WR Devin Smith May Not be “Special” Enough for a 2020 Roster Spot

    generated a lot of enthusiasm with his strong play in the . But that didn't carry over into the real games, and now Smith finds himself in a dogfight for the bottom of the ' roster in the .

    After winning a national championship at Ohio State in 2014 with and then becoming a 2nd-round pick for the Jets, Devin's career hasn't gone as most expected. Injuries caused him to quickly fall out of favor with New York and eventually led to him becoming a reclamation project for the Cowboys.

    Smith looked ready to reward Dallas after putting up 14 catches, 188 yards, and a touchdown in last year's . A 51-yard touchdown catch in the Week 2 win over Washington refueled the hype train, making folks ask if Devin deserved to be a bigger part of the WR rotation.

    But it all came to a screeching halt from there. Devin did little in the Cowboys' following game against Miami and then was a complete no-show in their Week 4 loss to the Saints. He wouldn't be active the rest of the season.

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    Why didn't Dallas use Smith at all from October to December?  While his inconsistency on played a part, a huge reason is that Devin offers no value on . The Cowboys had to keep him inactive so that guys like , , and could dress and contribute in multiple phases of the game.

    If Devin Smith doesn't start making some big waves in the last week of 2020 , his lack of special teams value could cost him a roster spot.

    Cowboys Backup WR Power Rankings as 2020 Camp Begins
    Cowboys WRs Cedrick Wilson, Devin Smith, and
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    The Cowboys' WR for this year is already starting to crystalize.  We knew the top three all the way back in April; , , and .  And based on reports all through camp, the WR4 spot appears to have been claimed by third-year prospect Cedrick Wilson.

    Another camp standout so far has been Noah Brown. After two -plagued years, Brown is re-energizing his own hype and making a push for the roster.

    Devin Smith has things that neither of these guys do.  Perceived potential once made him the 37th-overall pick in his draft class, compared to Cedrick and Noah both being late-round nobodies in their years. Devin has the speed to be a true vertical threat and to make plays after the catch.

    The problem, though, is that Dallas is already loaded with offensive weapons. They're not going to take any of those top three receivers, Ezekiel Elliott, , or even off the field anymore than they have to.

    For anyone trying to make the roster as the 4th-6th receiver, being able to wear more than one hat is a big deal. And while Wilson, Brown, and Ventell Bryant all have special teams roles to offer, that just isn't part of Devin Smith's game.

    Throw in the fact that Devin's now 28 and his job security gets even shakier. The Cowboys might prefer to move on to a younger player like Bryant, Jon'Vea Johnson, or Aaron Parker for ongoing development and future potential.

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    At this point, Smith's best chance of making the 2020 roster is if Dallas goes long at WR with six players. That would give them their special teams guys in Wilson and either Brown or Bryant, then leave Devin as a speed weapon who can get used here and there.

    But if the Cowboys decide they have their bases covered with Wilson and Brown rounding out the top five then Devin Smith probably isn't going to force the issue. They'd have a hard time keeping him active on game days without a special teams role, and at that point Smith's just taking up a roster spot that could be used for player development.

    There's still one more week of camp to go and things could change. But as it stand right now, Devin Smith's lack of special teams value and the rising stock of other players appear to be pushing him off the roster in 2020,

    Jess Haynie
    Jess Haynie
    Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!


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    B. Hardin

    Devin is definitely a player I wanted to see shine in this offense but at this point I’d look to use him for trade bait to others teams possibly and see if he has any value. I believe hes a good player but numbers look as thiugh they are about to squeeze him out.


    For four years in college Devin was THE best punt team gunner in College Football! Why is he not at least trying to play that role? If I were him I’d be badgering John Fassel and whoever else to let me try it! I’ve watched him excel at it on TV time and time again so I know he can do it, and it would be better than watching an NFL career go bye-bye due to not being versatile enough!


    Great insight! Never heard anything other than he doesn’t offer special team play. Are they trying to protect his knee? If that’s the case, then just cut him already.


    Im not sold on Noah Brown. He has only made team, by being a bigger body receiver for blocking. In an already predictable offense, you knew Cowboys were running the football, when he came. In the playoffs, 2 years ago, he has ball ripped away from him, in jump ball situation, to a linebacker.
    Devin Smith is more skilled than Brown. At Ohio, you saw him excelling at NFL type routes. Last preseason, you same him run a sluggo route that would have burned, the best cornerbacks in this league. Too bad the quarterback threw the ball short. That was a definite TD.

    Cowboys fan

    I agree…. Noah Brown isn’t any good, I seen Ventell Bryant make more plays in his limited playing time last season than Brown did since he’s been in the NFL!! And Devin Smith is a beast when it comes to running routes…. And he has burner speed…., if he’s given the chance to use his route running abilities and his speed together he would be one receiver that would be hard to stop!! And we seen that in the Washington game last season!! He’s the only receiver on our team with that kind of speed, and only 1 of maybe 3 that can run routes that good!! We have Cooper and Lamb that can also run routes just as good as Smith, but neither of them has the speed that Smith has!! I do believe we should keep 6 receivers, but I don’t think Brown is one of them!! I think we should keep Wilson Smith and either Bryant or Johnson, and I’m leaning more towards Bryant cause he’s a do it all kind of receiver, and he has the big body like Brown has…. So he can play special teams,, he can block and he can play receiver when he’s needed, and from what I’ve seen so far he’s not injury prone like Brown is!!


    If Devin is truly the precision route runner you guys are suggesting, and we know he has or had?) speed, and he plays special teams as a gunner, then why isn’t he clearly the No.4 receiver?

    He must have pretty obvious shortcomings. Either his speed has left him, he can’t comprehend the playbook, he drops far too many passes, or his route running isn’t as you suggest. SOMETHING about his play has prevent two coaching staffs from handing him even the No.4 WR role.

    Michael Allison

    This I know, if the cowboys decide to part ways with Devin Smith , he won’t be out of a job for long , some team would love to have him on the roster.