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2020 NFL Draft: Best WR Options for the Dallas Cowboys in Each Round

There's no denying the have a really good duo in and , but the depth behind them is thin and unproven. As such, the Cowboys are going to be in the market for more WR help at some point in the 2020 and fortunately this year's draft class is a deep one.

Now, just because this year's wide receiver draft class is plush with talent doesn't mean each prospect is a good fit with the Dallas Cowboys. With that in mind, I've decided to identify who I believe to be the best WR options for the Cowboys in each round of the draft. As always, please feel free to use the comment section to share whether or not you agree or disagree.

Let's get started…

Round 1: Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

Jerry Jeudy
WR Jerry Jeudy (AP Photo/Vasha Hunt)

Any of the Top 3 wide receivers – , , Jerry Jeudy – in the would be good fits with the Dallas Cowboys, but Jeudy is the perfect WR for . Jeudy's precise route running, speed, and ability to pick up yards after the catch would take the Cowboys passing into an entirely different level. Much like Amari Cooper, he's going to be a handful for any to cover one-on-one on the outside or in the slot.

Honorable Mention: (LSU), (Baylor)

Round 2: Jalen Reagor, TCU

Jalen Reagor
WR Jalen Reagor

Jalen Reagor is one of the more explosive and versatile wide receivers in the entire 2020 draft class and as such may sneak into the first-round. He can play inside or out, although his best fit in the NFL is probably playing predominantly out of the slot. Reagor is somebody the Dallas Cowboys would want to manufacture touches for in the and as a gadget player as well. He's also one the best punt returners in this year's draft class.

Honorable Mention: K.J. Hamler (Penn State), Laviska Shenault (Colorado)

Round 3: Bryan Edwards, South Carolina

Bryan Edwards
South Carolina WR Bryan Edwards

Bryan Edwards is a big, physical wide receiver with the versatility to play outside or inside in the NFL. He was at his best playing out of the slot at South Carolina, which is why I believe he would make an excellent “big slot” target for the Dallas Cowboys. He shows good route running ability on film to create favorable throwing windows, but needs to become a little more consistent catching the ball. If he can do that, his ceiling grows tremendously as a WR prospect.

Honorable Mention: (Notre Dame), Van Jefferson (Florida)

Round 4: Devin Duvernay, Texas

Devin Duvernay

If the Dallas Cowboys want to draft the most surehanded wide receiver in the entire 2020 draft class, Devin Duvernay is there guy. Duvernay's strong, vice grip like hands and his ability to adjust passes thrown outside his frame make him an intriguing slot option for the Cowboys. He's built more like a than receiver and plays like one with the ball in his hands. Unfortunately his RB build makes him a little stiff, which hurts him a little getting in and out of his breaks.

Honorable Mention: K.J. Hill (Ohio State), (Memphis)

Round 5: Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin

Quintez Cephus

Quintez Cephus is one of the more confusing wide receiver prospects in this year's draft class. He was the go-to WR in Wisconsin's predominantly run heavy , but poor testing at the NFL contradict his ability to be so at the next level. He has build up speed and a sneaky way of getting behind the as a down the field target. With the Dallas Cowboys, I think he would be a “big slot”, possession type of weapon in the passing game.

Honorable Mention: Quartney Davis (Texas A&M), Tyler Johnson (Minnesota)

Round 6: Joe Reed, Virginia

Joe Reed
WR Joe Reed

At this point in the draft the Dallas Cowboys will likely be looking for wide receivers with intriguing traits worth developing. Joe Reed definitely falls into this category. He is a well-built, speedy who has proven to be a dynamic weapon anytime he touches the ball. He is an outstanding and can flip field position in an instant, but offensively he's an underdeveloped route runner and will need time to develop his craft at the next level.

Honorable Mention: Isaiah Hodgins (Oregon State), Dezmon Patmon (Washington State)

Round 7: Jeff Thomas, Miami

Jeff Thomas
Miami Hurricanes WR Jeff Thomas

If you watch Jeff Thomas' highlight reel he looks like a first-round prospect, but his character concerns likely make him a borderline draftable player. If the Dallas Cowboys checkoff on his character concerns, they would be getting a receiver who can attack all three levels of the field from the slot. He still needs to develop as a route runner, but in the meantime he could serve as the primary kick and and add some much-needed depth to the WR position.

Honorable Mention: Kendrick Rogers (Texas A&M), Darnell Mooney (Tulane)

Which wide receiver do you want to see the Dallas Cowboys draft?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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David Wooldridge

Outside of Jeudy none of these guys look promising to me.

Gary McKnight

A decent rundown, though many (most?) of the receivers listed probably will not be available at the Cowboys’ current slots in the rounds listed. BTW, should be “Jeff Thomas’ highlight reel” –not “real.”


Hey Brian, good story. Obviously Jeudy stands out, but would they go with a WR in the 1st Rd, with more pressing needs elsewhere? Maybe, but this is a deep draft class. So I hope to get a Tyler Johnson, if he falls a little, in the seventh.

I would go CB in 1st. Trevon Diggs
Then maybe QB Jacob Eason in second. I know a lot of people may not like this pick, but I am getting turned off of Dak for obviously reasons. Plus they have no real backup right now and this guy has REAL starting potential. Right now Dak has NO COMPETITION. Time to put some pressure on greedy, overestimated Dak.
3 Tyler Biadasz C
4 Kyle Digger S
5 Darrell Taylor DE
6 Raeqwon Davis DT
7 Tyler Johnson? WR


Let me preface this post by saying I liked Dak…until recent negative events are putting things into focus and not in a good way. And I understand you Brian and respect your point of view, but I call’em as I see’um.

Prescott wants to be paid like he is the BEST QB in the league. IMHO and to the majority of fans, he is NOT. Going 8-8 with Zeke and that offensive line? He padded his stats with a lot of garbage yards. Against better teams, he wilts. He is overrated! I am a die hard Cowboy fan since 1966. It takes a lot for me to knock a Cowboy, but now Dak is crossing too many lines in my book.

What, $30++ million a year is not enough for you. PLUS, very lucrative endorsement deals he would not get playing with a team like, the Bengals. He is a prime example of NOT being a good team player. EVEN Dak LOVER, Skip Bayless, said it is starting look BAD and GREEDY.

Going against Covid 19 guidelines when working out with Dez, et al,
Having a house party with 30 people, again violating Covid 19 guidelines, and putting others at serious risk.
Now he WON’T participate in an offseason program.

Jones should shock the draft and trade him for as many picks as possible. Draft a top tier QB and I would predict a better than 8-8 season with a rookie!


Brian, not sure what that means, “if he doesn’t sign his franchise tag”. Does that mean he is a free agent now?

ESPN Analyst, Bill Barnwell, proposed on a Rich Eisen podcast, to trade Prescott to Miami for their 1st round pick, which is 5 overall. And the Cowboys would pick Tua. I would LOVE this scenario. Probably won’t happen, but I can hope. We would easily go better than 8-8 IMHO.

Cowboys fan

I think you have a few of those players mixed up in draft order…. There’s no way Kyle Dugger makes it out of the 3rd round, if he even makes it out of the 2nd round!! And Tyler will more than likely be there in the 4th round!! And I would get a QB that’s closer to Dak as far as skill set so I would rather take Jalen Hurts!! That would give us a better chance of getting Dak to get scared and sign a deal that’s better for us!! And I agree that Diggs is a first round prospect but I think we should get Xavier Mckinney in the 1st round and then pick Aj Terrell or Damon Arnett in the 2nd and there’s a good chance that Diggs falls to us in the 2nd round too and if he does we can have Mckinney and Diggs in our secondary!!

Victor A Gardner

Would love it if Jalon Raegor made it to 51. Like Van Jefferson in rd 3. Devin Duvernay would be perfect in rd 4.

Brian. B

Now I love the Edwards kid myself & he would be a great fit on this offense. I also like the 2 Tenn WR’s also, they have some great talent.

Chuck Wright

Since my opinion (for what it’s worth) is Dallas needs to focus on D and the “big 3” WRs will be gone by #17 and since I’ve watched Devin Duvernay for 4 years at TEXAS (granted bit of a bias). . . he would be outstanding in Round 4.

Speed, sure handed, runs like a RB with the ball in his hands, knows how to get open (Top 5 in all WR categories last year, check out his stats vs LSU and Utah, 2 top flight Ds) He plugs right into the slot and will be a Special teams demon.

My wild card, if the Zona St WR is there in the 2nd. . ..he’s pretty impressive.

David Mitchell

J Reagor all day long! He reminds me of Hill from KC. Penn St guy here and would love to get Hamler as well has some Hill ti him too. One guy who has caught my eye recently is Bowden Jr.This guy along with Zeks and Pollard would put them over the top for top rushing team in the league and also of note,can QB as well!

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