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2021 Offseason Special Team Preview: What Should the Cowboys Do at Punter?

The in 2020 was far from special during the year. From failed fake punts to missed field goals to poor punting, it was a disappointing first season for Special Teams Coach . While disappointing for much of the year, there were still some positive things to take away that can carry over into 2021.

With about a month until , the Cowboys will have some decisions to make with their roster to put themselves in a better position in 2021.

Greg Zuerlein, Kicker

When you look on the surface of 's 2020, it doesn't seem so great. He just hit 82.9% of his field goal attempts and only 91.7% of his point-after attempts. However, when you look at his splits for the , it tells a much different story.

Inside of 50 yards, Zuerlein was 31 of 32 (96.9%). He struggled beyond 50 yards, hitting just three of his nine attempts (33.3%). So, all in all, he was pretty good in 2020, though he may no longer be “Greg the Leg.” Keeping him inside 50 yards should be the goal moving forward. Sure, you'd like to have someone that can hit a 50 yard field goal at the end of the half or a game, but you don't want to be settling for 50 yard field goals in either instance.

The Cowboys should bring back Zuerlein as he'll only cost $2.8 million against the in 2021. His stability inside 50 yards was a welcomed improvement and though he wasn't as strong beyond 50 yards, the Cowboys should limit how often they kick from that deep anyway.


At the position, veteran punter is a likely cap and performance casualty this . His ability had dropped off over the last couple of years and it no longer warrants his $2.5 million cap hit. The Cowboys can save $2 million by releasing him and going with the cheaper and more productive Hunter Niswander.

Kicking & Punting Table
Game Punt Punt Punt Punt Punt
No. Player Age Pos G Pnt Yds Lng Blck Y/P
1 Hunter Niswander 26 p 8 26 1228 58 0 47.2
6 Chris Jones 31 p 8 24 1022 54 0 42.6
Team Total 26.2 16 50 2250 58 0 45.0
Opp Total 16 54 2461 0 45.6
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 2/16/2021.

As you can see, in the same amount of games, Niswander averaged more yards per punt than Chris Jones.

2021 Offseason Special Team Preview: What Should the Cowboys Do at Punter?

From this screenshot from , Niswander had twice as many punts downed inside the 20 as Jones and a better net. Niswander did allow more punts to be returned and allowed more yards per return. However, that's going to happen when you kick it further down the field.

Of all the offseason decisions they have to make in the next few months, this is the one that should be the most straightforward. Hunter Niswander is a cheaper option than Chris Jones, and he was a better option than Chris Jones. Somethings are really that simple.

Long Snapper

Long-time Dallas Cowboys is scheduled to be a this offseason, which has been the case for each of the last several offseasons. The only question here is. Does Ladouceur want to continue playing? If the answer is yes, the Cowboys will sign him and pay the nearly $2 million he'll make for playing in 2021. That's not a position where you stray from consistency, and Ladouceur is as consistent as it gets in his career.

C.J. Goodwin, Cornerback

Though we don't often talk about position players in special teams previews, it should be worth noting that is a fantastic special teams player. When the Cowboys re-sign him this offseason, it will be because of his work on special teams. Though his most significant value comes on special teams, he did provide some value as a spy against against the . That little wrinkle by was very effective, but it's not why the Dallas Cowboys will re-sign him in 2021.

John Williams
John Williams
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