Anthony Brown Bringing Stability, Depth to Cowboys CB Depth Chart

One of the quieter 2020 offseason moves for the Dallas Cowboys was re-signing Cornerback Anthony Brown to a 3-year contract. Right now everyone’s focused on younger prospects, draft picks, and new free agents. But Brown is very valuable this year; his return provides Dallas with a reliable, stable asset during a time of transition.

Brown is one of the surviving members of the 2016 draft class. He’s not a big name like Ezekiel Elliott, Jaylon Smith, or Dak Prescott, but at this point he’s managed to stick around in Dallas longer than Maliek Collins, Kavon Frazier, and others (sorry Rico Gathers truthers).

The Cowboys’ trust in Anthony has been established since his rookie season. Injuries forced the 6th-round pick to start nine games and play a big role on defense right away. He was surprisingly solid for a player taken so late in the draft.

Brown has built on that rookie season by remaining one of the Cowboys’ top three cornerbacks for most of his career. He dropped to fourth on the depth chart last year in favor of Jourdan Lewis, but that was more about trying to see Lewis’ upside than a knock on Anthony.

Nobody is suggesting that Anthony Brown still has some unlocked potential. He probably is who he is at this point, but that’s not a bad thing.

“Solid” has been the key term for Brown over these first four seasons and is why he was re-signed in 2020. The term of that new deal, $15.5 million over three seasons, make him a virtual lock for this year’s roster and likely 2021 as well.

Given the rest of the cornerback position right now, Dallas needs Brown’s stable presence more than ever.

Could Chidobe Awuzie & Jourdan Lewis be Cowboys Starting CBs in 2020?
Dallas Cowboys CBs Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis

Bryon Jones is now a Dolphin while Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis are on expiring contracts. Dallas just drafted Trevon Diggs and Reggie Robinson in 2020 while signing free agents Maurice Canady and Daryl Worley. It’s a time of major transition.

We don’t know yet how changes in the coaching staff and the expiring contracts are going to affect Awuzie and Lewis’ statuses with the Cowboys. We’ve already heard talk of Chido moving to safety and Lewis’ name often comes up in trade speculation. Will they even still be Dallas cornerbacks by September?

I doubt the Cowboys are going to hand the starting CB jobs to Diggs and Robinson now but that is probably their goal within the next 2-3 years. They are likely going to allow Awuzie and Lewis to play things out and leave as free agents in 2021, which could benefit Dallas in the way of compensatory draft picks.

Also uncertain right now is if Worley, a fifth-year veteran himself, is here to play corner or safety. But it’s worth noting that Daryl was drafted at cornerback in the 3rd Round of that same 2016 Draft, 112 picks before Dallas selected Anthony Brown.

You can clearly see the tumult right now around the CB position. Two players in Awuzie and Lewis who haven’t lived up to expectations, two rookies, and a few other veterans new to the Cowboys roster; Anthony Brown provides much-needed reliability in all of this unknown.

Sure, given all of these other players to sort out and evaluate in 2020, Anthony might not be more than the 4th or even 5th corner on the depth chart this year. But as has happened more than once throughout his four years in Dallas, Brown’s been a guy we’re glad to have when called upon.

Thanks to his new contract, Anthony Brown will continue to provide that solid depth to the Cowboys’ cornerback position for at least this season and perhaps more to follow.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Another fine article with prudent insight Jess.

    Only thing I’d add, and note that I’m an Anthony Brown fan, is that what has he done (especially for this particular staff) that warranted him getting a commitment that Jourdan Lewis cannot? Especially given that Lewis finished the year further up the depth chart (no matter the reason). By all accounts, they are striking similiar in what they offer in the way of stats, youth, potential, skills, and versatility … the only difference are the measurables. 1-2 inches is costing Lewis the support that Brown has earned despite being nothing more than Lewis’ equal. Seems to me that alone is indicative of their long-term intentions, and why Lewis could be this year’s surprise cut.

  2. Let this be clear! Jordain Lewis is the best corner on this team. Anthony Brown was demoted because of his play. Cowboys need Anthony Brown for Madden, because of this mystical 4.3 speed, in which makes a decent option on the depth chart. Anthony Brown, in real life, is mediocre at best, and a coward in the run game. JL is a dog, and will stick his helmet on any running back. I was very shocked, Cowboys signed Brown to a 3 year deal. I think they panicked before they signed Canady and Worley. Its a shame, that someone better may get cut because of the salary commitments made to Brown.

    • I whole heartedly agree with everything you’ve stated. If they cut ties with J-Lew wither this yr or next year he’s gonna make some team very happy. Like a diamond in the rough find that the cowboys give away.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Jourdan Lewis!! I couldn’t believe this guy said Jourdan Lewis hasn’t lived up to expectations!! Jourdan Lewis has been the best CB on the team for the past couple years!! I’d even say I think he was better than Byron Jones!!

  3. Well saying he is the best CB on the team isn’t saying much. Also DB coach Richard had a bias against smaller CBs but I agree Lewis should have been signed I like his competitiveness and moxy.

    • I would’ve said Jourdan Lewis was the best CB on the team last season!! I like him better than Byron Jones!! And it’s pretty stupid of these coaches not to play him more just because of his size!!

  4. I think Lewis, Diggs, Brown will shine in this new scheme with primarily man to man, Awuzie will struggle
    We need to consolidate the roster by trading 1 secondary player and 1 dlineman

    Id love to trade Awuzie while his stock is as high as itll be.
    Dlineman obviously crawford to free all that cap space, id say Woods too but his deal so cheap itd be dumb to.
    Really id like to see crawford, woods or poe leave just so Hill can get more playtime to develip because he will develop into a special dynamic dt. Gallimore with hisnspeed can be a new crawford playing inside or outside. Pair Mccoy with hill and poe with gallimore with gregoey/smith and tank on ends

    At corner Lewis, Brown, Diggs. With robinson and worley as rotational backups. Worley can also be backup free safety and wilsom back up ss. Release thompson and canady. Or keep canady and trade awuzie.

    I wish we could trade crawford awuzie 4th rounder for adams

  5. You can clearly see the tumult right now around the CB position.

    1.Go get Jamal Adam
    2. Go get Stephon Diggs
    Tumult solved and secondary fixed, and Superbowl certain

  6. J Lewis better then BJones c’mon now lets not get carried away. For Jones to get that monster contract tells u how highly regarded he was, and the Dolphins weren’t his only suitors. Lewis on the other hand hasn’t even been locked up by the Cowboys. Lets see what Lewis gets on the open market next yr I do think Lewis has untapped potential they just need to play him. JK the fact that they brought in Poe/McCoy and drafted Gallimore should tell u they have reservations about T Hill and his future, though its obviously too early to give up on him.

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