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Are The Cowboys Headed Towards A “Hard Knocks” Appearance?

Though it’s only February, the 2021 NFL season will be here in the blink of an eye. But before we can kick off that much anticipated regular season, all offseason activities will have to be completed.

Including, of course, HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Five NFL teams are eligible to be followed around all training camp by HBO’s camera crews, and the Dallas Cowboys are looking like the most obvious choice out of the bunch.

CBS Sports ranked the five eligible franchises from least-to-most interesting option, with America’s Team slotting in as the top choice.

“I mean, how could it be anyone else? Dallas has appeared twice before on the show, first in 2002 and again in 2008, but “America’s Team” is never not interesting. The Cowboys may have been trash for much of the 2020 season, but that makes them all the more entertaining entering 2021, with coach Mike McCarthy under pressure to rebound and a massive QB dilemma on their hands with Dak Prescott set to potentially play a second straight year under the franchise tag. Between the Jones family and the inevitable Dak contract talk and whatever midriff fashion Ezekiel Elliott tries to pull off, they’d be must-see TV.”

Well…they’ve got a point. The Dallas Cowboys are arguably the NFL’s biggest and most popular brand, and regardless of their record or season outlook they mean ratings. That’s why they’ll continue to be on primetime and “game of the week” every Sunday, even as they slide down the standings with Ben DiNucci starting on a Sunday Night.

This Summer could feature major drama at The Star, primarily around Dak Prescott’s potential hold out or contract dispute. Why wouldn’t HBO want to try to cash in on this opportunity?

As mentioned, the Cowboys were last on Hard Knocks in 2008, following their promising 13-3 2007 season. Tony Romo was coming into his own, Terrell Owens was a major star, and the team was expected to be a Super Bowl contender.

It didn’t work out, but it made for great television. That’s what the Cowboys always seem to be lately.

A team that doesn’t quite win anything, but they do make for a fun television show.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. Also a die hard Dallas fan from the northeast! Always find myself defending the team in every scenario. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 4th grade. That’s 38 years strong! Seen it all! I’m also a HUGE fan of Hard Knocks. Great show! I remember when Dallas was on previous years. I vote they do it again!! Some say it’s a jinx like the cover of S.I. but the Cowboys shouldn’t worry about that nonsense because they got a lot of work cut out for them . Go for it Jerry! You are the ring leader of that circus! Let’s Go Cowboys 2021!!!

  2. The Cowboys are already a hard knocks team. BTW, I’ve been a fan and supporter since 1970, so I’m not a hater, just being realistic.

  3. Jerry and “hard knocks” is a match made in heaven. For a team that is all style and no substance, the question should be under what circumstances would Jerry ever turn down the opportunity. No self respecting franchise would let such a big spectacle distract them from the work at hand. But Jerry measures success differently.

  4. Again , like I’ve said , Jerry is trying to masquerade as Owner and GM ,and you can’t blend those 2 together

    The GMs main focus should be winning games and putting best product on the field they can with the money and players they got , not making flashy FA signings or flashy draft picks , i.e. picking a RB 4th overall when you can easily find a RB in 2nd or later rounds ,Henry , Cook , Chubb , and Taylor were all selected in 2nd round , and even James Robinson was undrafted RB , instead , Jerry believes that with the fact he found (Luckily) Romo as a FA , and he found (Luckily) Dak in 4th round that he can go and find Dak’s replacement , though I do believe he can be replaced , either way , we could’ve had Ramsey to go along Byron Jones if we would’ve picked him , and to add on to that , the pick of Ceedee with the flash and splashiness of that pick when we could’ve doubled down on D with those first 2 picks , and been fine at WR ,

    The Owner’s focus though they would want to win a SB , ultimately , their focus is how they gonna make money , you do so by keeping these guys , signing guys with feel good stories 2 years before their contract is up like J Smith , keeping fans happy , thus they’ll buy tickets , and Merch

    and till Jerry gives up his power and brings in a GM which won’t happen , we’ll never have a competent team we can win a SB with unless we got Brady , Mahomes , or some other transcendent QB

  5. At this point sadly I’ve about given up on our Boys ,

    we got a Owner/GM who doesn’t know what he’s doing

    A crap HC that only looked good when he was with a transcendent talent like A-Rod ,

    A QB who’s bent on getting every penny he can and whom i’m not confident in living up to said contract

    Too many guys who are satisfied

    Too many guys who are me guys , than they are team guys

    and till all this changes , we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon , I guess it’s time to hop on a AFC team bandwagon

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