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Bleacher Report Predicts 9-7 Season For 2020 Dallas Cowboys

The 2020 regular season is sneaking up on us quickly, with the opening Thursday Night of the season just about a month away. Since we’re close to the season kicking off, it’s truly prediction time for NFL pundits and . Which means it’s time to argue about other people’s predictions!

Bleacher Report put together their predictions for the 2020 season, giving the the in the with a 9-7 record.

“Dallas Cowboys owner is banking on the idea that a new can get his team deep into the . If can get the most out of this , he may just be correct. From a talent standpoint, it’s hard not to like what Dallas brings to the proverbial table.”

There’s no question the Cowboys have one of the most explosive offenses on paper in all of the NFL, but the questions around their are legitimate.

claims to be healthy, with the nerve issue in his neck a thing of the past, but a serious like that will always bring some concerns. Opposite the Cowboys don’t have a clear option to rush the passer, though you can find optimism in guys like and .

Then, of course, there is the question about replacing . Once again, you can easily find optimism if you want to as a fan, but we will need to see quick development from these young corners to fulfill the expectations.

9-to-10 wins feels like a fair assessment of the Cowboys heading into the , but if this truly explodes the way we think they can, this could be an 11 or 12 win team. Either way this feels like a two team race in the East between Dallas and Philadelphia, and neither team is exactly perfect.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. It’s a matter of semantics. When people say players quit on a coach it generally means they stopped buying into his message and no longer have confidence in them, usually due to lack of success. Yes the Players are conscious of the effort they are giving, but they are also human and many factors influence a players effort/focus including the perception of the coach/team direction etc. I’ll suggest that creativity in the red zone is much more important and leads to success much more then u suggest it does. I believe its too simplistic to imply that “just beating ur man” is all it takes. There are many options available to an innovative coach that isn’t risk adverse. Since the red zone is defined as inside the 20 yr line u obviously have to differentiate between play options and ability to be creative from say the 19 yd line vs the 2 yd line where smash mouth football comes into play. . I believe that it’s all an excuse to explain away the lack of red zone success in the JG era. Sean Leonard was right and we lost too many games due to having to settle for FGs Lastly given the fact that we have had one of the best OLs and RBs (Like the 90s cowboys) in the league for the last several yrs how do u explain our inability to “just line up and beat our man” in the red zone. Just illustrates it’s not that simple and takes more then that (like creativity) to be successful. Like I don’t know heaven forbid maybe something ur opponents weren’t expecting?

  2. I think the bleacher report has a problem with the Cowboys!! 9-7 is only 1 more win than last season!! They’ve upgraded this team better than that!! Just their special teams coach alone should get them another 2 games!! And I know a lot of people think there’s some wholes on the defense, but I think they’re being a little underrated…. Our DT position has been upgraded majorly!! We may have a problem at right DE, but I think we’ll have at least one player come in and shock a lot of people!! And our corners are all the same except for Byron Jones leaving, and with all the other corners we have there has to be at least one that will come in and hold that spot down!! And I think Chido will be way better than he has been cause now he won’t get picked on as much since Byron is gone!! And our safety position is better this year too…. We finally got rid of Jeff Heath, and brought in Clinton Dix, and he’s definitely better than Heath!! And now our offense…. The only problem I see we have to address is the center position…. It’s gonna be hard to find a Travis Fredrick replacement!! It’ll be pretty much impossible, but I think that one of our centers will come in and do a good job at the position!! Our WR group is a little better, with the addition of Ceedee Lamb!! So with all that being said, I do believe we’ll end the regular season with at least 10 wins and the division title!! I was gonna say 11 wins, but we do have a pretty tough schedule, so I’m gonna play it safe with 10 wins!!

  3. This team quit on Jason Garrett, last season or just had enough of the same stale speech. People can recite, the over-inflated numbers of the offense, but that was against bad teams, last season. The problem has always been, since Tony Romo, redzone offense. Once, the predictable, Dez “endzone fade” left, teams are stacking the box against zeke. I can always predict, that Cowboys will be kicking a field goal, instead of scoring a touchdown. If the Cowboys, are 1st and goal, within the 10 yard line, they are kicking a field goal. I have not seen a Dallas quarterback in over a decade, snap the ball, hit his back foot, and the ball was in the endzone for the score. Romo and Dak, need improvisation, to score touchdowns within the 10 yard line. This is a reflection of Jason Garrett lack of redzone creativity. The Giants, will march up and down the field, just like the Cowboys have done for years, but when they hit the redzone, they will be settling for field goals.

    • This post has a few potholes IMO. For starters, curious what your evidence of this team quitting on Garrett is? I’ll give you that his message was stale, but you’ll have to convince me that they quit on him. Note that a player who quits and makes it evident, only puts that evidence on tape for all future employers to witness … most players are smarter than that, and teams (as a collective) won’t do it.

      Next up, Romo was not a red zone problem at all. In order for a QB to be able to just plant a foot and throw within a 10-yard window a few things need to be considered: the play call must be either a slant, a quick-in, or the quick back shoulder fade … all of which Romo excelled at because of his accuracy and his release speed. Where you convict him of needing improvision, I present he needed to because his 1st read receivers couldn’t win their matchups. I suspect you’ve just missed the bygone days of Norv Turner and Troy Aikman?

      Defenses stack the box in the red zone for a number of reasons. It’s difficult to effectively pass in the red zone (as mentioned above, routes are limited), offensive formations are typically tight-end heavy, and it moves potential blitzers closes to the line of scrimmage (and the stacked formation camaflages the intent or the blitzed better). Oh, and yes, Zeke needs to be stacked!

      Lastly, red zone creativity is difficult. It’s actually more about straight up execution (men winning their individual assignments) and/or brute strength. It’s true that more QB-centric plays like the RPO or QB draw could be used there, but I’d prefer my team to be able to pound it in EVERY time! Nothing deflated a defense more than just getting beat up (ala the ‘90’s Cowboys)!

  4. The bottom line is if the defense will keep our opponents to half of the points that was scored on us last year then we have the offense to win games ! Everybody is talking about if the offense will do this or that but I believe it’s our defense that is the biggest question!! As long at Tyron Smith and the rest of the 0 line stays healthy we will be ok! To tell the truth I really don’t believe a whole season will be played with C19 around!

  5. The key to the Boys is special teams. The offense will be ok. The defense will continue mediocre. There is limited potential to create a better defense this season. The fantasy that a bunch of rookies, backups and suspended guys will create a great defense is ridiculous. A very good coaching job would be a 15-20 rated defense.
    The Boys will win or lose depending on how special teams are rebuilt . They were horrid and if they can get to around 11-15, then the Boys win 11. If special teams stays horrid, then 8-9 wins.
    Writers simply do not appreciate that there are THREE parts to football and horrible special teams was what cost the Boys the playlast season. The potential for big improvement is special teams, not defense.

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