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5 Pending Free Agents Dallas Cowboys Should Re-sign

It's not over yet, but the will be coming to an end in no time. For the that's good news. They can finally put one of the most disastrous years in the of the organization behind them and start focusing more on the future. Part of that future means deciding which pending they try to re-sign and which ones to let go.

Today, I wanted to zero in on a handful of the Dallas Cowboys pending free agents and share with you the ones I think they could prioritize above others. With plenty of holes to fill the Cowboys will have to be thrifty with their money, especially considering the amount of cash they could shell out to keep their starting . Surprisingly enough, that's where we'll start.

QB Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys QB

Whether it's on the or long-term extension, retaining QB Dak Prescott seems to be the Dallas Cowboys top priority in the . I'm personally a little on the fence about Prescott's future in Dallas, but only due to the money involved. It would be difficult to move on from such a proven commodity to an unknown one, but that seems to be the way the Cowboys are leaning right now. It won't be cheap, but there's no denying No. 4's importance to the team.

CB Chidobe Awuzie

Chidobe Awuzie
Dallas Cowboys CB

Cost-effective, young, talented, and versatile sounds like a win-win kind of for the Dallas Cowboys. That pretty much sums up why the Cowboys should prioritize re-signing CB Chidobe Awuzie in the offseason. Missing the majority of 2020 with an probably hurts his market value to anyone else but Dallas and retaining him would no doubt provide some much-needed depth to the whether it's at corner or .

DE Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith
Dallas Cowboys DE

Despite teams interest, the Dallas Cowboys refused to Aldon Smith prior to the 2020 deadline. That suggests Dallas would love to make him part of the organizations future, however, that could be easier said than done. He's sure to draw quite a bit of interest as a free agent, meaning he could have already played himself out of the Cowboys price range. That could make re-signing him a little bit more difficult, but the Cowboys will no doubt do their best to keep him around.

LB Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas
Dallas Cowboys LB

A backup capable of starting, Joe Thomas has proven time and time again his value when thrust into action. He's performed just as well, if not better, than either or as a starter when needed and can continue to do so if re-signed. Behind Smith and LVE next year LB depth is a concern. Thomas could be a cost-effective option to help provide some much-needed depth and someone the Cowboys know and trust already.

LS L.P. Ladouceur

L.P. Ladouceur
Dallas Cowboys LS

The Dallas Cowboys should continue to re-sign L.P. Ladouceur as long as he wants to continue to play. It's as simple as that. He's been as close to perfect as there can be snapping the ball and there's no reason to change that as long as he wants to continue playing. Re-signing a may not be viewed as a big free agent signing as some of the other players previously mentioned, but no one will have to worry about any snapping issues as long as No. 91 is employed.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Gary b

The long snapper is a no brainer. Sign him! Joe Thomas I always liked. A real solid LB who can probably be had at a reasonable price.

Sign Awuzie if they can get him cheap, which is likely considering his production this year. Would add much needed depth if not CB3 or CB4.

A Smith will likely get an offer from another team that we would be wise not to match. He was great his 1st game back, but since then has just been good. But not big contract good. Plus we’ll get a comp pick for him in the event another team signs him to a nice contract.

I would add Safety Woods to that list. Another guy who has underwhelmed but could sign for cheap considering the type of year he had. Also OL Erving/Looney are possibilities

And then there is Dak. A whole article could and has often been done to discuss the implications of resigning him. I think Jerry wants him back and that may be all that matters. I think Dak is in the 2nd tier of QBs in the NFL. My 1st tier consists of the following:

P Mahomes
R Wilson
D Watson
A Rodgers
L. Jackson

My 2nd tier in no particular order consists of the following:

D Prescott
J Allen
J Hebert
B Roethlisberger
T Brady
D Brees

And just for fun a 3rd tier as follows:

J Goff
K Murray
Joe Burrow

So pretty good company for Dak. Plus while some of these QBs have already reached their prime or are already past their prime (Rodgers/Brees/Brady/Roethlisberger) Dak has room for improvement and is just entering the sweet spot age for QBs. What he was last yr or the yr before isn’t what he is now. It’s a given that good QBs are hard to find. Arguably 20 teams are looking for another QB because theirs sucks or is old. We have one that is better then most.

Now the other side of the coin. The contract part of the equation. I could be wrong but I think much of the problem that fans have with Dak is that he is plain asking for too much money. It’s not necessarily that he’s not a really good QB( not elite but really good) and a fantastic leader but more that he isn’t worth what he is asking for. Reasonable concern with valid points. Some might say let’s sign an avg QB Dalton for example and build up our D around him with the money we save signing Dak. It won’t be the 40 mil that keeps getting thrown around. AD will want starter type money for a 2-3 yr contract and keep in mind he isn’t in his prime anymore. So a chunk of that FA money goes to AD. And know I don’t think we can get him real cheap and other teams will probably want him if he has a decent year. If he doesn’t nobody including us will want him. So u have some FA money left over which Jerry judging by his history will overpay for a couple of good players, that may or may not work out.

We won’t get Lawrence or Fields in the draft so that leaves us with what? Reaching for Wilson who plays against inferior competition? Best case scenario we trade down and still get a top defensive player and get some extra picks. 9 picks in the draft. Go get a good O Linemen in the 2nd or 3rd rd and go defense the rest of the way. Our rookie class this year was great and should be better next year. A full off season l with the coaches and there u go.

Kevin Cure

Kyle Trask is someone we could draft during the middle of the 1st and I believe is a good bet. We could drop down a couple of times and pick up multiple picks. We can’t pay Dak and a defense (the margin for error was gone with wasting money on Jaylon and Zeke, and not cutting Crawford, nor signing Poe and other losers instead of Jones, CB. Aldon Smith will want the same type of money as Quinn and we can’t pay it. There are a lot of RDEs in the upcoming draft with potential.


I’m 99% sure they will re-sign Dak long term and not tag him. Let’s face it, even as bad as our defense is, they would’ve won the division easily if he doesn’t get rolled up in the Giants game. He was playing similarly to R.Wilson and “masking” the Cowboys weaknesses. Also, if they sign him long term, they can give him a lower base salary next season which would help in re-signing guys like Chido, J.Thomas, etc and maybe bring in a few mid level FAs. They can structure the contract where the bigger base salaries are down the line when hopefully the salary cap will start to increase again, after this offseason.

gary b

Makes a lot of sense Bill.

gary b

Kevin- Good logic but I’m not sure Trask is a middle 1st round talent. If we trade down too far that might take us out of the running for a impactful type defensive player and I think we can all agree we really need some quality defenders.

Troy Rdz


Troy Rdz

I like Caleb Farley CB outta VT Tall, Physical, Fluid and gr8 ball skills! but I would trade dn but no lower than 10 to 12 grab him and then we a can use the extra pks on more defensive players


Trade Dak to Jacksonville for a 1st and minshew if he wants 40mil


Draft Patrick Surtain lll (corner from Alabama) in the first round, if Jayson Owehn (edge rush penn state) is there in the 2nd round let’s take him, if not draft a safety, unless for some reason Shawn Wade slips to the 2nd then double down on corners. We have to get better at the DT spot though, 3rd round 4th round we need to draft at least one DT and hire a DT. T. Johnson (corner from Ohio state is a sleeper in this draft)

Please sign Dak to a long term deal (should have done that last year and used the franchise tag on Byron Jones and then traded him for a 2nd round pick, loved to keep him but not at the franchise tag price even though he’s definitely worth the money)

Resign Xavier Woods, and defiantly Joe Thomas, I’d like to have Awuzie back as well if it’s a team friendly deal but wouldn’t break my heart if he left and we drafted Surtain lll. I’ll be super bummed if we lose A. Smith.

I still find it difficult to justify the Lamb pick, we had two 1,000 yard receivers and a defense that couldn’t stop a high school team so the obvious choice is lamb lol. He’s a not a burner, he’s not a big body receiver like Amari or Julio. I was hoping we would trade back out of 17 back to 27-35 and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick, draft Xavier McKinney or Kyler Duggar at safety. Trevon diggs with the next pick and then you would have two 3rd round picks. Take T. Lewis or N. Gallimore and use that extra 3rd round to find your receiver number three, Devin Duvernay was my favorite choice for receiver for the Cowboys.

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