Are Earl Thomas Trade Rumors Affecting Xavier Woods?

Arguably no story has dominated the Dallas Cowboys media circuit quite like the trade rumors about Earl Thomas.

The All Pro Seattle Seahawks safety has made it very clear that he not only wants to leave Seattle if not given a new deal, but that he wants to end up on the Dallas Cowboys. Whether or not the Cowboys can make this realistic is yet to be seen, but the rumors have been swirling daily nonetheless.

Current players on the roster are not immune to these rumors, however, and they must deal with them in whatever way they see best. If Dallas did trade for Earl Thomas, that would most likely leave current safety Xavier Woods fighting for a spot behind him.

Despite having a stellar rookie season, Thomas would obviously be an upgrade over the former sixth round pick. Still, we all know that Xavier Woods is a promising young player with a bright upside who can also contribute significantly in 2018.

ProFootballTalk discussed these trade rumors with Woods, wondering how he is taking the constant talk of the Cowboys bringing in a veteran at his position. According to Woods himself, he isn’t too worried about things outside of his control.

“I don’t really pay attention to it, I just control what I can control. I have [the starting job] now, and I have no plan on giving it back.” – Xavier Woods.

Xavier Woods is clearly confident in himself and his ability, and he has reason to be. Woods found his home within the Cowboys defense down the stretch last season. Once given the opportunity to see increased snaps, Woods made his mark all over the field.

“That last five-game stretch of the season when I was starting, I believe not only me but all the young guys got really comfortable back there. That just led us to this point where we are right now.” – Xavier Woods

Whether in the slot, in the box, or as a traditional safety, Xavier Woods is a playmaker on the field. He shouldn’t let the Earl Thomas rumors get to him, because even if the Cowboys do add Thomas, there will still be a place for Xavier Woods.

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