Asked To “Prove It” in 2018, Dak Prescott Did Just That In Playoff Win

There are reasons to not want to pay and extend Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. There are financial reasons, such as the fact that most contending teams in the league are either doing it with a quarterback on a rookie contract, or with one of the top 5-7 quarterbacks in the whole league.

After next season, Prescott will likely be neither of those.

There are football reasons as well. Dak Prescott is clearly still developing as a passer, sailing throws at times and seeing ghosts in the pocket occasionally as well.

But with all of that being said, Dak Prescott has earned the contract extension he is going to receive from the Dallas Cowboys.

The 2018 season was labeled a “prove it” year for Dak Prescott. After a wildly successful rookie season, Prescott struggled down the stretch of his sophomore year. The Cowboys needed to learn exactly what they had in their young quarterback, and if he was worth extending and paying what the quarterback market often demands for starters in this league.

It has been far from perfect for Prescott in 2018, but over the last 9 games he has played some of the best football of his career. And Saturday night against Seattle, he erased a lot of remaining doubt.

Dak finished the win 22 of 33 for 226 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 red zone interception. Once again, Prescott was not perfect. And at times it wasn’t pretty. But when the game mattered most, and big plays had to be made, number 4 put it on his shoulders, called his own number, and won the game for the Cowboys.

Though he only carried it 6 times for 29 yards, Dak Prescott’s runs were really what put the Cowboys on top during this Wildcard match up. And none were bigger than his quarterback draw on 3rd and 14 to set the Cowboys up for the game-clinching touchdown.

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What was so fun to watch was how much both the Cowboys, and Prescott himself, believe in his ability in these key moments. Time and time again Prescott changed play calls or protections at the line of scrimmage, getting the offense into the right look to exploit the defense on that snap.

Prescott did come up with some big throws as well, however, such as the absolute dime he dropped to Michael Gallup for a touchdown to end the first half.

YFN Fox on Twitter

Dak doing a lot at the line. He’s gotten so smart since his rookie year. Gonna be tough to do that stuff on the road tho

Is Dak Prescott the caliber of passer of a Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers? No, and he probably will not reach those levels either. But there is no doubt that what he does do well is of incredible value in today’s NFL.

So the Cowboys are going to extend Dak Prescott in the very near future. And despite what you may think of the young quarterback, he has earned the right to be the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

In this prove it year, he proved it.

What do you think?

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Written by Kevin Brady

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