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2022 NFL Draft: 2 Prospects the Cowboys Could Trade Up For

While the 2022 NFL Draft is still a month away, I decided to choose two potential players the Cowboys could up for in the , and to help determine the trade package they would have to put together to move up, I used Draft Tek's value chart.

The chart gives each draft pick a numerical value and is a similar model to what NFL General Managers use to determine if certain situations are worth trading up or down for.

With that in mind, here are the two players that I selected.

Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU

In this scenario, the Cowboys trade their 1st-Round Pick (Pick 24, worth 740 points) and their 2nd-Round Pick (Pick 56, worth 340 points), and one of their Fifth-Round Picks for the ' 14th overall Pick which is worth 1,100 points. (Also, the fifth-round pick I added to make the math was Pick 178, which is worth 18.6 points.)

2 Prospects the Cowboys Could Trade Up For

Prior to this year's season, LSU Derek Stingley Jr. was being projected as a top-five overall player in this year's draft, and even touted as the next great corner in the league.

However, because of , the hype around him came down a bit, but there is still buzz around him since scouts are still projecting him to be drafted early-to-mid first round.

With this trade up, I went based on The Draft Network's Mock Draft that had him projected to the Ravens at 14 and felt the Cowboys could get a high-risk, high-reward player, and land one of the top cornerbacks in this class to pair across from Cornerback .

During an NFL Combine media session, Stingley Jr. said the Lisfranc he suffered in his left foot at LSU is what sidelined him in 2021, and he's close to being fully recovered. He added he plans to work out at LSU's and sees himself as the top cornerback in this class.

I know fans may feel like they're experiencing déjà vu since we saw the franchise trade up for another LSU Cornerback (Fan-favorite ) a decade ago, but his upside is too good to pass up.

It's evident that his best season was three years ago when he earned himself All-SEC and All-American honors, but the physical tools and athleticism are there for him to succeed and whoever snags him will be getting an elite, lock-down corner.

Tyler Linderbaum, Center, Iowa

2 Prospects the Cowboys Could Trade Up For 2

I'm going based off the Draft Network's otra vez (again) and in this scenario, the Cowboys trade their 1st-Round Pick (Pick 24, worth 740 points) and their 3rd-Round Pick (Pick 88, worth 150 points) for the 19th Overall Pick that is worth 875 points.

Once touted as the best in the league, it's crazy to see the ' big nasties up front go from an elite group to just okay in a span of three years.

After losing franchise to two years ago, the Boys have and who remain, but besides them two, they were a shaky group.

You would think the franchise who understood that their offensive line was an issue would either upgrade or retain some of their core pieces, but after the of Starting Tackle and departure of Guard in free agency this , the line looks worse heading into next season.

Enter Linderbaum, who is considered as the top center of this class, and gives you an immediate boost on the line.

While starting Center had his moments this season, he was considered the weakest link of the group to many, and the franchise could lock up their center of the future.

Looking at several , people have him getting selected mid-to-late first round, but I feel the Cowboys opt for this trade-up to not miss out on an elite prospect that teams may be overlooking because of size and limited position versatility.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Foot injuries are tricky to come back from especially at Corner. I wouldn’t want us to repeat history and trade up for Derek Stingley Jr. similar to what we did with Morris Claiborne if it would cost us that much. Dallas has too many holes to trade two additional picks to move up especially if the player is coming in with an injury history. I’d rather us sit tight and see who falls to us. Perhaps trade back a few spots and gain more assets if multiple players we covet are still available.


Yup, it’s an exceptional deep draft at both CB and Safety, as well as several other positions. There isn’t the huge drop off at most positions that we’ve seen in the past. This draft screams minor trade back and have as many picks in the top 4 rounds as possible.

The only trade ups I’d consider is packaging a couple of our 5ths (4 total – #155 – Browns, 167, 176 – comp, 178-comp) to move back up into the 3rd or 4th to grab a falling player.


Linderbaum did not play in the Big 12. He played at Iowa (Big 10) not Iowa State (Big 12). Just FYI. Additionally, his weight and arm length are not as important to his potential. Remember the great wall of Dallas? All 300lb big boys except Stepnoski, the 260lb Center. He was all pro, and all decade

Cowboys fan

There’s no way I’d trade up for either of those players!! First of all, if I’m gonna trade up for a corner, it’s gonna be sauce Gardner or Andrew Booth, or maybe even Trent McDuffie, not Derek Stingley!! And second, I’m not giving up a 1st and 3rd to move up for a center that’s not even 300 pounds!! I really don’t understand what the big deal is about Linderbaum…. I’m sure he’s gonna be a good player some day, but he’s gonna have to gain a lot of weight first!! And right now, we already have Tyler Biadasz who has been getting better and better every year, not to mention the fact that he weighs 20 pounds more than Linderbaum and he has trouble with the bigger DTs in the league right now, so if Biadasz is having trouble with the bigger DTs in the league right now weighing 315 pounds, what do you think is gonna happen with Tyler Linderbaum only weighing 295!? That would be a really stupid move!! Especially considering the fact that right now we don’t have a single player that can play left guard for us!! So if we’re gonna move up we need to move up for Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson!! I think we’ll have the chance to grab one of them by sitting still, so moving up would be a waste of draft capital as far as that goes!! And by the way Zion Johnson has the flexibility to move inside to center and I’m pretty sure Kenyon Green is also able to move inside to center too!! And this team loves players that can play more than one position!! So hopefully they choose to go after one of these players and not Linderbaum who is way under weight and only plays one position!!

Cliff Harder



Linderbaum is so much better than what we have at C right now. It’s not even close. If weight is the only thing that has to do with being good at football then why not have 400lbers everywhere? That’s what is stupid. Not you, but the idea of weight being the say all, be all or barometer of greatness is plain silly. Aaron Donald isn’t the tallest or heaviest and is considered the best DL in the league.
C’s have a much different skill set than just being the heaviest player on the field. Linderbaum is the closest thing we’ll ever get to Frederick and the kid is a bad ass. Plug and play from Day 1 with Linderbaum.
I do agree that giving up anything for Stingley is too much. I’m not a huge A. Brown fan so I’d love to find a replacement for #30. I can’t believe that we can’t find a FA CB that would work for us. I’d give up our 1st, 3rd and one of our 5th rounders for the safety from Notre Dame.


Kelvin Joseph will be the starting corner replacing Brown and he’s going to be rock solid. Don’t need Stingley. I agree about Linderbaum. However, Linderbaum goes to Guard. Tyler stays at center. He’s getting better each year don’t need to replace him. Connor Williams the real problem at guard.


There are two big question marks on Linderbaum and his ability to make the transition to the NFL, the aforementioned weight and his arm length at 31 1/8″.

Is the weight insurmountable? No, but it will take some time to put on functional weight (muscle), as opposed to just getting heavier.

Is the arm length insurmountable? Again, no. But, it is another hindrance to overcome. He’s not going to grow longer arms, but his technique may be able to overcome it.

On the plus side, his technique is outstanding, and Iowa OL are well coached. We also play in a division where there aren’t as many monster NT’s to deal with.

On the minus side, he played in the Big 12, which isn’t exactly known for its exceptional D-lines. Also, we play the NFC North, AFC South and whoever else is likely to make the NFC playoffs (if we’re lucky), he’s still going to have to hold his own against some big, long, powerful DT’s like Daron Payne (6’3″, 320, 33″), Javon Kinlaw (6’5″, 320, 35″), Vita Vea (6’4″, 347, 32-3/4″), Dalvin Tomlinson (6’3″, 325, 33-1/2″), Alim McNeill (6’2″, 317, 32-5/8″), Khyiris Tonga (6’4″, 338, 31″), DaVon Hamilton (6’4″, 335, 33″), Naquan Jones (6’3″, 313, 33″), and D.J. Reader (6’3″, 347, 33″) since we also play the #1 team from the AFC North last season.

Those are some big ol’ boys for an undersized rookie C to handle, especially one used to taking on non-SEC or Big 10 defensive lines. Technique can only do so much, and they can’t really let a 1st rounder sit while he gets bigger and strong to handle the big boys. If that’s the plan, he needs to be a 2nd rounder.

Jay Karnxs

Iowa is in the Big10 fools! If you all don’t know that, then I suspect you all don’t know what you are talking about.

gary b

No to trading up for any CB. We drafted Joseph last year, who will likely start next to Diggs.

Linderbaum played at Iowa which is in the PAC-10. He locked horns with and had no problems handling studs from Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State to name a few. Nobody pushed him around and he’s exceptionally strong for his size. Same as A Donald. U don’t have to be 350 to dominate. Can be a strong,smart,athletic technician, which Linderbaum is. I would draft him in a heartbeat. But if we miss out on him, Z Johnson or K Green would work just fine.

Actually the guy i would trade up for is DT Jordan Davis from Georgia. None of the moves we have made, address our poor run defense. He solves that instantly.


Agree gary b with Davis (and no way for a CB). They haven’t addressed this run defense deficiency very well for YEARS. I don’t think they will need to move up for Johnson, but they most likely will for Green.

Linderbaum has a wrestling background and had played defensive tackle before leading up to transitioning to Center, two things that probably helped in part both the physical and cerebral parts of his game. He is a great player no doubt. My only small qualm is we have a young Center right now who should get better moving forward. I would rather go up for Davis, as the need appears to be bigger there. That said, I would definitely not be unhappy if they somehow scooped up Linderbaum.


If anything JJ will trade down and gain additional picks in 2nd or 3rd rounds. There are plenty of picks that can be starters in 1st 3 rounds and depending on position, even well into 4th round.

Stay put or trade down!!!

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