Commanders Claim DT John Ridgeway From Cowboys

    The ' fifth pick in the was taken by the Washington Commanders the other day. After getting waived by the Cowboys before the Bengals game, Defensive John Ridgeway was picked up by the Commanders.

    Due to all the injuries the Cowboys team has been facing, before each game, they have needed to make roster changes and moves. The Cowboys were planning on waiving him so that they could eventually place John on their .

    This didn't happen though because the Commanders got to him first.

    Ridgeway was from the University of Arkansas but only played one year. From the beginning when Dallas drafted him, they planned to get him on the practice squad. Now that he's gone, what does this mean for the Cowboys?

    Well, nothing too major to worry about. Yes, they lost one of their newly acquired draft picks very early in the season, but if the plan wasn't even to use him, then there's nothing to worry about.

    What Dallas needs to focus on though is NOT HAVING MORE INJURIES. The main reason we lost John Ridgeway in the first place was because of all the team's injuries. Now, has a thumb that could last another 4-5 weeks.

    John Ridgeway overall isn't a bad loss on the Cowboys' part, but it should be a warning to fans that this isn't good. What's gonna happen when we have to put a better player on waive?

    Overall, this isn't anything to stress about, as long as John Ridgeway doesn't end up being the next while he's in Washington. I hope in the future we can avoid these cuts and waivers though because it's not ever a good thing when a team loses players.

    We'll see if this will be Karma for the Cowboys later in the season when they play the Commanders.

    Tony Stahl
    Tony Stahl
    Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.


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    With back-to-back clutch performances against the Cincinnati Bengals and...

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    Jeff Tuggle

    Sorry, but there is plenty to WORRY about. They hyped him and built Ridgeway up from the draft through camp. A minor injury had him derailed but the bottom line is they lost a nice young talent OR this was another hyped but wasted pick. We had tons of mid round picks the last 2 years. Each year Jerry went on about how it gave them many quality picks or the ability to maneuver to get a player they targeted. One only needs to look at the 2nd and 3rd rounds to see players they targeted but would not move up to get. The problem seems that what used to be Jerry is also now McClay. They are struggling with evaluating mid round talent as well jumping players far to early like Golston and Wright who both were huge reaches. I said here last year that Wright wasn’t even draftable and Golston definitely a late pick. They show little. Especially Wright who even struggles on special teams. Like not knowing the rules that cost us 2 times last season. Ball was a gamble. From talent and off field issues. And I’m not tooting my horn. Most people felt this way on these guys. And on draft day I said Joseph would be a bust. Some talent but a long ways to go. Combine that with his off field issues before Dallas, then after, as well as his desire to be a Rap Star being at times his priority. Let’s not forget his college folks complaints on his not being “coachable”. The best player, at least defensively fell in our laps but other than that…all those picks and we only have a serviceable guy in Osi to show for it. He too was drafted too early. Scouting is now bad or they want to “find the diamond in the rough” as Jerry used to say so they can gloat. As for focusing on injuries…not getting injured…how? How does anyone do that? Can’t. You can’t play like that. They happen. If you are thinking of that on the field then you are already behind in what you are trying to do.


    Good analysis, Jeff. after Parsons, I supported only the picks of Jabril and Israel where they were taken. The second rounder on Joseph was a particular waste. I hope Jones will skip the flash next year in the draft, except perhaps WR. We have a lot of needs, but I believe 2 OL, WR (with deep speed), NT (unless we sign Daron Payne) and a CB are in order as the highest priorities. I realize we won’t sign Payne if he is available. Jerry has wasted so many picks on NTs over the years and none have panned out. At least Payne is a known commodity. After what the Niners did last year to the Cowboys you’d think he would invest a #1 or #2 in a NT. If Ika is around come the next draft that would be a favorite choice of mine.

    Lawrence C. Baker

    Jeff, I totally agree with you on Kelvin Joseph and Nashon Wright! Both destined for the NFL wasted draft picks scrap heap. Neither one of these guys seem to have a clue as to what they’re supposed to be doing! Hopefully Joseph is a better Rapper than NFL Cornerback! Otherwise he’s going to starve out there in the real world.


    We don’t know how bad a loss this is right now. I liked the pick, as we needed run stopping help. The worst part is he went to a division foe and if he blossoms into a good player…

    Overall, not a good thing.

    Off topic, Eagles looked good yesterday, in a one-sided win vs MN. They may be something to “stress” about.

    Lawrence C. Baker

    Don’t be so quick to talk the Eagles up! Let’s see how they fare against some of the better teams they’re going to face later! I think Jalen Hurts is simply playing over his head right now. Another Eagles player that’s vastly overrated is Fletcher Cox! Watched him quit on the team last year. Cox and Aaron Donald are the most overrated players in the NFL.

    Mario Martinez

    Don’t let Your bias for the Sheagles rule Your judgment, Philadelphia looks the part and a threat, especially with a softer schedule.

    with that being said…

    LET’S GO!!!!! DC4L!

    Cowboys fan

    This was a bad loss…. He mite not have been ready right now, but that’s expected of a 5th round pick!! Look at Bohanna, he wasn’t anything his rookie year either, but now he’s playing a big role in our defense, and is looking good too!! I think waiving Ridgeway was a bad move and it’ll be a big loss!! I just heard that we waived Dennis Houston…. I think we should’ve waived him instead of Ridgeway, we’d still have Ridgeway right now if we did it that way!! And Houston would be back on our practice squad right now, cause I’m sure nobody will want him!! Overall…. I think waiving Ridgeway was a big mistake!!

    Lawrence C. Baker

    If the plan was just to stash Ridgeway on the practice squad, then why waste a draft pick on him at all. Wait and try to sign him as a free agent. Another IDIOTIC move by the man who fancies himself as a football GM. He does stupid things just because the team is his! Never mind if it’s stupid, just do it!!! Really sick of Jerry and Stephen Jones screwing this team up on a almost weekly basis. Something catastrophic has to happen to them both before the finally realize that they’re not football suitable! HIRE A DAMNED GM IMMEDIATELY YOU IDIOTS!!!!


    Its really sad that i defended the Jones for so long. Sad enough this loss shows just how lost they are on when it comes to good football decisions. After the draft…… come on we all remember them saying after the draft “playoffs” 49ers running down there throats in embarrassment. And they patted there own backs saying how great a job they did fixing the problem, wow then they let a big mean stopper walk out the front door and insult to stupidity he walks right in the door of a rival. Boy oh boy this will haunt this team i really believe it will. Bad play mr. Jones