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Bleacher Report pegs CeeDee Lamb for Stardom in 2021

After a rookie season that saw him break out in a big way, the expectations have risen considerably for second-year CeeDee Lamb. Lamb, who led the Dallas Cowboys in receiving yards through the first five games of the season before 's , is set for a huge .

Kristopher Knox of picked one player at each position set to ascend to stardom this season, and at wide receiver, he picked CeeDee Lamb.

If the bracelet Lamb wore during workouts is any indication, the second-year receiver has even more entertainment in store. According to 's Todd Archer, it read, “Get your popcorn ready.” The Terrell Owens-inspired bracelet likely does provide sound advice for Cowboys fans. Dallas is expected to have Prescott back at 100 percent after ankle surgery, and Lamb is likely to show growth as part of the maturation process. He's also expected to continue contributing on .

Kristopher Knox, Bleacher

One could argue that CeeDee Lamb already experienced his breakout season in 2020. Though he didn't have a 1,000-yard season, he was explosive and provided big plays from start to finish. Despite the carousel that plagued the Cowboys in 2020, Lamb could still find a way to be productive in his rookie season.

Now, with a healthy Dak Prescott and a full offseason with the Dallas Cowboys, Lamb is going to have a fantastic opportunity to see a huge uptick in production in 2021. Though is the lead wide receiver for the team, many are projecting CeeDee Lamb to overtake Cooper as the Cowboys WR1.

CeeDee Lamb has been everything the Dallas Cowboys could ever want from the former wide receiver after making him their selection with the 17th overall pick in the . Wherever Lamb ends up on the pecking order, it's safe to say that 2021 will be a huge year for the second-year pro.

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Written by John Williams

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  1. Good point Eric I guess I was expecting more out of CD after hearing all the hype leading up to the season! I know he is a talent and had a decent rookie season! I remember twice last year that on forth down we went for it and CD ran the route a couple yards short failing to get the first down. Now I realize that he was a rookie but to be a special player you make those types of plays ! But hey here comes a new season and like I stated before I hope he exceeds all expectations this year because if he does good the boys will do good!

  2. Look around the league and see how many rookies did or came close to what Ceedee did.
    Not to mention he had 4 different QBs, can you imagine what if he had D4k the entire season! I hope you wasn’t looking for Randy Moss year 1.

  3. Sure hope ole CD breaks out and has the season and career that everybody is projecting that he will have! I thought last year he did a fair job but nothing like I was expecting after all the accolades leading up to the start of the season! I guess I’m of the opinion that : Let’s go ball then we can brag about our accomplishments!

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