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2020 Mock Draft Challenge: Your Chance to be the Dallas Cowboys GM

If given the power, who would you select for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2020 NFL draft?

The new year league for the kicks off March 18, meaning is about to change the way we look at “” for the upcoming NFL Draft in April. Before things change though, I thought it would be fun to do a Dallas mock draft challenge to see all of the differences of opinion as to who Cowboys Nation would like to see get drafted by the Cowboys.

I’ve done these kind of challenges before, but I decided to change it up a little this time around. In the past I turned to Fanspeak’s mock draft simulator for this exercise, but that was before really established themselves as the go-to place for NFL draft content. So I’ve decided we’re going to use their knowledge this go around.

To make things fair though we need rules.

The Rules

  1. For this Dallas Cowboys mock draft challenge we will use The Draft Network’s Big Board so that everybody is on the same page as far as player rankings are concerned. Assume all draft-eligible prospects are currently slotted correctly as is.
  2. You can -down only once, using‘s handy-dandy . The value of any trade down scenario must be equal to or greater than the value you receive. For example, the Cowboys Pick 17 (950 points) could get you Minnesota’s’s Pick 25 and Pick 87 (875 points)
  3. You can trade up as much as you would like, but again, the trade must be equal to or greater than the value you receive.
  4. NO CHEATING! Submitting a mock draft using Draft Network’s or Fanspeak’s mock draft simulator are not allowed.
  5. The Dallas Cowboys currently hold the following picks until are announced: 17, 51, 82, 113, 147, 209.
  6. You can find the complete 2020 NFL draft order here.

*Rules borrowed and tweaked from BTB’s mock draft challenge

Use the comment section below to post your and any comments you have about this challenge. To make it more fun, try to add a little commentary as to why you personally made the selections.

My Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft Submission

TRADE DOWN: Cowboys’ 17th (950 points) for 23rd and 86th (940 points).

Round 1, Pick 23: Zack Baun, EDGE/LB, Wisconsin 

’s versatility to play multiple positions and be a core player could prove to be invaluable for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s scheme diverse and has starting potential as an off-ball LB or a pass rusher in either a 3-4 or . He could be a perfect fit in DC Mike Nolan’s hybrid .

Round 2, Pick 51: A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

Don’t let the way ’s collegiate career ended in the National Championship game against fool you into believing he’s not a good player. In fact, he’s not that dissimilar to C.J. Henderson, who I chose to bypass in the first-round by trading down. His combination of size, speed, and coverage skills make him an immediate Day 1 starter.

Round 3, Pick 82: Jonathan Greenard, EDGE, Florida

The Dallas Cowboys may or may not be able to re-sign , but regardless they still need more help. ’s get-off, bend, and ability to corner the edge are promising, as well is his leverage as a run defender. He has starting potential in either an odd or even front with a little more time to develop his craft.

Round 3, Pick 86: Chase Claypool, WR/TE, Notre Dame

I drafted a versatile chess piece for the and DC Mike Nolan in the first-round, now I’m doing the same here for OC and the . brings some much-need size (6’4″ 238) to the Cowboys . He can be utilized as a big slot, a possession WR, a vertical threat, or as a move TE. He’s a mismatch waiting to happen.

Round 4, Pick 113: Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri

Jordan Elliott still being on the board at this point in the draft for the Dallas Cowboys would be tremendous value. He can play up and down the line in either an odd or even front, which again fits in well with DC Mike Nolan’s expected hybrid scheme. Elliott would be an absolute steal here.

Round 5, Pick 147: Terrell Burgess, S, Utah

Terrell Burgess is a former turned and would provide excellent value to the Cowboys this late in the draft. He plays with good instincts and closing burst as a high safety, but also has the versatility to play as a nickel defender. His skill set is similar to and would give the Cowboys two interchangeable safeties.

Round 7, Pick 209: Trey Adams, OT, Washington

A 2017 ACL tear and 2018 back has turned Trey Adams into a once highly touted offensive prospect to a questionable draftable player. The skill set is there, but the lingering injury concerns are huge red flags. If he can return to his pre-injury self and add a little more functional strength he could have a long career in the NFL. Definitely worth the gamble this late.

Your turn to prove your GM skills. Who are you going to draft for the Dallas Cowboys for this 2020 mock draft challenge?

What do you think?


Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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  1. Trade 17 to Miami for #26 and #70
    26- J Reagor WR TCU
    Great option to replace R Cobb. Reminds me of T Hill from KC (Question)Would you love to have T Hill on our team?
    Trade #51 and #70 plus #164 to SF for #31
    31- J Gladney CB TCU
    I have Gladney ranked much higher then most.3rd best CB Prospect on my board
    82- J Greenard DE Florida
    Can’t rely on Gregory but would be a plus.Greenard reminds me of Gregory coming out of Nebraska
    Trade #123 to Pittsburgh for #135 and #198
    135-Harrison Bryant TE Fla Atlantic
    164-M Onwenu IOL Michigan
    179- S Quarterman LB Miami
    198-T Muse S Clemson
    231-T Throckmorton OT Oregon

  2. Appreciate your encouragement. After looking at it a day, this could work:

    Dallas trades 17th and 82 (1130) for Jacksonville’s 20th, 73rd,165th, 189th, 206th, 223rd (1123)
    1.20 (20) – CJ HENDERSON, CB, Florida [[perhaps 2nd-best corner in draft]
    2.19 (51) – CURTIS WEAVER, Edge, Boise State [will be good opposite Tank]
    Dallas trades 73rd, 206th, 223rd, 231 (235.2) for LA Chargers’ 71st (235)
    3.07 (71) – KYLE DUGGER, Safety, Lenoir-Rhyne [Steal of draft if he lasts to 71st pick]
    4.17 (123) – ANTONIO GANDY-GOLDEN, WR, Liberty [Really believe that he will develop into solid receiver]
    ***Dallas trades 164th and 189th (49.2) for Pittsburgh’s 124th and 232nd (49.0)
    4.18 (124) – HARRISON BRYANT, TE, FAU [Solid all around tight end]
    5.33 (179) – LYNN BOWDEN, Wide Receiver, Kentucky [After combine NFL has him rated 6.24 “Good back-up who could become starter; versatile; good value for 179th Pick]
    7.18 (232) – BENITO JONES, DT, Ole Miss [ After combine he was ranked 6.10 with the potential to become a starter.]

    But if they just don’t want Gandy-Golden , or want their DT earlier, then:
    Dallas trades 17th and 82 (1130) for Jacksonville’s 20th, 73rd,165th, 189th, 206th, 223rd (1123)
    1.20 (20) – CJ HENDERSON, CB, Florida [[perhaps 2nd-best corner in draft]
    2.19 (51) – CURTIS WEAVER, Edge, Boise State [will be good opposite Tank]
    Dallas trades 73rd, 206th, 223rd, 231 (235.2) for LA Chargers’ 71st (235)
    3.07 (71) – KYLE DUGGER, Safety, Lenoir-Rhyne [Steal of draft if he lasts to 71st pick]
    4.17 (123) – JORDAN ELLIOTT, DT, Missouri [fatty we need]
    ******Dallas trades 164th and 189th (49.2) for Pittsburgh’s 124th and 232nd (49.0)***
    4.18 (124) – HARRISON BRYANT, TE, FAU [Solid all around tight end]
    5.33 (179) – LYNN BOWDEN, Wide Receiver, Kentucky [After combine NFL has him rated 6.24 “Good back-up who could become starter; versatile; good value for 179th Pick]
    7.18 (232) – CAM BROWN,LB, Penn State [depth at LB couldn’t hurt]

    I’m having too much fun with this

  3. First attempt:
    Dallas trades 17th and 82 (1130) for Jacksonville’s 20th, 73rd,165th, 189th, 206th, 223rd (1123)
    1.20 (20) – CJ HENDERSON, CB, Florida [[perhaps 2nd-best corner in draft]
    2.19 (51) – CURTIS WEAVER, Edge, Boise State [will be good opposite Tank]
    Dallas trades 73rd, 206th, 223rd, 231 (235.2) for LA Chargers’ 71st (235)
    3.07 (71) – KYLE DUGGER, Safety, Lenoir-Rhyne [Steal of draft if he lasts to 71st pick]
    4.17 (123) – ANTONIO GANDY-GOLDEN, Wide Receiver, Liberty [Poor man’s megatron]
    5.18 (164) – LAMAR JACKSON, Cornerback, Nebraska [started to go linebacker here, but Jackson’s a steal at #164]
    5.19 (165) – ALBERT OKWUEGBUNAM, Tight End, Missouri [2nd of 5th round steal]
    5.33 (179) – LYNN BOWDEN, Wide Receiver, Kentucky [3rd of 5th round steal; would be ranked higher if he had a decent QB at Kentucky; fast, quick slot guy who also QB’s]
    6.10 (189) – BRAVVION ROY, Defensive Tackle, Baylor [Fatty we need in our DL]

    Honestly feel like every guy could contribute significantly…four or five could be starters by Thanksgiving… D-line and secondary would be solid for next few years…This was fun might do it again…

    • This is a really an interesting draft. I like your first three picks, but I think the rest of the players you selected are developmental projects. Gandy-Golden is like to work with, but really needs to improve as a route runner. Lamar Jackson has nice size/length, but is going to struggle with the speed of the NFL game. Albert O is a threat in the passing game, but needs to improve as a route runner and as a blocker. Bowden reminds me of a poor man’s Randall Cobb, but could be a really good slot/return guy if given time to develop. Roy is worth a late-round pick, but may have a hard time making the roster.

      Overall, this isn’t a bad mock draft for the Cowboys. You addressed a lot of “needs” and added some guys worth developing.

  4. Traded 17 to Miami for 26 and 70

    26 Antoine Winfield JR. S Minn.
    51 Damon Annette CB Ohio St.
    70 Davon Hamilton DT Ohio St.
    82 Bryan Edwards WR SC
    113 Akeem Davis Gaither LB App St.
    147 Cheyenne O’Grady TE Arkansas
    209 Juan Jennings WR Tenn.

    Football players who love football

    • Richard, this may be one of my favorite mock drafts from this challenge. I think all the players you selected could possibly be key contributors as rookies.

  5. Trade down.. Trade 17 for 33/65/104

    Antoine Winfield – Safety – exactly what we have been missing and I love this player
    Damon Arnette – CB- I think this is first round talent and we need CB’s

    TRADE UP – small move up- trade 65 & 179 for 62
    62. Raekwon Davis – DL – In need of DL and he fits the scheme

    TRADE UP – another small move up to grab our backup QB – 82 & 164 for 77
    77. Jalen Hurts – QB – finally a backup QB that fits in Prescott mold and can be groomed. This is a perfect fit and a need, goodbye Cooper Rush

    Chase Claypool – WR/TE- Miss match nightmare. Big slot/move TE- think Evan Engram
    AJ Dillion- RB- Finally a true Backup to Zeke and a solid #3- steal of a pick
    Trey Adams -OT- depth and good player with shot to make team as backup or PS

    • I like a lot of your picks. Arnette has some off the field issues that need to be cleared up, but he’s definitely a talented player that fits a need. I’m not a big fan of Davis, so I probably wouldn’t trade up for him but I understand why you did. I also like that you added a backup QB in Hurts. I definitely think he’s worth developing behind Prescott. Love the Chase Claypool pick! I really like how he can create a mismatch wherever he lines up. I’m not too sure about the AJ Dillion selection though. I’m not sure he can beat out Tony Pollard as the RB2, but may be better suited to be in every down RB if something were to happen to Zeke. And Adams is somebody I think could become the swing tackle as a rookie and possibly develop into a starter.

  6. Rd1 (17) Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma; 6’2″ 234, 334 Tackles in 3 years, 37 TFL
    Rd2 (51) Tee Higgens WR, Clemson; 6′ 4″ 215, Career 18 YPC, 20 YPC in 2019
    Rd3 (82) Davon Hamilton DT, Ohio State; 6’4″ 327, High Character, Rock in the Middle
    Rd4 (113) Brandon Jones S, Texas; 6’0″ 205, Non-stop Motor, Violent Hitter
    Rd5 (146) Lamar Jackson CB, Nebraska; 6’2″ 205, Good Speed and Run Support
    Rd6 (208) Trevis Gipson DE, Tulsa; 6’4″ 260, 15 TFL, 8 Sacks in 2019

    Always thought I would go with DT in first round but with re-thinking LVE’s injury concern, Smith’s regression, and Lee’s age and injury concerns, went with STUD LB in Murray. Love this pick and a definite need filled IMHO. Got solid DT in 3rd.

    • I’m big fan of Davon Hamilton. He’s one of my “pet cats” this year. I don’t know about the Kenneth Murray pick in the 1st. LVE’s long-term health is a concern, but I don’t know if that warrants investing another high draft pick at the position. I think I’d rather have Zack Baun over Murray. At least he can provide depth as both an off-ball LB and EDGE rusher.

      • Never a big fan of these “Hybrids” They don’t seem to have a true position. If Cowboys picks Baun, I hope he is great. He appears to be a very good player. That being said, IMHO he is not really big enough and lacking the length to be a real DE at the NEXT level. So would he be a better LB than Murray. The answer is no. Murray has 1st round talent, look at the production and 4.5 speed. Baun is more like a 2nd rounder with some injury concerns. We can agree to disagree on this, but I hope Cowboys pick Murray.

      • I don’t really view Baun as a hybrid. I think he is someone who can start at any LB position and can play OLB or DE in either a 3-4 or 4-3 scheme. Yes, he needs to add a little more strength and weight to be in every down EDGE player, but that’s easily doable.
        He actually reminds me of Clay Matthews as far as size, weight, and skill set is concerned. I currently have him as the 4th best LB and EDGE player in this year’s draft class and ranked right there with Kenneth Murray. If you can’t tell, I’m a BIG fan.

  7. 17) CJ Henderson- Florida CB
    51) Jeremy Chinn- Southern Illinois S
    82) Darrell Taylor- Tennesee DE
    120) Jordan Elliot- Missouri DT
    164) Albert Okwuegbunam- Missouri TE
    179) Binjamen Victor- Ohio State WR
    231) Cameron Brown- Penn State LB


    267-Yasir Durant- Missouri OL
    294-Cole Mcdonald- Hawaii QB
    312- Caleb Kelly- Oklahoma LB
    359- Braden Mann- Texas A&M P
    367- Tyler Bass- Georgia Southern K

    • I like other safeties more than Jeremy Chinn that could still be there at 51, but overall this would be an excellent draft for the Dallas Cowboys.

      • Personally, I am hoping for Antoine Winfield at 51 but for the sake of this mock I didn’t draft anyone that was ranked higher than my pick, and he is ranked #42.

        Also, my dream offseason would be to somehow someway get Dak and Cooper signed to long term deals by Thursday ( I know it wont happen) .Something like 5 years 170 million for Dak. And 5 yrs 95 million for Cooper.

        Franchise Tag Byron Jones
        Sign Robert Quinn 3 years 33 million
        Sign Sean Lee 1 year 5 million
        Sign Damon Harrison 1 year 8 million
        Sign Trae Waynes 2 years 10 million
        Sign Dez Bryant 1 year 3 million
        Sign Antwuan woods 1 year 750k
        Sign Karl Joseph 2 years 8 million
        Sign Jeff Heath 1 year 3 million
        Sign Randall Cobb 1 year 7 million
        Cut Tyrone Crawford Pay to 1 year 5 million
        Reinstate Randy Gregory

        I also did another mock with a Trade Back

        Trade 17,51 for JAX 20,42

        20) Grant Delpit S
        42) Noah Igbinoghene CB
        82) Darrel Taylor
        120) Jordan Elliot
        164) Albert O
        179) Binjamen Victor
        231) Cameron Brown

      • All of this seems logical. I don’t know if the Dallas Cowboys will agree though. Things are going to start getting really interesting in about a week when free agency starts. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if both Prescott and Cooper are re-signed before then.

    • This would be an interesting draft. I have my concerns about Kinlaw, but I think he’s definitely worth it at 17. I also like the value of Duvernay in the 5th.

  8. This is assuming Cooper is re-signed and Jones is gone
    RD1 (17) CJ Henderson- CB
    RD2 (51) Jordan Elliott- DL
    RD3 (82) Ashtyn Davis- S
    RD4 (113) Van Jefferson- WR
    RD5 (146) Colby Parkinson -TE
    RD7 (208)- DJ Wonnum- Edge

    If Cooper leaves:
    RD1 (17) Jerry Jeudy- WR
    RD2 (51) Antoine Winfield- S
    RD3 (82) Cameron Dantzler-CB
    RD4 (113) Rashard Lawrence- DL
    RD5 (146) Colby Parkinson- TE
    RD7 (208) DJ Wonnum- Edge

    • I’d be happy with either one of these. I think I prefer the Jerry Jeudy one even if Amari Cooper stays. I love the first three selections in that one.

  9. RD 1 (17) CB C.J Henderson
    RD 2 (51) S Antoine Winfield jr
    RD 3 (82) DT Marlon Davidson
    RD 4 (113) TE Harrison Bryant
    RD 5 (146) WR K.J Hill
    RD 7 (208) OT Yasir Durant

    I think secondary should be first priority. And I think Davidson will be a beast in that middle.

  10. (17) CJ Henderson – CB
    (51) Kyle Dugger – S
    (82) Leki Fotu – DT
    (113) Michael Pittman Jr – WR
    (147) Albert Okwuegbunam – TE
    (209) Benito Jones – DT

  11. I didn’t know which big board to use so I used both.

    (Player Ranking Big Board)
    RD1 (17) Jerry Jeudy, WR
    RD2 (51) Trevon Diggs, CB
    RD3 (82) Brycen Hopkins, TE
    RD4 (113) Jordan Elliott, DT
    RD5 (146) Terrell Burgess, S
    RD7 (208) James Lynch, DT

    (Predictive Big Board)
    RD1 (17) Javon Kinlaw, DT
    RD2 (51) Noah Igbinoghene, CB
    RD3 (82) Darrell Taylor, Edge
    RD4 (113) Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB
    RD5 (146) Terrell Burgess, S
    RD7 (208) A.J. Green, CB

    I tried going BPA with these mocks and I’ll say I don’t know how realistic these can be.

  12. My mock with one trade down:

    Dallas trades #17 (950 points) to Philly for # 21 and #85. (965 points)
    21) Grant Delpit S LSU
    51) AJ Terrell CB Clemson
    82) Darrell Taylor Edge Tenn
    85) Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia
    113) Michael Pittman Jr WR USC
    147) Albert Okwuegbunam TR Missouri
    207) Logan Wilson LB Wyoming

    The only hole I didn’t fill with this is DT. I love your Jordan Elliott pick and that’s who I’d target in the 4th. Maybe trade our 5th or comp 5th (Cole Beasley) and a mid round pick next year to move up and get him. Let him play 3tech and sign a big 1tech in free agency. What you think?

    • Well, you didn’t technically follow the rules, but I like your draft picks. I do wonder however how Grant Delpit and Xavier Woods would coexist on the backend of the Cowboys secondary.

      • You’re correct, my trade netted me more points. I went with a redo:

        *Dallas trades #17 (950 pts) to Las Vegas for # 19 and # 111 (947 pts)

        19) Grant Delpit S LSU

        *Dallas trades # 51 and # 113 (458 pts) to Tampa Bay for # 45 (450 pts)

        45) Trevon Diggs CB Alabama
        82) Darrell Taylor Edge Tenn
        111) Michael Pittman WR USC

        *Dallas trades # 147 and # 179 comp (52.4 pts) to Seattle for # 123 (49 pts)

        123) Jordan Elliott DT Missouri
        209) Logan Wilson LB Wyoming

        In free agency I would still go for a 1tech and possibly sign Tyler Eifert to pair with Jarwin at TE. Still need a back up QB as well unless they bring back Cooper Rush.

      • I could definitely get on board with this draft. I’d really like to see the Cowboys sign a big DT in free agency as well. I also like the idea of going after Marcus Mariota to be Prescott’s backup. I know it probably won’t happen because of $$$, but I really like the fit.

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