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Will new DB Coach Al Harris Mold Cowboys’ CBs in his Image?

knows a thing or two about playing the position in the NFL. In his 14 year career he accumulated 21 interceptions and 143 pass deflections and it's that knowledge he's bringing to the as their new .

Al Harris is just one of the new faces among the Dallas Cowboys new staff under the of . He is faced with a tough task of overseeing the Cowboys and hopefully helping them raise their game to a new level. That of course is easier said than done, but he knew what he was getting into prior to inking his contract.

The Dallas Cowboys secondary is in a bit of a rebuild right now. It's not a complete makeover thank goodness, but they did lose their best cover man in when decided to take his talents to the . Al Harris and a few others now have to figure out how to move forward without him and what to do this season and beyond.

Coaching styles differ from person to person, but each one typically draws on past experience to mold his players. For Al Harris, that means we can probably expect a more aggressive, physical, and savvy playing style from the Cowboys . At least that's what one of the best wide receivers to ever play game, Calvin Johnson, said to Glover Quinn in a recent on The DB Room.

When talking to Glover Quinn recently, Calvin Johnson credited Al Harris for his development…

“I really felt like he slapped me straight in a literal sense when I first got into the league. When I got in the league, the Packers had Al Harris. Al wasn't the fastest guy, but Al was very savvy and very aggressive and super physical. Wanted to get his hands on you every play.”

Savvy. Aggressive. Physical. Those three words are not ones that would probably be used to describe the Dallas Cowboys cornerback play the past several years. Hopefully that's about to change though, because that's the kind of mentality Al Harris plans to instill in his players. The only question is, is he up to the task?

Unfortunately, that's not an answer anyone is capable of giving right now. There's just too many moving parts that need to be figured out before we know just what kind of impact Al Harris can have with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys are not only in the middle of rebuilding their secondary somewhat, but they also have several players with expiring contracts after the . It's going to take a few years for them to retool and find the players they believe fit the parameters they want in their , both at and cornerback.

I don't know about you though, but I'm pretty excited about what the Dallas Cowboys could be getting from Al Harris. If nothing else, he should at the very least change the mentality of the position. That's a good foundation to build upon and right now that's about all we can ask.

Do you think Al Harris can help improve the Cowboys' CB play?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Is this his first coaching job? If so, will he be mentored? I believe Harris is the ‘CB coach’ and that we actually have a Defensive Backfield Coach? Will that guy allow Harris to do as he pleases, or will that guy try to mold Harris into his style of coach. Will be interesting to watch and the position is one that could provide the biggest change to this defense’s performance overall.


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Ben Miller

No more Tampa Two, no more interchangeable single high safety, no more lining up with a 7 yard cushion.
Hello bump and run, hello single tight coverage, hello corner & safety blitzes, hello TURNOVERS. Lewis, Chido, Diggs and even Robinson should thrive in this scheme. All are young, aggressive and fast. There will be botched coverages but the upside will be worth it. No more bend don’t break. I can’t wait!

William Hearn Jr.

Damn does the whole staff have to be ex Packer’s?
Wait im all in for a change but dont turn us into the Packers…..We Dem Boys….

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