7-Round Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: 10 Picks, 10 Selections

    The month of April is finally here! That the is drawing closer and closer which each passing second. The waiting and speculation is coming to an end, which means we will finally learn what the can do with their 10 picks in this year's draft.

    I have a hard time believing the Cowboys stand pat with the draft picks they currently have at their disposal. There will surely be some trading going on, whether it's to up for that coveted prospect, or to trade down to acquire more equity to move around later in the draft.

    Since the is now just weeks away, I wanted to do another Cowboys to share with all of you. I tried to not only focus on who the Cowboys have shown an interest in, but also target the positions that could still use an upgrade or more depth.

    I know not everyone will be pleased with the way this mock draft turned out, but I would personally be happy if this ended up being the Dallas Cowboys 2018 draft class. As always, please feel free to share any of your thoughts and opinions in the comment section located at the end of the article.

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    R1/19 – DAL: , WR, Maryland

    The Cowboys are the WR position hard, making it a legitimate first-round option. I believe D.J. Moore is the most “Dak-friendly” receiver in the entire draft class, who can play all three WR positions.. He has a wide catching radius with soft hands, and is a threat to pick up yards after the catch due to his physicality.

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    R2/18 – DAL: Austin Corbett, OG, Nevada

    Austin Corbett would step in and be the starting LG for the Cowboys as a rookie. He has a nastiness about his game that would be a welcomed addition to the OL. He is an upgrade over any LG option the Cowboys currently have on the roster and would allow to remain at . He could possibly kick outside to OT if needed, although it's probably not his best position.

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    R3/17 – DAL: , LB, Iowa

    Josey Jewell isn't the most physically gifted LB in this draft class, but is probably the best at reading and reacting to what he sees. He has instincts similar to and would provide much-needed depth with starting potential down the road. He would likely fill the hole left by , who was also a LB at Iowa.

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    R4/16 – DAL: , RB, NC State

    Nyheim Hines is the change of pace RB the Cowboys have been looking for since the departure of . He has track speed and has started at both WR and RB during his time at NC State. He also is a threat as a return man on both kickoffs and punts.

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    R4/37 – DAL: Nathan Shepherd, DT, Fort Hays State

    Nathan Sheperd will provide much-needed depth at the 1-tech for the Cowboys and could become the starter as a rookie. He is still a little bit raw, but he has the tools that could help develop.

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    R5/34 – DAL: , CB, Texas

    Holton Hill has maturity and off the field issues, which is why his draft stock has taken a hit, but he is one of the few talented outside in this draft class. He has the talent to become a starter on the outside even as a rookie, but the Cowboys will have to overlook his red flags. He's worth the gamble at this point in the draft.

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    R6/18 – DAL: Trey Walker, S, Louisiana-Lafayette

    Trey Walker is a versatile DB who could be an interchangeable for the Cowboys and could possibly be used as a press corner as well. He's probably better around the line of scrimmage right now, but he does possess promising coverage skills.

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    R6/19 – DAL: , LB, Arizona State

    I'm higher on Christian Sam than a lot of people. I think he could play any LB position in the Cowboys 4-3 and has starting potential. There are a few concerns about his on-field consistency and effort down after down, but he's definitely worth taking a chance on at this point in the draft.

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    R6/34 – DAL: Timon Parris, OT, Stony Brook

    Timon Parris is a developmental with the skill set to play on either the right or left side. He could also kick inside to as well. Could compete to be the Cowboy swing as a rookie.

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    R7/18 – DAL: Ethan Wolf, TE, Tennessee

    I'd like to spend a premium pick on a TE to become 's eventual replacement, but I don't think the Cowboys feel the same. Ethan Wolf is solid in both the running and , but doesn't really have any special traits. Is likely a TE2 with possible starting potential if he can continue to develop.

    How would you feel if this is the Dallas Cowboys 2018 draft class?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Saul Molina

    Doesn’t sound all that great this sounds better vita vea rd one will hernandez second pick josey jewell rd 3 auden tate rd 4 DeShaun Elliott rd5 and so forth

    Brian Martin

    I would be on board with that except I think Vea will be gone before the Cowboys pick at 19 and I doubt Hernandez makes it out of the first round.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Saul Molina

    Unfortunately your right Brian but wow if we could land vea and hernandez

    Brian Martin


    Brian Martin

    I can see the Cowboys going either way, but I think drafting a first-round offensive player is very possible. I’d prefer to take one of the top guards personally.

    Chet Horton

    I can live with a G at 19. We need a really good G out of this draft one way or another.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin

    There is way to much depth at wide out to Draft a WR in the first round. We should Draft a game changing Linebacker or Top Guard with our first pick, then work the Draft for our other needs.

    Brian Martin

    I don’t really like the idea of taking a linebacker in the first round. They would likely be a backup this season unless someone gets injured. This is a deep LB class and can be addressed later. I do like the idea of taking one of the top guards at 19.

    Chet Horton

    Evans or Vander Esch could start day 1 and play very well. Smith can move to SAM and either one of these can play MIKE. Wilson is average at best and over runs plays a lot.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Saul Molina

    The only linebackers that we draft in the first rd are roqaun smith or trumaine Edmunds period

    Chet Horton

    That is just ignorant. Evans and Vander Esch at LB or Wynn at G should be our pick. In no way shape or form should we draft a DT or WR in the first round PERIOD.

    Saul Molina

    Ok first off watch who your talking to opinions are one thing but watch what you say and who you sa it to imot the one


    Whatever dude. You’re nobody to me and there is not a single thing you could do to stop me in person. Keyboard warriors are pathetic. I would take whatever “imot the one” apart in 5 seconds whether that includes arguing, fighting, slicing, or shooting. I’ve been there done with better men than you.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Chet Horton

    Horrible absolutely horrible mock draft. This would wreck us. We don’t need to draft a CB at all, we can sign a FA for depth. The only player I like for the Cowboys is Hines and he is in the right round.

    Brian Martin
    Saul Molina

    Oh yea real easy to talk shit online bet you wouldn’t talk all that shit in my face bitch

    Brian Martin

    I’d be very happy if we pulled this off. DJ is younger and stronger than Calvin and almost as quick. Corbett, in the 2nd, makes for a solid O-line with plenty of good back-ups. He keeps Collins at Tackle. Josey fills in the LB Corp nicely. I would like to see DeShon Elliott in the 4th, but I can see how Hines, with his speed, is tempting. Good draft.

    Brian Martin
    Chuck Wright

    That board screams of a trade down with someone like Minn/NO/Pitts or NE. Add their 2nd rounder (the value of said trade), take Will H then you need S, 2 LBs 1 Tech WR and TE in no real order. Well frankly OG (not because I don’t think Martin can do it, but I think the Boys think they need a day one starter) S, LB, TE should be the order then WR, then 2nd LB.

    1st Will H (assuming a trade back)
    2nd Derrick NNadi, beast of a 1 Tech
    2nd 2nd Darious Leonard LB
    3rd Hurst/Dissley or Ian Thomas TE of the future
    1st 4th Jessie Bates S Wake Forest
    2nd 4th Darice Fountain WR (burner and big) N Iowa. or Chark or St Brown . .WR who can catch & take top off
    5th Nick DeLuca (MLB) NDSt if he’s gone Shaquiem Griffin, OLB with ridiculous athletics.
    1st 6th Brett Toth (likely already gone) basically a lay away player for the future, 2 year Army tour 1st
    2nd 6th Tavarious Moore, S Miss, super athletic with good size
    3rd 6th Ito Smith RB S Miss, similar skill set to Hines but bigger change of pace back.
    7th Chase Litton QB Marshall. 3rd QB/developmental type.

    Not sure DeLuca or Moore there where I picked them.

    Brian Martin