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Would position changes for these 3 Cowboys remedy needs?

Opinions vary on whether the adequately addressed their needs in the .

Nevertheless, the team boasts a wealth of talent across various positions. Though some gaps may remain, the group's overall strength is undeniable.

Whether or not cynics agree, it's becoming apparent that this team is beginning to resemble the -winning teams of the 90s.

When ran the show, the talent was homegrown and plentiful. Michael Irvin, , Troy Aikman, Charles Haley, and .

The list goes on and on.

With all those pieces, it was still the supporting cast behind them that truly made the difference.

There's no denying that stands out among his peers.

However, it is worth noting that CeeDee Lamb and have also made a case for the top spot.

The spot continues to be the bridesmaid but never the bride.

It's puzzling why Jerry and his team chose not to address this position in the draft.

Once the dust settles, I'm confident the will have a plan in place, but if they're looking at some options, I have a few suggestions.

Just a few tweaks could also provide long-term solutions in the defensive backfield and .

It may not be what fans want to hear, but I'll still say it with my chest.

How Chauncey Golston is growing as an important player for the Cowboys

Chauncey Golston is The EPITOME OF position flexibility

The interior of the defensive line is a sneaky need for the Dallas Cowboys. As potential starters, Osa Odighizuwa and will make a hell of a tandem.

With and Quinton Bohanna fighting for position for that backup nose tackle spot, the three-technique leaves something to be desired.

I believe has seen enough of Neville Gallimore by now.

Teams should allow players to show their worth but face the facts if they're not performing well.

Enter .

Most see Golston as a clone, but I see more than that.

At 6'5″ 285lbs, he has the physical frame coupled with the burst to cause trouble from the interior. He's not half bad against the run either.

Is it concerning that the adjustment may leave the position compromised? Absolutely.

However, I've watched too many games over the last two seasons where Odighizuwa played excessive snaps.

Just last season, Osa recorded 706 total snaps, with Neville coming in at a distant second with 422 and Golston with 278.

Something is not right with those numbers.

That's too many snaps for Odighizuwa from a fatigue standpoint. For Gallimore, just watch the film, and you will know why.

Add insult to injury. According to , Gallimore's run defense grade was an abysmal 29.7 out of 100.

A score like that could have blown up the scantron machine. I know, I'm dating myself.

Golston's issue lies not in the number of snaps he receives but in his placement on the field. Yes, he would benefit from an additional 50-60 opportunities.

He's undoubtedly the Cowboys' Swiss army knife, having taken 144 snaps on the interior and 126 over the tackle or on edge.

I suggest moving a significant portion of his snaps to the interior position.

Three of his highest-graded games occurred when he played for 10 or more snaps over the position.

The playoff teams with deep runs in January have one of those tall, explosive athletes manning the middle.

I'm not suggesting he's or Arik Armstead. But he could be Dallas' version of them on passing downs.

The NFL has undergone significant changes over time.

While having an intense on the perimeter is crucial, the importance of interior pressure has continued to increase.

UDFA offensive lineman T.J. Bass could become a starter for the Cowboys in 2023

T.J. Bass could be A Future starter at Left Guard

Different dominoes have to fall before we can be confident that this position change will happen.

What's going to happen with the Smith brothers on the left side? Will Tyron be the swing tackle, or will Tyler be kicked to the middle?

Have we considered the pickup, Chuma Edoga? Could he possibly get an actual shot at securing a starting role?

With that, we can still have some fun with possibilities.

T.J. Bass is one of the more likely position changes during .

Let's be honest; Bass looks the part.

Standing at 6'4′ 320lbs., he played most of his time at Oregon at tackle. There is film of Bass dabbling on the interior, but it wasn't a lasting experience at Eugene.

This may be Mike Solari's plan the entire time. The kid can run block, that's for sure.

Not to mention, the numbers at the tackle spot don't play in T.J.'s favor. Terence Steele will be returning from injury to battle with Tyler and Tyron.

The team also recently added Asim Richards from North Carolina. He could have been the subject of the position swap article.

If Bass wants to play sooner rather than later, pushing for a position change should be his play.

At the moment, the competition will include Edoga and . T.J., I like your chances.

Former 3rd round pick fails to make Cowboys 53-man roster 2
Cowboys' CB Kelvin Joseph

Kelvin Joseph as a safety, Who knows

Please don't stop reading, I beg of you. There will be a legitimate point made here. Hear me out.

Kelvin Joseph wasn't good when he touched the field for defensive plays. As a gunner on , it was a slightly different story.

Unfortunately, a special team's role isn't enough to justify having him on the roster especially being a former 2nd round pick.

Could the safety position be his saving grace? It's a long shot, but one Dallas should take.

and Jayron Kearse are set to become after this season. Neither guy is set to hit 30, so age isn't their problem.

Replacing Kearse isn't likely, considering his responsibilities in that hybrid safety/ role. If Hooker walks, I believe Joseph can be a replacement.

just received the bag. Giving either of these players at the same position money doesn't seem Cowboys-like.

The team has Israel Mukuamu, who will get a look at different spots.

With Joseph, Dallas can insert adequate size, elite speed, and explosiveness into the role.

Most will point to the awareness as a drawback. That's fair. Actually, this argument falls apart like a house of cards.

But we have to give him some credit on games he held his own.

Let's be clear, no one is ready to anoint this player as the next .

This is an avenue that Dallas could take to rejuvenate a former top-100 pick and save some money in the process.

If it doesn't work out, you lose nothing. Connecting him with the right defensive role could have booming qualities.

Jermaine Arvie
Jermaine Arvie
I currently reside in the Mansfield Texas area. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. Love to talk sports, love to write. Currently writes for Fansided and as well as Inside The Star.

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