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Could Cowboys’ Offense be Even Better in Year 2 With OC Kellen Moore?

Dallas Cowboys offense could be even better in 2020.

In two short years Kellen Moore has gone from a former player to quarterback coach to offensive coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys. In the blink of an eye we saw him go from a backup QB to one of the NFL’s young, up-and-coming offensive minds in just a short amount of time. Now entering Year 2, it seems like the sky is the limit for this young man.

Baby faced he may be, but Kellen Moore has already proven to be an offensive genius. In his first year as the OC he turned the Dallas Cowboys offense into one of the most lethal in the entire league. As impressive as they were last year though, they have a chance to be even more dominant under his guidance in 2020.

According to ESPN’s offensive team stats from 2019, the Dallas Cowboys were a Top 5 unit last season. They finished first in total offense, second in passing, fifth in rushing, third in receiving, and third in first downs last year. To say Kellen Moore set the bar high in his first year as an offensive coordinator, at any level, would be an understatement.

It’s hard to imagine the Dallas Cowboys offense being any better than they were last year, however, it’s entirely possible. Not only have they arguably improved from a talent standpoint, but Kellen Moore now has a year of experience under his belt. Combine the two and we could very well see an offense like has never been seen before.

Think about it for a little bit…

The Dallas Cowboys re-signed Tight End Blake Jarwin as a replacement for Jason Witten and drafted arguably the best receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft, CeeDee Lamb, to step in Randall Cobb’s vacant spot. Both players have a chance to be upgrades, but at the very least should be able to be just as productive. And don’t forget Kellen Moore’s impact.

Any kind of jitters Kellen Moore had in his system last year should have subsided by now. No doubt he has gone back and analyzed every single offensive snap from the 2019 season to determine what worked and what didn’t. He should now have a much better understanding of how to deploy his weapons best to catch opposing defenses off guard.

Plus, that’s not even mentioning the fact the Cowboys new Head Coach Mike McCarthy knows a thing or two about being an OC as well. I have no doubt in my mind both he and Kellen Moore have had lengthy discussions about the best way to utilize all of their offensive weapons in 2020.

I don’t know about you, but I fully expect the Dallas Cowboys to be one of the best, if not the best, offensive units once again. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they show vast improvements in every single area this year. No doubt the bar was set high last year, however, not too high that it can’t be surpassed.

Do you think OC Kellen Moore will be even better in Year 2?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Moore is still new (and young) enough in the role that he will almost assuredly show growth, but he still has lumps to take as well. I believe McCarthy is a great companion for him. Was it McCarthy’s hiring alone that kept Moore from taking the college OC gig in Washington? Would any other hiring have meant losing Moore? Was part of MCarthy’s agreement to taking the job a stipulation that he must keep Moore?

    Still a little early for the “genius” tag as well. Being a talented play-caller and/or offensive architect is one thing, genius is another. Let’s see if Moore brings new concepts to the game, or develops players at a significant rate, etc over the course of time. Now with Red gone and McCarthy on board, we need to see in-game transitions/adjustments from the offensive approach as well. The only games Moore has under his belt as an OC where his offense was challenged didn’t really go to well last year (ex: New Orleans, New England, 2nd Philadelphia game) … perhaps not to his own doing(?), but nonetheless …

    That said, I must admit I despised the hiring initially, but have come around a bit on Kellen and believe he does indeed have a bright future … but he’s still got to show me a lil’ something more.

  2. I know this is off subject from the article, but just as some people suggest that JG went into a shell last yr offensively, u could also say the same about Rod Marinelli and his defense, who became all together predictable and took the “bend but don’t break” approach to new heights. Excited to see more innovation on defense and offense this season.

    • Very true. Marinelli’s defense, at least his successful defenses, have always been predicated on turnovers, and we all know how bad our defense was at getting those! Another staple of his good defenses are the Warren Sapp-like DT’s, which he also never had here.

      In fact, maybe it was never his scheme that was so vaunted, but rather the unique collection of talented ballplayers he had in TB … guys who wrecked havoc (Sapp, Brooks, Barber, etc).

  3. No I think Marinelli’s “cover 3” defense was very effective in it’s time, but ur right he had the personnel to make it work. When he bought it over to Dallas it didn’t translate over like it did with the Buccaneers.

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