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Bettors Putting Trust In CeeDee Lamb

Cowboys' is the most popular bet to lead the NFL in receiving yards in 2022. (CBSSports reported it first). 

Although still a couple of months away from the regular season, I can’t say I was surprised by this, I am more shocked that non-Cowboy fans have trust in Lamb.

According to Caesars Sportsbook, CeeDee Lamb has received both the most (12 percent) and the most dollars wagered (19 percent) to lead the NFL in receiving yards this upcoming season. Lamb is currently +1600 to lead the league in receiving yards, which gives him the seventh-shortest . He opened up at +2500 but was bet down to his current number.

Lamb set career highs in 2021 with 1,102 receiving yards and six touchdowns on 79 catches. He missed a game in the middle of the season. Lamb's 1,102 yards ranked No. 16 in the NFL. With gone people are putting some faith in Lamb. will be back at some point but that might not be enough to stop the pace Lamb may be setting. 

Do I think Lamb can lead the league in receiving? Absolutely. I just don’t think that is how the is built and most understand that. Lamb is going to top every single career-high he set last year, but to lead the league might be tough, but I like the trust from the bettors.

The value bettors get from putting it on Lamb does make sense, being the clear-cut guy with nobody to even challenge him, unlike some of the other top wideouts in this league.

I won’t be making any bets on Lamb to lead the league. People can say what they want, old , declining, whatever, but they run the football first.

I hope he does take the league over by storm and finishes first in receiving yards, I just think there are too many other guys outside of betting value that could do so.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Lamb will not lead the league in anything but dropped passes, bet on that. No way, the boy’s offensive does not scheme players, plus you must be open for Dak to get you the ball. He does not throw receivers open. He is not that good, yet.

Cowboy Fan Ed

For the past three years all we’ve heard is how good CD Lamb is ! In my opinion he is a little above average if not just average!! I knew coming out of college when everybody had him in the Cowboys Ring of honor before he ever caught a pass that we better watch out! I truly hope he comes out this year and tears the league up and becomes The number one receiver that we truly need ……..only time will tell!

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