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5 Bold Predictions for Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals in Week 6

Week 6 bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas (2-3) will host the Arizona Cardinals (3-2) tonight on . This is a game that is shaping up to be one of the more interesting to this point in the , mostly due to the fact it will be ’s debut as the Cowboys new starting after was lost for the season last week.

These two teams used to be bitter rivals, although over the years that has died down quite a bit. Old wounds have a way of resurfacing though in the NFL, which is why it wouldn’t surprise me if things get a little heated Monday night. Both of these teams will be out for blood, but only one will be will be crowned the victor when all is said and done.

With that in mind, here are five bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6…

Andy Dalton throws for 300+ passing yards

The Arizona Cardinals may only be giving up 222.4 passing yards per game this season, but they have yet to face an aerial attack like the Dallas Cowboys. With Dak Prescott out for the season this will be Andy Dalton’s starting debut in Dallas. He’s a proven commodity in the NFL and isn’t afraid to air it out, which he proved last week when he was forced in action. Since nearly every game this season has been a shootout, Dalton will have ample opportunity to rack up yardage.

Leighton Vandor Esch forces a turnover

is expected to be eased back into action against the Arizona Cardinals this week after breaking his collarbone in the season opener against the . The Dallas Cowboys will likely take a cautious approach with him until he proves he is ready to step back into his starting role, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make an impact in limited action. That’s why I believe he will either force a fumble or pick off a pass from Monday night.

Tony Pollard scores multiple touchdowns

How’s this for bold!? , not , will score multiple touchdowns Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals. I believe the Dallas Cowboys are going to lean heavily on the in order to win the time of possession, which means both RBs will be involved quite a bit. Zeke will no doubt be the bell cow back, but I think Pollard will get a chance to punch one in around the goal line like he did earlier this season and score another TD in the .

DeAndre Hopkins is kept out of the end zone

is one of the best wide receivers in the entire NFL and probably the most talented one they’ve faced this season. Without a doubt he’s going to be Kyler Murray’s favorite target and as such will likely rack up a bunch receiving yards. But, I think the Dallas Cowboys will keep him out of the end zone despite all of that. I know the Cowboys has been pretty putrid this season, however, Hopkins has never scored against them in his career and I don’t expect that to change.

Dallas Cowboys win in a shootout

Other than the season opener, every single game the Dallas Cowboys have played this season has been a shootout. I don’t expect that to change on Monday Night Football. Both teams have explosive offenses and should put points on the board. Defensively things aren’t that much different either. Arizona is giving up 20.4 points per game, all to teams with losing records minus the Panthers (2-2). And we all know how bad Dallas’ is. Add it all up and it equates to yet another shootout type of game.

What are your bold predictions for the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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    • It’s called bold predictions for a reason. I appreciate your reading and commenting, but I promise you writing factual statements about the Dallas Cowboys isn’t what readers want to hear. I try to promote positivity, not negativity.

  1. No doubt that this article is being used as cyber toilet paper now. Cardinals not only lassoed the Cowboys, they branded them, sent them to the stockyards, and ended their green pasture days!

  2. How’s the bold prediction stuff going you cowboys fans that wrote this article? Remember this, Cowboys haven’t achievers anything in over 20+ years. The cardinals have smacked the Cowboys more than the Cowboys have smacked the cards for wins in that time period. Results, 9 minutes to go on the 4th down 28-3 but let’s make this clear….. the boys ain’t the Patriots and will not make it out of this whole.

    Predictions are fun though. Wishful thinking.

    Big J from the 6

  3. Oh, great! Our $90,000,000 running back just vomited up the ball twice again. McCarthy, grow a pair and sit Elliot down. He is hurting this team week in and week out.

  4. So what I hear is optimism about a lesser talented QB taking over the team? So better play calling and a more balanced approach is the answer is it? This coaching staff is all sudden gonna call a great game and that was our problem, the game plan? Wow

    This team would have been blown out every game had Dak not been able to generate the needed firepower (3rd in the NFL in pts) to compensate for this HISTORICALLY bad defense. On pace to be the worst in NFL history. But game planning and not running Zeke was the problem? Not the defense and the keystone cops special teams?

    Incidentally we went away from running Zeke more because he looks slow as molasses and rarely gets into the secondary. But I’m all for riding him more, god knows he hasn’t played up to his contract yet, so let’s see what he can do with a heavier workload.

    We know what we have in this team because they have shown us what they are the last 5 games. The only thing we don’t know is whether Dalton can generate enuf pts to keep pace with the big pts the defense will allow. But these theories will be borne out as the season progresses and we’ll see what we got in these next 11 games.

  5. One thing us Cowboy fans need to keep telling ourselves is that Andy Dalton is our QB, not Cooper Rush. Call it luck or fate, whichever you want, but he played well behind a mediocre at best offensive line in Cincinnati for many years with only AJ Green outside. Plus, this is game 1 after Daks injury so they will be charged up to win it for him. So, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the Cowboys win this game tonight.

  6. Starting to think maybe it’s not who is the better QB on paper, but who is the better QB for this team. Prescott has gaudy stats, but I think team was getting to depended on him to pass his way out of these big deficits. And for most part he was unable to do it. Not saying Dalton is better, just wondering about the play selection.

    Now with Dalton, because of his perceived lower talent level, hopefully coach will use a more balanced approach. Run and pass plays should be more equal, or maybe even a more run bias. They were not doing this first five games, and the results were not good. I understand the defensive side of the equation. But also Prescott should not be exempt from some criticism. Example, that pick six against Giants, put us in a hole early, 14-3. No way we should be headed by that much to the pathetic Giants, especially minus their best player.

    I have been a broken record about this but, RUN THE BALL DOWN THEIR THROATS, CONTROL THE CLOCK, KEEP OUR D OFF THE FIELD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, because Cards have some firepower. This shootout stuff HAS NOT BEEN WORKING for us. Hopefully our D will give a good effort, especially at home on MNF. GO COWBOYS!

  7. First guy needs to go back to school- I am really proud that a street kid like himself turned his life around but he still sounds like a street kid- it’s great if you don’t plan On working -but if u do you have a real job, that language in grammar won’t get you a minimum wage job .By the way Brian, I love reading your columns I think you give great insight and I’m sometimes jealous you get to write about your favorite team for a living -I absolutely worship the Cowboys& the New York Yankees and they both of hurt me lately- lol Keep up great material Brian!!!

  8. Contrary Gary’s belief, Dalton is better suited for this team than Dak. Dak’s reluctance to throw the ball down field has killed us the past few years. And he misses a lot for a 30mil plus quarterback. This team may not lose another game this year. Goodbye Dak!!!

  9. I respectfully disagree with all six of your points
    Dalton will have an ok game, I say 173 passing. Elliott will not break 100 yards. Who is Pollard? A nobody, he’ll stay that way. Van Each will not do anything, probably get reinjured. Score AZ 30 Dallas 10 ; maybe.

  10. Lol I hear more optimism with Dalton under center then I did with Dak. This team isn’t better with Dalton let’s just get that out of the way right now., so we can move on.

    Now i understand the optimistic approach. I certainly prefer it to gloom and doom. But let’s try to look at things objectively. The cowboys lost their best DT ( T Hill ) for the season but will possibly get LVE back so we’ll call that a wash at best.

    So same D that is on track to be the worst in NFL history that gave up 38 to the lowly Giants, the same Giants team who could only muster like 20 against the lowly Redskins. Does the D need to play better? Well duh! But how much can we realistically expect them to play all things considered?

    We knew this D would be avg at best at the start of the season, but due to a new DC, the pandemic, multiple injuries and several underperforming defensive players they are historically bad. We also knew that more than likely it was the offense that would carry this team this season, and that has absolutely been the case.

    I think the D can slighty improve. But we now have a drop off at QB, u know that guy responsible for getting the ball in the hands of all our weapons. Now it’s debatable how much of a drop off we get with AD time and time will tell. However what with the offense being the one’s that have given us chances to win every game, we could not afford any drop off there.

    Very optimistic to predict a cowboys victory vs the Cardinals. I would temper expectations for that game and beyond.

    I’ll still be rooting for them though. GO COWBOYS

  11. I think he can do it no he will do it don’t be scared get ya ass in there and fuck shit up my bad but get in there and mess it up my guy show aver one u good show em u the best cuz if it was me I’m show them I’m the best and I’m win this shit So I think he will be. Good we wining this week and the next I bet on it. And this christian lormil if any one would like to no just a street kid changing his life. Now let’s win thes games shit I won’t to go to the Super Bowl shit let’s get it been a longtime

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