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2022 NFL Draft: 2 K’s That Could Replace Greg Zuerlein

As it was announced Saturday morning the signed former Cowboys Kicker Greg Zuerlein, I was once again reminded that the currently don't have a starting on the team.

Yes, they did sign former Texas and SMU Kicker to a futures contract, but he has barely any NFL experience, so it wouldn't surprise me if they drafted a kicker.

For those who don't remember, the drafted Florida Kicker Evan McPherson in last year's draft with a fifth-round pick, and he turned out to be a big-time weapon for the franchise.

To give you an idea of who the franchise could target in the later rounds of this year's , I provide two prospects that could be rocking this season.

1. Cade York, K, LSU

Cade York and 2 K's That Could Replace Greg Zuerlein 1
LSU kicker

We start with Cade York, who was arguably the greatest kicker ever to play for the Tigers, and has been rated as this year's top kicker in the class.

His breakdown shows someone who's accurate, clutch, and has a huge leg, and based on those qualities, I already picture fans are salivating at the idea of having him as a weapon since they had to suffer watching Zuerlein this season.

In his three-year collegiate career, York broke the record for the longest field goal made (57-yards) in program , was 54-66 in fields goals made (81.8%), and went 164-168 (97.6%) in extra points made.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the last extra point he missed was in 2019, and he was 15-19 (78.9%) all-time in field goals 50-yards or more.

Wouldn't that be lovely if the Cowboys could not only have a kicker who can knock down extra points again, but be trusted to hit it from deep?

Anyways, York could bring the same type of flair that McPherson brought for the Bengals and be a player the franchise uses with one of their extra fifth-round picks on.

2. Gabe Brkic, K, Oklahoma

Cade York and 2 K's That Could Replace Greg Zuerlein 2
Oklahoma kicker

Next, we have Oklahoma kicker Gabe Brkic who is similar to York and is a perfect option the franchise could draft if LSU's greatest kicker of all time gets selected already.

Brkic's career stats show he was 159-160 in extra points made (99.4%), 57-69 in field goals made (82.6%), and has a career-long of 57-yards.

To some, he may be better than York if you go based on the statistics, but having to decide between either player would not be a bad idea.

However, if you want to break it down and determine the biggest difference between the two, you realize that Brkic arguably has the biggest leg in the class.

As mentioned, Brkic would be a fantastic option if York isn't available, and you may see another “Greg the Leg” reincarnated into Brkic.

Additionally, he is someone that has proven to perform under pressure, as he nailed three 50-plus-yard field goals in a game against Tulane this season. Coordinator loves kickers with huge legs, so either of the two would be a match made in heaven for him.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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