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Why Michael Gallup Could Motivate Cowboys to Draft Kyle Pitts

As talented as he seems to be, Florida's is being seen as a luxury instead of a necessity by many . But if the wunderkind is available at Dallas' 10th overall pick in the 2021 , there may be more need for him in the coming years than you think. This is mainly due to 's impending next year.

We're already enamored with the three-headed monster of Gallup, , and as receiving targets in the Cowboys' . But while Cooper and Lamb are both signed through 2024 (with high probability that Dallas picks up Lamb's 5th-year option), Gallup's rookie contract expires after this season.

Gallup has been a consistent stud for the Cowboys the last two years. Assuming his game continues to blossom with returning at , he should enter with plenty of hype as one of the top WR options available.

In all likelihood, this means Gallup will become too expensive for the Cowboys to retain. We started having this fear after his 1,100-yard breakout season in 2019; eventually we wouldn't be able to afford both Cooper and Gallup.

Part of the assumed logic in Dallas picking Lamb last year was to prepare for Michael's potential departure. Lamb could move into the starting lineup with multiple years left on his rookie deal, keeping the finances in balance.

This is where Kyle Pitts, a potential generational talent at tight end, could quickly become more than just a luxury. As soon as 2022, Pitts could replace Gallup as a top-three receiving threat for the Cowboys.

WR Michael Gallup & TE Kyle Pitts

Yes, and are still here. But as excited as we are to finally see the athletic Jarwin playing in this offense, Kyle Pitts may be the best TE prospect to come along in decades.

Blake's place on the team is still based on perceived potential, having never played more than a few series as the starting tight end. And nobody, even his own mother, would claim that Jarwin has more potential than Pitts.

Upside isn't the only factor here. One of these players turns just 21 in October while the other will be 27 before the season starts. I'll let you guess who's who.

But I digress; let's get back to 2022 free agency. Not only is one of your top-three receiving weapons probably leaving but Dalton Schultz and will also be unrestricted next year.

With Cooper, Lamb, Pitts, and Jarwin in place, the Cowboys can suffer the loss of Gallup and any other receiving targets next year. You can fill out the depth charts behind these players and maintain a potent offense without major financial investments or high draft picks.

All of this aside, Pitts makes sense at the 10th pick on sheer talent alone. Not taking him could be the next decision that we're kicking ourselves over for the next two decades.

But clearly, this isn't just about talent versus need. Adding Kyle Pitts to the 2021 offense makes it even more dangerous than it already is. And if Michael Gallup's out the door next year, Pitts becomes a truly vital component in just his second season.

The talent is there. The need is there. Now we just have to hope that Pitts is still there when the Cowboys are on the clock.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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If Dallas don’t pick pitts most likely New York or philly will and Dallas has shown they can’t stop a real good tight end

David Burgoyne

As bad as the defense was last year it would feel wrong not to take a corner but I could get behind us taking Pitts at 10. Maybe trade back down into first with some of our draft capital and take a corner. We could also use a veteran corner to round out the position.

Don Howard

You can quit dreaming about Pitts he’ll never make it to 10

James Vargas

I get your rationale. But we really need to bolster that defense. We still need a good CB. We got burned last year. Cant afford to have a repeat.

Chris King

KP beat up all the best CB’s in college.


Agree with Don, most likely Pitts WON”T be there at 10. Lets concentrate on our real NEEDS. Also, how do we know we cant afford MG come next year, didn’t we just WAY, WAY OVERPAY a QB.


Vam you really don’t watch that much football you just on here so you want get fine ….. over pay Dakota out played his contract That’s why you drafted him in 4th round Dax lead the nfl last year with 400 yards a game played in only 5 games two Qb who started last year could not get 400 yards if you put two games together 13-3 as a rookie got robbed in Playoffs rookie of year .. Vam delete your account please

Rob cerpi

Vam you always pick the best player over a need any time every time . You want another taco cause they need a DE . Or a Cheeto cause they need a corner.They have a habit of doing that all the time . Look what happens when you draft best player . Cee Dee.


It’s a pipe dream Pitts falls to us , but crazier thing have happened ,

DK Metcalf went 64th overall 2 years ago , what was wrong with DK ? Nothing , they just went with other guys over him , now teams would be stupid to do that with Pitts to the point of him falling to us at 10 , but you never know , ppl are stupid , even NFL front office’s

Now Rob cerpi , I’d somewhat agree with you if Pitts is there at 10 , but like I said , HIGHLY UNLIKELY he’ll be there , Surtain at that point would be close if not , the best player available for us at 10 , thus our NEEDS WOULD MATCH OUR BEST AVAILABLE , it’d be a no brainer then to take Surtain at that point and time , maybe if you had a real good idea Gallup is gonna leave after this year , then maybe you plunge and consider getting Waddle at 10 , or we could just go Surtain and get WR later in draft , I think we should do the latter and get Surtain ,

Between him and Diggs and maybe get another corner later in draft (I like Trill Williams from Syracuse) and our secondary will be a lot better than it was last year .

Cowboy Fan Ed

Draft defense! Put some guys out there that get after the QB every play and I don’t care how good the other receivers are if the QB don’t have time to get them the ball it’s like having a gun with no Ammunition!


If Sewell is there then you take the him.

charles sarvis

we should draft in the first round either sewell or rashan slater. remember the object is to score more than the opponent and with all our playmakers if we can give dak enough time he can get it to them. remember last year when our older offensive line had all the issues. in the 2nd round then go CB


I like the idea of a two tight end set with Pitts and Jarwin roaming the center of the field. Sounds a lot like Gronk and Hernandez to me. The Pats had nothing like Lamb and Cooper on the outside. Could be absolutely unstoppable.

Jeffrey Burrell

We don’t need another Running Back


This is an offensive driven league. I say if he is there take him. The way the league is set up you go with a strong offensive line , defensive line or wr or te. You have to be elite at something. The defense is more than 1player away. With Dak, Pitt, and the rest of the offensive talent. That offense could be special.


Rob cerpi says, “you always pick the best player over a need ANY TIME EVERY TIME”. So you would pick a QB IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THIS UPCOMING DRAFT, if he were the best player available after you just paid Prescott the second highest money in NFL history??? And then in the second round if the best player available was another QB, and you would pick that player??? Of course not, that would be silly, right Rob.

CowboyP, your English teacher needs to give you a refund. And yes, Prescott is WAY, WAY OVERPAYED.

Ethan L Chazin

I’d rather get Slater from Northwestern, then move back a few spots and get Horn/Newsome at CB then Grant Safety UCF in RD2. After that, the best DT-1 Tech, LB, DE, another CB, and a project QB


Ethan – riddle me this … how on earth do you select Slater at #10, THEN move back?!?! It’s an excellent strategy if you can pull that off!


If pitts is there at ten I don’t know if we can pass on him that would be hard
If not surtain or Jaycee horn would be great picks !
I also wouldn’t put it past us picking rashawn slater the guy is a beast and we’re gonna wanna protect dak who we just payed !

Ricky Owen

I would say that it Pitts is there for us to take at #10 then take him and if not then go for need or pick a very good corner or on the offensive line. You never pick a qb in the first round.

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