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WR Michael Gallup Talks Free Agency, Return to Cowboys Seems Unlikely

One of the Cowboys' biggest in 2022 will be . In a recent , Gallup commented on his impending and one statement in particular could make a potential return to Dallas unlikely.

We already know that the Cowboys have a fight on their hands this with the . They're currently around $13 million over the 2022 cap and will have to make some tough decisions just to conduct basic business like their next draft class and filling critical roster vacancies.

Despite his season-ending ACL from , Gallup doesn't isn't looking to take any hit to his next contract. It also doesn't sound like he's going to to give Dallas any hometown discount to return.

Given his mentality and where the team is at, Michael re-signing with the Cowboys in 2022 isn't looking promising.



While Dallas would love to keep their three-headed WR monster in place along with and , retaining Gallup at this point feels more like a luxury than necessity. And based on these comments, Michael is looking to be a true starter in the NFL and compensated accordingly.

Over the last four years Gallup has given the Cowboys an incredible return as just a former 3rd-Round pick. He had over 1,100 receiving yards in 2019 and at times has seemed to be 's favorite target.

Gallup's overall production has taken a hit since Lamb joined in 2020 but Michael remains a talented receiver in his physical prime. He is expected to be one of the more attractive free agent options this offseason.

The ACL injury is where things will get interesting. Having just had surgery this past Thursday, Gallup's rehab and recovery will make it hard for him to participate much in and this year. That could limit some teams' enthusiasm to sign him and especially to a significant amount of money.

But even if Gallup's asking price ends up going down, it will take a lot for him to fit into the Cowboys' likely budget. They're more likely to seek a more modest deal with than meet what Michael is apparently going to demand.

In truth, we haven't expected Michael Gallup to get a second contract with Dallas for a while now based on the salary cap and what they already have at wide receiver. But these comments from Gallup only further show the line in the sand.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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James Vargas

Another casualty after the Dak and Zeke albatros’ contracts. Thank you Jerry for mismanaging the team!


Agree James, probably another Cap Casualty, mainly because of the most egregiously bad contract ever given to a middle of the road, overrated, overhyped QB. MG could have many more TDs and yards, (and be view as an even better WR), IF he were not overthrown on a fairly regular basis by DP.

Well, another Super Bowl for us Cowboy Fans watching OTHER TEAMS.

Ryan Graham

I say trade Elliot for some draft picks and revamp the left side of the offense. Also, sign a new kicker, get rid of McCarthy and let the good times roll

gary b

Makes no sense to give a big contract to Gallup coming off knee surgery. He isn’t a #1 WR and likely won’t be 100% till the year after.

gary b

Our Four highest paid offensive players Dak/Lawrence/Cooper/Zeke haven’t played up to their contracts.

Cooper is likely a cap casualty. Zeke is shot and will be out the door after next year when it’s fiscally possible. Hopefully the Jerry let’s the coaching staff play Pollard next year.
Lawrence likely stays due to the thinness on the DL.


Now this guy here Gary B know whats he be talking about is you be a psychic’s or sumptin you hits the head rights on the nail yo Jones needs to hire you bro can puts you in the back office on the left I believe you could help this struggling team in many man ways and Jerry needs to get you on his payroll before the Eagles ,Giants or Commanders swipe you up away from us


I think this goes to show that these writers and reporters really don’t have a clue about if a soon to be free agent will resign even when it looks like they not a chance in hell of resigning a guy there is still a chance right Jess Haynie they got the deal done with Gallup even after the line was drawn in the sand a sand storm came up and blew that line away bro now can we keep Lamb what do ya think about that one?

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