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All Eyes on 2020 Dallas Cowboys, Much Like 2017

When you're known as , all eyes will be drawn to you. Whether those eyes feature rose-tinted glasses or are eyes aiming to unveil a flaw, being dubbed as America's Team comes with attention all across the United States.

The are one of the most talked-about teams in the league. The Cowboys' fanbase are a passionate group that supports the team through thick and thin. However, being a fan only grants you limited access. As fans, we are handcuffed to articles, videos, posts and the actual on-field product of the game. Fans are rarely granted access into the daily lives of players and the behind the scenes circus.

Fans can access a players' social media account for a daily look into their lives, but it isn't as raw as we'd imagine. Everyone knows that it's all rainbows and sunshine being a professional athlete. Being given access to what is behind the curtain helps fans understand the sacrifices and everyday battles these players go through.

Luckily for football fans (and especially ), Dallas was the subject of the successful sports docuseries .

Produced by Amazon Studios, this series goes undercover to capture the daily lives of professional athletes. From the operations to practices and games, the docuseries gives a deep dive into the world of sports. Many times, the athletes are unaware that they are being taped, which means we are seeing raw footage, which provides great insight into the daily lives of these players and teams.

Dallas was one of the first teams documented by the series, originally filmed in 2017. That season was one of the first introductions into the present day Cowboys, featuring the likes of and .

The series is popular overseas as well. Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur are two of the most prolific football clubs in England. Tottenham were the subjects of the 2020 series, while Manchester City were the subjects of the 2018 series. The series has also followed Rugby and the Brazil National Football Team.

The present-day Cowboys had the football world talking back in 2017. With the behind-the-scenes debuts and sophomore seasons of Elliott and Prescott, 2017 was a pivotal year for the 2020 Cowboys.

Dallas is currently fighting to stay alive this season. Battling many injuries and unfortunate losses on the scoreboard, the Cowboys are on the brink of missing the postseason once again.

To be a fly on the wall in professional sports is a privilege. Years ago, fans were not allowed access that fans of today are peppered with. The would have been an interesting subject as well, seeing as they face adversity every week.

As the for the Dallas Cowboys winds down, we'll see how far this team can go. Many have already counted out this team, but there is enough time to save the season.

Dallas has their fate in the palm of their hands. Can they shock the NFL and reach the playoffs?

Star Staff
Star Staff
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Mr. Football

I’m buying that Dak will be signed long term in the off season. Jerry and Stephen, along with Staubach and Aikman, knows how valuable Dak is to his teammates.

Don Howard

How in the hell can you still be able to call yourself America’s team when you haven’t won a damn thing in 25 years

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