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2021 NFL Draft: Week 8 Loss Moves Dallas Cowboys Into the Top 5

After the Week 8 loss to the the 2-6 record is currently the fifth worst in the entire league. As such, if the were to end today they would be slotted to pick within the Top 5 in the 2021 .

  1. (0-8)
  2. (1-6)
  3. (1-6)
  4. (1-6)
  5. Dallas Cowboys (2-6)

The last time the Dallas Cowboys secured a Top 5 draft pick was back in 2016 when they selected fourth overall out of Ohio State. Fast-forward four years later and none of us would've probably predicted the Cowboys drafting so highly or so soon once again.

It's really way too early to know which position or player the Dallas Cowboys could be targeting if indeed they do secure a Top 5 draft pick in 2021. I think we can safely speculate the pick being used to upgrade the defensive side of the ball, however, we can't rule out it being used on an offensive player completely.

Defensively the Dallas Cowboys need a ton of help. Nearly their entire become at the end of the 2020 season and they need some help along the as well. I wouldn't rule out another either considering the way has played this season and 's inability to remain healthy.

Although the Cowboys should be top priority in the , we can't completely rule out investing a top pick on the offensive side of the ball. With a Top 5 pick , Justin Fields, or Trey Lance could be within reach if they choose not to bring back . I wouldn't rule out taking in OT that high either due to 's ongoing health concerns.

Again it's still way too early to know where the Dallas Cowboys will be slotted in the , but it's definitely something to keep an eye on the second half of the 2020 season. It could be one of the more interesting things to follow as the season progresses.

Where do you think the Dallas Cowboys will pick the 2021 NFL Draft?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Two guys too good to pass up for a defensive player despite team needs are Trevor Lawrence and Penei Sewell. But both will likely be gone by the time Dallas picks anyway.


First and foremost, it should be obvious, we are way overdue for help at the DT position. I understand we picked Gallimore last draft, but we need a RUN STUFFER that can hold the point against double teams, etc. No disrespect to Gallimore, but he is more of a one-gap disrupter type, and not great against the run. Our run defense is pretty horrendous. Along that same trend, we should go LB, as J Smith is just NOT as good as advertised. I think maybe he never really got completely back from that horrible injury in college. A LB that can shed and attack RBs coming up the gut, but also go sideline to sideline. I understand there are very limited numbers there, but that is what the scouts, at el,. get paid for. However, if a Justin Fields is available, I think its a no brainer. Then some combination of OT, DB, RB..


It would be perfect if we acquire Q. Williams for a high 2nd and 2-4s. He is playing the run very well this year and is now creating pressures. There are no really good bets at DT in the 1st round at that position (though Twyman is tempting later in the first if we trade down and take the NT later). LVE only had one tackle yesterday and along with Smith’s inconsistencies I would be fine with drafting Parsons outside the top 5 as Parsons is probably considered the best defensive player in the draft. The Giants nearly beat us and the Texans have DeShaun that could produce wins. Jacksonville has potential wins on its schedule. So, If we were to get the 1st pick- Lawrence, 2nd- Fields (then trade Dak for picks and the awesome salary cap relief as these two prospects have a higher ceiling that Dak and I think high floors). 3rd pick- take Sewell who is described as “generational”, Tyron or Collins could then play LG and RT which would restore the line to greatness. Tyron has missed too many games to convince me there is much more wear and tear left on him. Still, he is overpowering in the run game. Hopefully, McGovern will develop when Tyron can’t play. If Quinnen isn’t acquired with a 2nd, then OT, DT and DB in 2nd or with our 2 3rd rounds (Byron) should be the aim.


If Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence is there when the Cowboys pick I am resetting the qb position and saving a ton of valuable cap space in the process. With a solid line and the weapons available to them either one of these guys can make the offense function. There is no way I am committing max money to Dak when he is coming back from an injury. No disrespect to Dak, but when you have the chance to land a talent like either of these guys and save money as well you do it. With the money saved Dallas could spend big to shore up the defensive side of the ball and commit the rest of the draft to plugging holes there as well or finding some more O line help.

Mr. Football

It’s too early. The Cowboys may end up 2-14.

Gary b

Yes we are rebuilding! If we get a chance at Lawrence or Fields we definately should jump on it. It’s rare that you are in a position to draft a franchise type QB. U can find QBs later in the draft but really need some luck to do so. However with that said, good chance we don’t draft high enuf to get either of those guys. So if not we need to look at our greatest needs.

Agree we desperately need a stud DT but wouldn’t burn a high #1 for one. With that pick I go DE or LB depending on how the draft board falls. I predict LVE will be out of the league in a couple of yrs and J Smith is not very good, so a stud LB would be good. With the high 2nd rd pick depending on what we did with the 1st, would take best available between DT/LB/OL. 3rd rd go best available CB or safety or one of the above. Sewell is a stud OL but not sure I would burn a top 5 pick for him, with our D needs.

Since we have several fairly high comp picks we could double up on some of the positions mentioned above and fill in the rest addressing further positions of need. I do think we need to come out of that draft with at least two high impact defensive players…as our D is sadly lacking in playmakers.

With all the comp picks and our high draft position, we need to nail this draft. That coupled with last yrs great draft should set a great foundation for our future. The rebuilding will take a few yr while our young guys mature and improve, so we have to stay patient and trust the process. But that’s easier said than done with Jerry as our GM.

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