a single missed Blitzer ban lose a game–

James Green

It’s always the same. We take the starter for granted even though he is used for the tough yards. After the starter spends a couple of drives wearing out the defense, in skips the smaller but flashier backup to take advantage of the starter’s hard work.

The backup RB knifes through the fatigued defense and everyone forgets that he was resting comfortably during the first ten minutes of the game. Interestingly, he spends half the time on the field that the starter did but now he returns to the bench and waits until he is fully rested before returning to the field.

RB’s like Marion Barber, Joseph Randle, and Tony Pollard are the beneficiaries of the starters effect on the opponent defense but whenever it was time for them to carry the larger load, their contributions do not make the proportional jump. Quite often, they end up on injured reserve.

Pollard does not deserve to be the starter, both he and his productivity would not last half a season. I would be willing to make him the starter and reverse the number of carries for a few games just to demonstrate my point.

Cowboys fan

I believe Zeke is still the best RB in the division!! Pollard did have stats than Zeke, but he had a lot less carries too!! I believe that if Pollard ran the ball as much as Zeke did, his stats would’ve went down quite a bit!! Plus, as you mentioned, Zeke was playing injured for most of the season!! So for me, I think it should be….


Tony Pollard hands down, with less carries and no major injuries and still running kickoffs back at the same time, but still love the two hit combo we have in are backfield.

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