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Zack Martin: “We do this again, we’ll be sitting at home next week”

It is that simple. , the future Hall of Famer said it best after the loss yesterday — the Cowboys play like that again, and they will be sitting at home.

Look, you all may know well enough by now that I will tell you exactly how it is and speak my mind with the good and the bad.

That said, this was the worst performance of the season.

But let's make one thing clear: this is still a good football team whether you think so or not. The Cowboys have yet to lose two games in a row all season. All I ask is not to get caught in this trap.

Dallas looked like garbage but that happens in the NFL. This was probably the worst time for it, but remember when they dropped 50 in week 18 a season ago?

They couldn't ride that wave into the and were one-and-done.

The anti- crowd will show up now and do nothing but bash him and the football team, and yes, he had his worst game of the season yesterday, yet they still averaged over 30 a game with him under this year.

Martin and made it known just how frustrated they were following the game but after each of the team's FOUR other losses, they responded with a victory.

We can sit here and hate everyone in that locker room and the coaches putting on the headsets, but I will keep everything level-headed here.

This team hasn't lost back-to-back games all season.

I want to beat as much as the next person in the playoffs. The Cowboys have let me down in my 26 years on this earth, and I can tell you right now I'm not going into this playoff matchup against the Bucs with a glass-half-empty approach like I have in previous years. 

The reason is that even with the miscues and listening to the “let's fire Mike McCarthy” crowd, somehow we only had to write about FOUR losses this season.

Fans throw in the towel because they look terrible in a meaningless game. Psh.

Last year the Cowboys beat the Eagles in the last game of the regular season 51-25 and then went on to lose the following week in the round. I am not going to panic over this crusty loss. 

This team has responded all year long, and with guys like Martin speaking up, I trust it. Not only by what they say but what they have done on the field all season.

The Cowboys have never beaten Tom Brady, but when you compare the Buccaneers and Dallas this season, the Cowboys have been better, top to bottom, but again he is the goat, so… 

I will have my DAL at TB preview post out later this week and you all will soon find out who I think will win and how. Let's just take a step back and remember how many people wrote this team off after week one. Now it's time for the PLAYOFFS. Let's go. 

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Maurice Greaver

Let’s look objectively at the Cowboys, based on yesterday’s debacle: 1) It was not a meaningless game – if we won and the Eagles lost, we would win the division and get a home playoff game. 2) We were playing our most hated rival – if we were both the worst teams in the NFL, we should have fought them to the last second. 3) We came out flat, and that is on Coach McCarthy and the players. 4) We were playing a very average Washington team that started its 3rd string quarterback, who had never played an NFL down or thrown an NFL pass, 5) Dak played like he was drunk or on drugs (another Pick 6, 14 completions in 37 attempts – 37.8 completion percentage,128 passing yards, 3.5 yards per pass attempt, 14.8 adjusted QBR, 45.8 passer rating). 6) Zeke and Tony Pollard ran for only 29 yards combined – no rushing attack.

Dak is a fraud at QB. With 7 full years of experience, Dak is the most inconsistent, inaccurate, overpaid, overrated QB in the NFL. And he plays his worst games in the most important games. Dak will not get us to a Super Bowl, much less win one.

Coach McCarthy is a good NFL coach, but he has not been a difference maker in any game since his arrival. His game/time management skills are below average. McCarthy will not get us to a Super Bowl, much less win one for us.

Cowboy Nation deserves better than Dak as QB and McCarthy as head coach. Jerry, it is time to move on.


Agree, time to draft a QB and start the grooming process. Embarrassing performance to say the least from this $40 million/yr player. Team is being bypassed by other teams with younger and better QBs. Not “hate” just some honest well-deserved criticism.


Cliff Kingsbury just got fired at Arizona. He’d be a huge upgrade at the Offensive Coordinator position for the Cowboys. Easier to fire Kellen Moore than to move Dak Prescott and his WAY TOO BIG contract. Drafting a youngster certainly couldn’t hurt. There’s arm talent in this upcoming draft. We need accuracy and intelligence at quarterback, not a guy that has a cannon for an arm but can’t read a defense properly.


Maurice I ‘m in agreement with you for the most part I don’t think McCarthy is a good Head Coach. I also think Kellen Moore is more at fault for the offensive woes of this team than anyone. Prescott is playing HORRIBLE right now, but I think it all leads back to Kellen Moore. He seems to have more talent than he knows how to handle. Easy to see why no team hired him last off-season for a Head Coaching job. He’s simply no ready.

Cowboys fan

I agree with you Shane!! And anybody who thinks that game wasn’t meaningless are crazy!! There’s no way the eagles were gonna lose to the giants especially with the giants playing all their backups!! And like you said, we played terrible, and we lost, but we haven’t lost 2 games in a row all season, cause this team responds well to losses like this one, so I’m more confident in them going into the playoffs playing Tampa Bay than I would’ve been if they won this game!!


Hello Shane! Man you’re always the voice of reason after we’ve had a setback or a huge disappointment. I’ve always believed that the main issue with the Cowboys is the Head Coach and his Offensive Coordinator. He seems too detached in my opinion and Kellen Moore seems to have Dak Prescott so confused he doesn’t know up from down. I’d like to see Kellen Moore give Dak things to do that he does well. He’s an adequate passer most of the time, but he’s not a great passer with immaculate accuracy. Also running Elliott up the middle of opposing defenses is NOT WORKING AT ALL!!! Perhaps some long hand offs trying to get to the perimeter might achieve better results. Also utilizing 2 or 3 Tight Ends may help in the run game. Kellen Moore has to be as smart as some claim he is at Tampa Bay or it’s going to be another wasted season and another lost opportunity to play for the team’s 6th Lombardi Trophy.

Jay R

Yes, we haven’t lost two in a row all season. But it’s more than that. We have alternated two-win streaks and four-win streaks all season.

1 loss, 2 wins, 1 loss, 4 wins, 1 loss, 2 wins, 1 loss, 4 wins, 1 loss, 2 wins, 1 loss, …

And it isn’t restricted to the regular season; it started in the pre-season.

The pattern says we’re due for 4 wins in a row.

[Yes, this is silly. But no more so than other patterns people point out in sports articles.]


You’re 26. A baby – those of us who go back 40+ years have an entirely different perspective. This team is lacking talent, its CBs and O line are challenged to perform, its franchise QB does not know how to seal the deal and take that next step forward as an elite post-season QB. He’s trapped, and at $40m a season that limits roster construction. I am happy to eat my words but I don’t see this team moving on past the 2nd round. no, we fans are not entitled to post-season success. So we (I) have come to terms with enjoying this team for its entertainment value.


Ethan you’re absolutely right about the Cowboys entertainment value. That’s exactly why they’re playing on Monday night instead of 1 PM on Sunday. They want Dallas in prime time because the team is going to generate great television ratings. Which brings me to this observation, if the Cowboys are who the whole country want to see, why is the league and the officials so nitpicky with calls involving our guys? Our team should get every benefit of the doubt where close calls are concerned, but almost all close calls go against Dallas . Sometimes these close and missed calls cost the team ball games. The country doesn’t necessarily want to see the Buccaneers, the Giants, the Eagles, the Seahawks, or the 49’ers. The whole country DOES want to see THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!

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