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A Few Keys that Could Bring the Cowboys More Success Next Season

The NFL season is a long grind, and if you want to come out on top, you have to overcome many obstacles that stand in your way.

There are many keys that I noticed throughout last season that Dallas could zone in on next season that will help them, ranging from players and coaches to cleaning up mistakes.

Below are some keys I think could bring the Cowboys more success next season.

Kellen Moore

needs to find a rhythm and stick with the . Moore tends to go away from certain things that have worked well.

With questions lingering around the receiving core, Moore needs to get creative and attempt to get some of them open.

Stick with the run. Although the may take a step back, you have two running backs that will be productive. It would be great if Moore could find a way to utilize them both on the field together.

Look, I am just a fan. I don't have the playbook in my hand or sit in the film room with the team to see what works and doesn't work, but I think a little more consistency could help.

Dak Prescott

Say what you want I have heard them all. Prescott will be a key to the Cowboys' success next season. Look, he is the best in the . His skills are something that people hint about when they talk about him.

Now that is the clear-cut top guy on the , Prescott had Lamb's locker moved down next to him so they could have more conversations and communicate together regularly.

One additional note I will say about Prescott, many say he needs to take more chances down the field. I agree, but once he starts to take those chances, and the result is negative, those folks won't be happy.

Prescott will be fine, others can continue to doubt his ability to win big games, but other things go into winning football games.


I harp on this all the time. Dallas needs to be more disciplined and stop giving away free yards. happen, but when you are the most flagged team in football, it falls both on the players and the coaches.

The players for continuing to make the mistakes, the coaches for not clamping down on it in the film room, and maybe they do, but it did not show much last season. It should be the number one priority this , and it sounds like it might be.

Time Management

We saw it every week throughout last season, Mike McCarthy not calling a timeout when needed, or when he did call one, it was at an unorthodox time. When the Cowboys were rolling, sports talk shows had segments dedicated to how McCarthy would cost them a game because of this.

He found himself answering the question almost every week about this, and I believe it should be an additional point of emphasis rolling into next season.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Cowboy Fan Ed

I agree with all you said especially fixing the penalty problem! There is no excuse why we can’t play within the rules and cut out these stupid penalties!! This falls back on the coaching in my opinion. It’s like a kid in Elementary school , there is no excuse why he can’t have an A in conduct ! The bottom line is that it comes down to discipline!!


Dak , Diggs and Parsons carried what otherwise was not a talented team. All those penalties are a sign of coaching issues but also talent issues.
The offline held so much because they were beaten. Sak vs penalty.
Brown and his pass interference penalties lost the Oakland game . Brown committed penalties because he was beaten. Long TD vs penalty.
The penalties are the sign of low talent.

Tommy Davis

I agree wholeheartedly. The fans think the Cowboys are and was, an immensely talented team, that is far from the truth. Dak Prescott, Tyron Smith, and Zack Martin on offense, Tavon Diggs, Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawrence on defense are talented players, the rest of the roster is filled with decent players, a few of them will develop into talented players. Damone Clark, Marquese Bell, Devin Harper,Jalen Tolbert, Jake Ferguson and Sam Williams.


Shane, if the O-line takes a “step back”, that may be a problem. Don’t see the RBs doing better if that’s the case. This Guard from Tulsa better be the real deal.


Replace Time Management with Maintaining Turnover Superiority.

Time Management is fixable, as well as a matter of perception. There really isn’t any absolutes as to how to go about various time mgmt decisions within a game. Sure, there are age-old, and perceived constructs, but any coache’s time mgmt approach can be overcome elsewhere.

Turnovers on the other hand …

Lawrence C. Baker

I agree with all of your points, especially the one concerning Kellen Moore. This dude rubs me the wrong way all the time! His overall performance in the 49’ers playoff game cost the Cowboys a win in my opinion. Not getting the ball to Cee Dee more, not getting Elliott off the field if he’s injured, and seemingly never trying to take advantage of what the 49’ers were trying to do. Overrated and out of his element in the National Football League!!! Should have taken his ass to Boise State and honed his craft there instead of having Dallas pay the price for his incompetence. With all of the Head Coaching vacancies that was available, all those teams told him no thanks! Tells you all you need to know!!!

Dave SC58

The truth is, the players have to want to win more than anything else. Its been a long time since the Cowboys were feared. Back in the day, they had players that would walk through fire to win. Today, they are just happy to get their money, win lose or draw. The off-season is where you prepare to become champions. That time is used to full advantage by champions. That is just the way it is. Fatigue should not be a big factor in games. If you want to win bad enough, you get in the kind of shape that you need to be in order to give 100% all the time. Pretty simple.

Dave SC58

One other thing: When Mike McCarthy loses 100 pounds, the Cowboys players will know he is serious about winning!

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