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Brady Report: Cowboys Bring More Of The Same To Open 2020

The Cowboys came into 2020's with sky high expectations under a new regime, but their loss to the Rams felt more like the -era than anything else.

is already feeling the wrath of , but let's dive into my for a review of how this 20-17 loss came about. Injuries and Questionable Calls, Cowboys Fall 20-17 to the Rams

  • Let's start with the . Simply put, was good on Sunday night. He finished 25/39 for 266 yards and a touchdown, and added 30 yards on 3 carries, but there's just something there with Dak when you're watching the game (yeah, I'm going to be that guy for a second). He always felt in control of the , and if it wasn't for some shaky play and untimely , this offense's output would've looked a lot better. He made the throw to at the end there, but the OPI ruined his chances.
  • Speaking of the offense, the offensive line had an…ok night. Struggling with is expected, but it did feel like the offensive play callers didn't trust much of the night. Steele had a fine game considering the circumstances, but I think the overall conservative nature of this offense on early downs was due to a lack of confidence in the pass protection. Let's hope Steele did enough to earn a bit more trust next week.
  • looks good. I mean, as good as he's looked in maybe four years. He's in great shape, and was able to get involved in the early on. Elliott is a heck of a security blanket for a quarterback to have, but it was nice to see him make a play after the catch for that touchdown in the first quarter.
  • Defensively there were two stars: rookie and veteran . Diggs made a huge third down stop coming down hill to defend the run in the fourth quarter, giving the Cowboys offense a final chance to win the game. He was sticky in coverage all night, and almost came away with the first interception of his career. Smith? Oh he just created the first turnover of the season, getting in 's face so could reap the benefits with the pick. Smith looks powerful, and that is a welcomed site for a which had a slow start but decent finish to their opener.
  • This situation could get ugly. I may be pessimistic but I'm starting to wonder how much career has left, which is unfortunate for him of course. earned a ton of hype, but he once again looked slow in coverage. It was more 2019 than 2018 for Smith Sunday night, and you have to worry if that's just who he is. I'm still higher on him than Twitter seems to be, but it wasn't too pretty against the Rams.
  • Next Sunday will be a more true test for this defense, playing a traditional drop-back passing team loaded with weapons at receiver. The Cowboys can't afford to fall to 0-2, so their offense gameplan may need a complete overhaul ahead of their first home game of 2020.
Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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