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3 Things I Want to See from the Cowboys Against the Chargers

The play their second game tonight against the at SoFi Stadium. You can watch it at 9 p.m. CT on .

Here are three things I want to see from the Cowboys in tonight's contest

Fewer Penalties

I know it's preseason, but I was very concerned about the number of in Dallas' first preseason game. I'm sure most of the fanbase felt that way as well.

Sure, some of the penalties were questionable calls. ' roughing the passer wasn't a penalty. But 17 penalties is way too much and makes the Cowboys look entirely undisciplined.

When different players are committing the same penalties, that's a problem. apparently made penalties an emphasis in the . It's time to see that translate into an actual game.

Better QB Play

I'm not talking about here. He's great. I'm talking about his backups.

started against Denver before took over late in the third quarter. DiNucci fared better, but neither looked impressive.

Sure, DiNucci was flying all over the field and threw the only touchdown pass, but some of his throws were way off the mark. The same goes for Rush, who looked even less accurate.

didn't play, so we haven't seen all of the Cowboys' backup quarterbacks yet. If he plays tonight, seeing Grier perform well will let the Cowboys breathe a sigh of relief. The lack of depth will be a major concern going into the season if he doesn't.

Improved Cornerback Play

Rookie had an excellent game against the Broncos, but he was a bright spot in a CB unit that looked lost against the Broncos.

I'm mainly talking about and here. Both had some bad coverage plays against Denver, especially Wright. He gave up multiple catches for big yardage, including Denver's second touchdown from 22 yards out.

Wright was a project when Dallas drafted him, but that requires some improvement into year two. He didn't show that, and neither did Joseph.

CJoseph is fighting for a starting spot. If he continues to have games as he did against Denver, he'll be low on the at best this season.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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