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BREAKING: CB Jourdan Lewis Returning to Cowboys on 3-Year Deal

The Dallas Cowboys have re-signed CB Jourdan Lewis to a three-year deal. The former 2017 3rd-round pick, who turns 26 in August, has only missed three games in four seasons and has caused at least one turnover every year.

After losing Chidobe Awuzie to the Cincinnati Bengals and with Xavier Woods also a free agent, Dallas was looking pretty thin in the secondary. Outside of Trevon Diggs and Anthony Brown at cornerback and Donovan Wilson at safety there’s a scary lack of proven assets under contract.

The question now is which position the Cowboys see Jourdan Lewis filling in 2021.

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CB Jourdan Lewis is returning to the Dallas Cowboys on a 3-year deal worth a max of $16.5 million, including $8M guaranteed, per his agent @VIPSports_Mgt.

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Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis to sign a 3-year deal worth up to $16.5M, including $8M in guarantees, source said. Can earn up to $1M in playing time and INT incentives each year.

Lewis’ contract, which sounds like it could be less than the reported $16.5 million if incentives aren’t met, is roughly the same amount that Anthony Brown re-signed for last year. That sets up for real competition between the two if Jourdan is returning at cornerback.

On the other hand, Lewis’ willingness to tackle and his flashes of balls skills could make him a candidate at safety. He doesn’t fit the “Legion of Boom” prototype as a corner but is about the same size as safeties that Dan Quinn has worked with previously such as Earl Thomas and Damontae Kazee.

If nothing else, signing Lewis gives the Cowboys some flexibility heading into the draft. Without any free agent additions Dallas may have been forced to draft for need at the 10th pick.

The good news is that Lewis’ return certainly doesn’t prohibit the Cowboys from still selecting a cornerback 10th overall. At worst, he can still be valuable depth piece with potential position flexibility.

At times Jourdan Lewis has looked like the best player over Awuzie, Woods, or most of Dallas’ recent defensive backs. Hopefully his return means that Dan Quinn has a vision for how to get the most out of Lewis in the future.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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  1. Could we just stop reporting when Dallas resigns their own average free agents. It’s no better than the JAGS they will drag in later. That’s not news. It’s just cheap business as usual.

  2. I thought we had to sign one of the two, so IMO, this is a good signing. Lewis is a little underated, above average overall, and good in run support. And good for an occasional INT and sack. Yes, he does get beat, but every CB does.

  3. From my time watching him Lewis seemed to made more plays than the other corners. I hope we draft Farley, Surtain or Horn either the #10 pick now. Having Lewis and Brown as our CB3/CB4 will make our top 4 CBs pretty solid.

  4. Lewis is a baller he been doin since wolverine days see some coaches forget fuck all tht players r professional so r coaches meaning some coach need to build fit around us instead of always wantin players to fit there system this signing is goin to pat off Big time

  5. So what are the coaches supposed to do? Build a scheme to fit around each individual player? How is a coach supposed to build a scheme that’s tailored to all five players on the back end? Assuming you’re going with three corners and two safeties. Coaches draft & sign players that fit their scheme because you cannot Tailor a scheme to fit five different individual play styles. You get the players that you feel will compliment each other and form a cohesive unit. A group working together as a whole toward a common goal, is far more effective than a collection of egos that are doing their own thing. That’s one of the very first lessons of organized sports. If you play ball, you learn this right from the start. You don’t actually play ball.

  6. Alert Cowboys fans during any given game the OC keep running Zek off right tackle each carry the gains 10+ yards can you visualize OC Moore stop running that same play hell no for the last forever years the Jones’s have been telling us that he want to win another SB and yet each year Jerry failed to sign a significant player or players ( a different maker ) and yet we the fans keep allowing the Jones’s to run that same tired lie at the end of the day we are suckered again ladies and gentlemen Jerry is dedicated to one thing The Dollar Bill if the fans stop lining Jerry’s pockets with those Dollar Bill’s the Cowboys will win a SuperBowl we must stop Jerry and Stephen from running game on us

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