We first began as CowboysNation.net in January of 2009. After a quick start I found my experiment performing above my expectations. Common ground between myself and the owner of ACowboyNation.com, Phillip Baggett, led to a merge of the two sites under the name Dallas Cowboys Nation on the 2nd of May, 2009. We began with a group of about 9 contributors and saw immediate success among fellow fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

Before the end of 2009, and shortly after some life changing events in both of our lives, Phillip chose to move on from blogging about sports.

Dallas Cowboys Nation remained a small, but growing site until new vigor kicked in for the 2014 season, bringing about a change of identity for the blog. Wanting to distance the site from any future claims against the use of “Dallas Cowboys” in the name and logo, we re-branded the site under a fresh name.

Blue Star Times launched for the world to see on August 20, 2014.

The site saw great growth after the change, in spite of the problems associated with such a drastic change, and we picked up an incredible partner in NRG Energy for promotional giveaways on our Twitter account, @CowboysNation (also founded by me back in January of 2009). The prospect of winning free autographed footballs and tickets to home games caused a surge of new followers on Twitter.

Cowboys Cast was started in April, 2015 by Bobby Belt and under the sponsorship and marketing efforts of myself, utilizing Blue Star Times and @CowboysNation to quickly grow the show’s following. The presentation agreement with Cowboys Cast ended in February, 2016 as Bobby has teamed up with a new sponsor that more closely aligns with his personal radio aspirations.

In May, 2015, I began building the site before you, Inside The Star.

Inside The Star was a reluctant change to what I had been cultivating for over 6 years. Consistency is one of my strong suits and bearing 3 different names in just 8 months was not ideal.

However, careful review of the situation ultimately overcame my reluctance to change the name. And instead of just changing the face again, I decided that it was time to invest in this project like never before with paid positions for writers.

Inside The Star / @CowboysNation: Bryson Treece

@CowboysNation Content Manager: Mike Harlos

Staff Writers: Sean MartinJess HaynieBrian MartinKevin Brady

Junior Writers: Mauricio Rodriguez

Contributors: The Landry Trophy, John Williams, Brian Leatherman, Connor Livesay, Christopher Wätjen

Our Mission

Being the heart of Cowboys Nation on the most powerful social network in the world, it is our solitary mission to make the fan experience better for every Dallas Cowboys fan. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or through the website or podcasts, we strive to give you the most complete fan experience available with quality news and analysis, year-round.