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Contract Length Can’t Be The Only Issue for Dak Prescott

As expected, the Dallas Cowboys franchise-tagged Quarterback Dak Prescott before he became a free agent this week. While this was the most likely outcome, many in Cowboys Nation wanted the front office to reach a long-term deal with the 26-year-old quarterback. Now, the Cowboys have until July 15th to reach a contract extension. Otherwise, Dak will have to play under the tag and probably end up raising his price tag in 2021.

This is as good a time as any to remind ourselves that NFL contracts are a difficult topic. It’s not just about the total value or the average salary per year that matters, but the guaranteed money, the contract structure and plenty of other details the casual fan doesn’t even know about.

But of course, one of the most important features of an NFL contract is its length. Some players want long-term security and ask for such a long contract. Some others, want to see another payday, thus asking for a shorter deal.

It turns out, as the Cowboys negotiate with Dak, that length could be a bigger issue than the actual average salary per year. According to Chris Mortensen, the issue with the negotiations has been in the length of the deal.

Chris Mortensen on Twitter

The @dallascowboys don’t believe there is disrespect aspect to decision to place tag on Dak Prescott. Team sources insist again they have offered Dak more than Wentz & Goff. Difference has been length – team wanted 5 yr extension and Dak wanted 4 yr. Dak still hanging tough .

Dak Prescott wanting a four-year extension makes a ton of sense. He’ll be 27 this season. He’s young, but a five-year deal doesn’t guarantee him that he’ll see another huge payday. Of course, quarterback’s careers shouldn’t be over by 32, but there’s more uncertainty by then.

However, although I believe length might be the biggest issue of the deal, can we really act like the annual average value isn’t an issue too?

Mortensen’s report reads “Team sources insist again they have offered Dak more than Wentz and Goff.” If the same tweet mentioned something about the Cowboys offering more to Dak than Russell Wilson’s $35M per year, I wouldn’t doubt it was all about the length. But “more than Wentz and Goff” means they’ve offered Dak over $33.5M.

Dak Prescott has proven enough to be over that mark. When he signs the deal, Prescott’s value will be closer to the top of the league. Heck, he’s probably going to become the top-paid QB in the league.

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Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

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  1. Amazing how greedy players and their peckerheaded agents can be ! To heck with the rest of the team in their eyes! He should take a pay cut for every incompletion and interception if he gets that cray money contract!

  2. To Mr Boggs. Who are you or I to tell a man how much money he is worth? I don’t assume how hard this man works to earn his salary. As soon his production slips any NFL team can ask him to restructure his contract and take less, or else. It amazes me every time a professional athlete try’s to maximize his value. People take the side of the team and spin the greed card. As far as I know, Dak is the first one in and the last one out. He inspires teammates to be great and is committed to them. I have never once heard the man rip his team or his teammates. And finally . He is a proven winner. Pay the man and let’s move on to finally winning some championships. Anthony Gil

  3. Hear is the thing that really bothers me is when I hear all these talk show people like Steven A Smith saying Dak is being disrespected by the Cowboys yea right how many people on this planet would like to be disrespected with a 33 mil plus a year contract, poor little Dak I just don’t know how that poor guy could ever make it on that I feel so bad for him give me a break, people are starving out there and this guy is worried about being the highest paid QB. With the way this virus is going on and people losing there jobs why do people even care about what Dak wants we all should be worried about what’s going on in everyday real life not this guys life I could give a rats ass if he gets anything I am worried more about my daughter and the people that I see everyday not some over paid average quarterback or any other athlete and these sports people better think about one thing if enough people lose everything it’s going to take down everyone including them.

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