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Could Kellen Moore’s Days in Dallas Be Numbered?

The Dallas Cowboys offense has had some ups and downs in 2020. However, given the level of talent that Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore has had to work with in the trenches and at quarterback, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s been a roller-coaster ride since Dak Prescott’s injury. And at the same time, they’ve seen some improvement of late, including a 41 point effort against the San Francisco 49ers.

Kellen Moore has long been respected in the game of football for his knowledge and offensive acumen. Many have pegged him for a future head coaching gig. And that opportunity might come sooner rather than later.

As Adam Rittenberg reported last night, Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin is leaving the state of Idaho and traveling down south to try his hand in the SEC with the Auburn Tigers.

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Breaking: Auburn has reached an agreement to name Boise State’s Bryan Harsin as the Tigers’ new head coach, first reported by The Athletic and confirmed by @ESPNRittenberg.

And as the Boise State Broncos are now looking for a head coach, it only fits that the first coach to pop into college football analysts’ collective minds is none other than Kellen Moore.

Kellen Moore is the all-time winningest quarterback in NCAA history, piling up a record of 50-3 in his four seasons. Leading the Broncos, Moore’s team never lost more than a game in a season, and they went 14-0 his sophomore season, culminating in a Fiesta Bowl win.

Moore is a legend in Boise and would immediately give a boost to their football program and recruiting. But his departure would be a significant loss for the Dallas Cowboys.

Through two seasons, it’s clear that Moore has a knack for calling a game. He isn’t perfect by any stretch, but the situation hasn’t been perfect this year. Given all of the injuries, it’s pretty incredible that they’ve been able to score very many points at all.

It was just a year ago that the Washington Huskies flirted with the idea of bringing Kellen Moore into be their offensive coordinator. With the Boise State job coming open, you have to imagine there’s some interest from both sides to make it happen.

Under Chris Petersen, Kellen Moore saw what Boise State could become on the national scene and was a big reason they had so much success. When you’ve played for a school and had a ton of success there, the mind and the heart are drawn back, wondering if you can recreate the magic that happened while you were there.

Everyone ponders on the glory days. Whether it was in athletic competition or another area of life where they were successful, it’s not often one gets the opportunity to go back to try and recreate that success.

There’s no word at the moment if there’s legitimate interest from either party. With Kellen Moore still responsible for coaching the Dallas Cowboys for the next couple of weeks, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear anything on this front.

The Cowboys have seen a lot of turnover within their coaching ranks over the last 12 months and it’s possible they could see one of the few holdovers from the Jason Garrett era on his way out the door as well. Who knows what Kellen Moore’s interest would be in taking a head coaching job at Boise State, a group of five school.

For years, the Dallas Cowboys have drafted or signed players that have Boise State ties. It may be Boise State’s turn to take an asset from the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

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  1. I would be for Kellen leaving. Too many trick plays. Too many times going 50 yards downfield on 3rd and 1. Too reckless with play calling. Bye, Kellen.

  2. Kellen Moore isn’t going anywhere!! He’s only coached for 3 years all together in the NFL, and has already made it to be an offensive coordinator, and already calling his own plays in every game, it usually takes a coach years and years to get that far!! So if he is as smart as everybody says he is then he should know that it’s only a matter of time before he gets offers to be a head coach for a team in the NFL!! I understand he had something better with Boise State, but that was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then!! And there’s a lot of other things I don’t feel like writing that tells me he’s not going anywhere, so with that said there’s just too many things pointing to him staying with us to call the plays and waiting for his opportunity to be called on for a head coaching job in the NFL!!

  3. How about we stop with the clickbait headlines? Hmmmm? Nothing to indicate a Boise State opportunity but obviously designed to intimidate a firing. Geez

  4. Kellen is still just a boy. Head Coach is all management. Kind of a waste of Kellen’s offensive talent. I say steal the San Jose Coach lol.

  5. Kelley Moore is most likely top choice and would leave in a heartbeat. His parents live here and also his dad was a coach and Kellen was trained under some great coaches.

  6. I’m in Boise and was here for Kellen’s days at QB. I don’t see Kellen leaving the NFL. He may end up leaving the Cowboys, but if he does it will be for a head coaching position in the NFL (Detroit?) or another OC position. He should stay in the NFL where he can focus on football and not have to deal with recruiting and all the other non-football things college coaches have to deal with.

  7. Could be interesting. The search in Boise is interesting because BSU is also without an Athletic Director. Fans in Boise seem to hope maybe Chris Petersen would come back as the AD as he still has a house in Boise apparently. He currently is a football consultant for the University of Washington.

    Kellen Moore still has family in Boise as I believe most of them moved to Boise because both Kellen and his younger brother Kirby, who player WR, both played at BSU. Kellen’s wife is from Boise as well, so would imagine her family still lives in Boise.

    Kirby Moore currently coaches at Fresno St as the Assistant Coach, Wide Receivers / Pass Game Coordinator.

    Kellen becoming a head coach could also provide him the opportunity to coach with his brother as I am sure he would need a WR coach.

  8. He’s another Jason Garrett, only good enough to be a back up!!!! Both should never have been coaches for any team, let alone the Cowboys!!!

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