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Brandon Marshall on Dak Prescott: “Dallas, You Have Your Guy”

The most important topic when it comes to the is the lucrative that is seeking. With the March 9 franchise-tag deadline rapidly approaching, Prescott and the Cowboys will work to get something done before then. If not, a second tag will be applied which will give the two sides until July 15 to work out something long-term.

Prescott isn't the only whose name is making waves with the Cowboys lately. Last week, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that quarterback listed the Cowboys as one of the few teams he would entertain a to, which created a buzz throughout the Dallas area to the point that many fans were calling for the organization to make the move.

Former All-Pro recently sent a warning to the Cowboys about bringing in Wilson and parting ways with Prescott.

“Dallas, you have your guy,” Marshall said, via TMZ Sports. “Pay him! Let the world know he is the guy!”

Since entering the NFL in 2016, Prescott has the sixth most wins for all quarterbacks, and that's with 11 games missed in 2020. He was named and has two division titles under his belt. Marshall feels that's more than enough to proceed with Prescott for the foreseeable future.

“Continue to build your team around him,” Marshall said. “You know, the grass isn't always greener on the other side because you don't know Russ' style and how he operates and how he moves.”

Marshall also sent a similar message earlier this week during a segment on FS1's First Things First, where he can be seen every Monday-Friday.

“It's laughable that the Cowboys won't give Dak the bag,” Marshall said. Pay the man and you won't have these discussions.”

got some encouraging news when it comes to the Prescott situation this week. According to NFL Network's Jane Slater, Prescott has been at the team's facility rehabbing, and talks between his agent and Cowboys Executive Vice President are “better than they've been” in the past.

Slater also made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this week. She revealed that Prescott is seeking a new deal “right behind” of the whose contract is $45 million a year annually, which would make him the second-highest paid quarterback in the NFL, just above 's $39 million per season average.

If Prescott is tagged for the second consecutive season he will make $37.7 million in 2021 if no deal is reached. However, with a that's estimated to be around $180 million, a significant drop from the $198.2 million dollar cap from 2020 due to the pandemic, the Cowboys will be better served to get Prescott signed to something long-term.

Until Prescott is either tagged or signs a new contract his future in Dallas will be the main topic of the NFL.


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Matthew Lenix
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Anyone who says ” Just pay the man ” including Brandon Marshall is beyond stupid. There is always price that dictates whether or not it is worth it. Is it possible to shut these idiots up!


IDK Scott


Couldn’t agree with Scott’s comment. Tell Marshal to take a look at “Over The Cap” website and he’ll see that LA & Philly are 30 and 31st in negative cap. And while he’s at it, go ask LA & Philly how they’re liking those monster contracts now. They’re both eat BIG S#*T sandwiches. Lest we forget a significantly lower Cap number for 21 than was anticipated before covid mess. Cowboys cant sign and trade him cause no intelligent team would commit that much to one player! Especially this year. Oh and btw, as Houston how they’re liking that D Watson contract now that he wants out. Only a cap rich and mentally incompetent team would trade for him. Sadly, JJ and Cowboys will be stupid enough to sign him to a monster deal. Double Sadly, I grew up a Cowboys fan and still will be inspite of my belief that JJ wrecks their future over one players ridiculous demands…..


Opps, couldn’t agree MORE with Scott’s comment….

James Vargas

Way to state the obvious Scott. Lets tell Brandon Marshall to mind his own busieness .

Big Cowboy

Jerry has TRIED to pay the man. He was crazy to turn down last year’s deal and the security against a career ending injury kinda like the one he almost had. It has become painfully obvious that all Dak and his agent care about is money. He just wants to bleed the Cowboys or anyone who will pay him for every penny. Please Jerry at least give the non-exclusive tag a try. If Prescott thinks he’s worth $45M or whatever, grant him freedom to go sign that kind of deal. Best of luck. Really. We’ll take our two first round picks and either trade with Seattle for Wilson, or trade up for draft position to get the QB of our choosing. There’s no downside to the non-exclusive. It’s a win-win. If it doesn’t fly, at least we tried. Exclusive tag him and Dak has ALL the leverage. No long term deal will be reached and Dak walks after 2021.

John Williams

The Cowboys obviously haven’t tried hard enough. They could have gotten him paid had they not low-balled him each of the last two years.

Gary b

He will get the exclusive tag and Jerry will eventually sign him long term. Feels like we’re just putting off the inevitable. Everybody’s getting all worked up for nothing.


Dak is the best qb for Dallas. All of the other stuff is just click-bait. The deal will get done and the Cowboys qb controversy will be over. Any publicity is good publicity.

Tiffany Malone

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1992 and I love Dak I always scream 214 for my QB and RB I want to see my guys on that field making magic happen like in the beginning be for all the wide receiver drama we got are WR CD Lamb these are the Dallas Cowboy triplets we them boys. Jerry Jones pay Dak number 4 is my QB that’s the jersey I rep


Pay no attention to them and the media. You see that’s what’s wrong with the lead Bc they busy listening to the media and people who can even play! Not only that but even make it pass the playoffs ‍♂️ Stay focus Scott

Peter Burke

Dallas fans should be thankful the ‘Boys found Dak in the the fourth round rather than trade up for Paxton Lynch like Jerry wanted to do originally. Where is Paxton now? Also, with all the talk about Goff and Wentz being better than Dak since 2016, Dak has only gotten better while the other two regressed, forcing the teams to trade QBs that helped both franchises make recent Super Bowl appearances. Pay Dak. He’s been on the verge of MVP seasons the past two years and might’ve won last year without the injury. I’m eager for him to continue his progression and finally help the Boys back to the Super Bowl, provided their defense gets better.

Eleazar Leos

I’m a cowboys fan and I believe Dak is our QB1 for years to come I believe he can get us 2 superbowls just pay the man and build on our defense so we can become a complete team


DAK will be the next 40mill + man and he have earned it and will ball out to prove all you dummies wrong..Like always.. if it was a white QB that have done what he have, the mf would already be paid..IJS..DAK4L# DC4L

Rollin with Ma-Homey

So John Williams , you’re saying 35 mill a year for 5 years 2 years ago is the Cowboys low balling Dak ? That would’ve made him the highest paid QB in the league tied with Russ till Mahomes and Watson got their’s

Speaking of Mahomes , he unlike Dak , gave his team a big discount , Mahomes could’ve EASILY gotten 60 mill or more for 5-6 years , instead he took less money than what he could’ve got , and he took a longer contract than what he could’ve gotten , doing so allows his team to move his cap hit around and structure it to where he won’t significantly hurt his team , where as Dak wants the absolute max of what he can get on money wise , and he wants it on a short 4 year deal , if that happens , they can’t move the money around and manipulate the cap to where it doesn’t hurt the team put around Dak , though that teams sucks , it can be A LOT WORSE , cough cough Houston cough cough

And even if cap rises and QBs come up to where Dak’s contract looks decent , he gonna need another contract so the cap coming up , ain’t gonna save the boys from being in serious cap trouble , what will ?

John Williams

They didn’t offer him that 2 years ago. Last year they were, but again it wasn’t about the dollar amount, but about the years.

They wanted that fifth year of control, Dak wanted to be free again in four. They’re playing hard ball about the wrong thing.

John Williams

There’s zero chance Mahomes would have gotten $50 mil at this point. At the time of signing the highest paid QB was at $35 mil a year.

After a few years, Mahomes and the chiefs will renegotiate an extension and raise his AAV to more than $50 mil a year.


These former players seem to have the same mind-set: “Management is evil, always at fault, and flush with cash.” So, Reality and economics are foreign terms to them! Prescott has been offered more money than he deserves and hasn’t taken it. This whole idea that any player is worth hundreds of millions of dollars is absurd. Eventually, the players will price themselves right out of the league. The NFL is already suffering from fans leaving. It will only get worse if they keep on doing what they are doing. I’m sick of the nonsense that has infested the game. Get back to playing football, and earning what you get paid. Leave all the other crap out of it.

John Williams

Ownership own teams that are worth billions of dollars that is earned on the backs of players and yet the players have to fight tooth and nail for their share of the revenue.


And the standard for how much you are worth has gotten lower , I guess all you need to do is put up stats and don’t win a game , and you can make 40 mill , like this idea that Dak is so great , yet he can’t win without having a elite O-Line , elite RB , and decent d ,


if you gave Mahomes a elite O-Line , a Elite RB and decent D , what would he do ?

What about Watson ?

hell , we gonna see what Wentz gonna do in Indy with that O-Line , Taylor at RB , and D , He just might spark the Dak vs Wentz debate again ,

I mean to pay Dak what he’s wanting is just dumb , I don’t get it , but if we seriously living in a world where “Baker Mayfield will get paid 50 mill ” per prophet John Williams report , then the world is ass backwards , it’s about as dumb as the minimum wage being raised to 15 dollars an hour , though i much appreciate it myself if you morons are willing to give that kind of money away

John Williams

When was the last time the Dallas Cowboys had an elite offensive line? 2016?


I guess ppl on here are eager to go to salary cap hell like Rams with Goff , and Eagles with Wentz

John Williams

The Rams aren’t in cap hell. Had Goff or Wentz been any good, they wouldn’t have hesitated to continue rolling with those guys. The reality is they weren’t. So those teams moved on. The Cowboys are far from cap hell because it doesn’t exist.

Peter Burke

The ‘Boys have had an alright line the past couple of years but No longer elite… too many injuries. And as much as I love Zeke, he hasn’t been the same since his contract holdout, partially because of the deteriorating O-line.

Gary b

Like it or not with the cap exploding in the coming years – you’ll see a QB get 50 million in the next few years. QBs are coveted and good ones are essential if you wanna be a contender. So they will always be overpaid. U can be as indignant as u want over it, it’s not gonna change anything.

As far as Mahomes he’s the highest paid QB in the league. Hard to swallow he is being charitable at 45 million a year. As for Wentz- I doubt defensive coordinators are losing sleep over how to defend him. He may turn out to be a decent reclamation project but i wouldn’t hold my breath on him.

All this i hate Dak talk. How about some alternatives to Dak? Play GM what would you do?

The likely scenario here is that we resign Dak long term. When we do he’s our guy- He’s our QB
From there we move on and figure out how we can improve this team around him. As he goes we go. If he is successful the team is successful and that’s all I care about. Now if we only had a competent GM that could pull the right strings.

Peter Burke


Big Cowboy

OK, I’ll play GM. Quit being worried about hurting Dak’s feelings and put the non-exclusive tag on him!!!! These are big boy negotiations with millions at stake. Other player’s jobs are also at stake because there’s only so much money to go around. This has become a mess and there’s no perfect way out of it. The non-e tag lets Dak know we’re tired of fooling around with him. We’ll accept our 2 first round picks if he wants to venture out into the world and sign a billion dollar deal or whatever it is he seeks, or he can sign a reasonable deal with us if he wants to remain a Cowboy. It puts the ball in his court. If we exclusive tag him, he has all the leverage. He no longer has to honor what they leaked about wanting to be payed right behind Mahommes. He can demand $50M/yr if he wants to, knowing we either have to pay it or watch him walk after 2021.

Gary b

BIG COWBOY- Trying to go the non exclusive route would give the cowboys and a potential trading partner 3 days to make a complicated blockbuster move before the Mar 9th deadline to exclusive tag him. Not gonna happen. If Jerry had wanted to go that route- he would have needed to get the wheels rolling on a deal way before this.

They will exclusive tag him if they don’t sign him before that. The exclusive tag is the worst allocation of resources possible. We pay him 37.7 million and he might just walk after next year. We’re left with no QB and no compensation- and will need to restructure or cut players to afford that 37.7 million. The non exclusive route WOULD HAVE been a good move had Jerry done it. Now the next best move is to sign him long term and space out the money. As I said the exclusive route is the worst case scenario. That’s me playing GM.

I don’t think it has anything to do with feelings. It’s just business and he has all the leverage which even Jerry has admitted. Jerry painted himself into a corner on this one.

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