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Could Mike McCarthy be on the Hot Seat Entering the Week Nine Bye?

After much anticipation, we officially know the Dallas Cowboys 2022 Schedule.

While I could go into detail about every game, I wanted to write up something different and discuss whether Cowboys could be on the when the club heads into their Week Nine Bye.

To some fans, if you ask them about McCarthy, they will likely tell you they would pay for his one-way ticket out of Jerry World. However, others would tell you to give him the benefit of the doubt.

To clarify, I'm not calling for McCarthy's firing, but the reality is we could be talking about which candidate could replace him midway through the year.

(Also, trust me, I know this may be a way-too-early discussion, but debates are always fun.)

With all of that in mind, check it all out below.

There is a chance the Cowboys could be sitting below or right at .500 heading into the bye.

In March, I wrote a Way-too-Early Win/Loss Predictions for the season, but this was way before I knew the Cowboys week-by-week schedule. Although I knew the opponents, after seeing where each of them was slotted, I may have to change my record a bit.

Rather than rambling on about their whole season, the one thing I wanted to focus on was their first eight games that will define them in the early part of the year. Going back to my earlier article, you see with their first eight opponents, I predicted them to win against the , , , and .

On the other hand, I predicted them to lose against the , , , and . However, if you look more in-depth at those eight games, you could argue that some of the wins and losses I gave the franchise could be flip-flopped.

Regardless or not, totaling up all of those wins and losses from my original choices, you get a 4-4 record. To some, that may be a good record, but if you're telling me the team would be happy with that–then I got some beachside property to sell you in Idaho.

Every year the club knows there is extra pressure on them to make a run, and anything less is automatically deemed a failure. While it would be wrong to say they're out of the playoff hunt completely at the mid-point of the season, what happens if they're worse than 4-4?

You're likely going to lose against the Bucs, Bengals, Rams, and Eagles–but if you lose against the Lions or Bears? There has to be a firing made. The last time a Cowboys coach was fired at their bye was in 2010 when HC started 1-7, and he was replaced by OC Jason Garett.

Given that there are rumors out there already linking Former HC , OC , and DC as replacements for McCarthy, you can't tell me they wouldn't consider moving on from him.

Overall, I hope the franchise doesn't start slow out of the gate, and McCarthy is given a chance since last year was his first “true” year the team. But if we're hearing rumors that McCarthy may be on his way out during the bye if they struggle, don't say I didn't warn you.

Nonetheless, Go Cowboys.

So what do you think Cowboy fans? Do you have the franchise finishing .500 or better going into the Week 9 Bye?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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In fairness, the 2022 team is rebuilding the offense line and receivers and plans to start the season with growing pains. The first half schedule is hard and could easily lose both opening games at home.
This is set up as a coaching challenge year…can McCarthy and Moore coach up players the way Quinn did?
If not, then that says it .


McCarthy has been on the hot seat already. Last years bomb with a pretty stacked roster stoked the flames. If he does not get this team off to a good start I don’t see him surviving the season. Look Quinn to be running the show if they are under 500 by mid season. I have not been impressed by him from the moment he set foot in Dallas. This team is in serious need of a strong leader…Jerry does not like to hire those.


His decision making in games is suspect for real. Not taking timeouts or just bad clock management. Kicker helped with a lot of those losses too.

Sam p

Why should McCarthy be on the hot seat he wasn’t the one hire and unexperienced offense coordinator Jerry and Stephen did they need to put their on self on the hot seat


Jerry and Stephen need to be on hot seat they don’t let there coaches coach. Look at the press conferences. Probably don’t let them draft either.


You think Sean will come here and allow that there crazy. Need to stay away let the coaches coach and do there jobs. Mike is another Garrett he looks scared of Jerry and Stephen. They suck I wish they would move a team in Dallas so I can break up with them. It’s frustrating as fans every year there is an excuse. If they move on from Mike Sean will need full control. Look at rams I don’t even know what the owner looks like ask anyone about Dallas everyone knows who Jerry is. We had the team last year. Just couldn’t adjust in halftime with the offense.


Is he on the hot seat? No telling with Jerry and Stephen.
Should he be on the hot seat? Definitely.

Unmotivated players.
Poor game management decisions.
Highly questionable selections as assistant coaches.

He acts more like a manager than a coach, and not even a good manager at that. He’s like that manager that sits on his butt while the people that he’s supposed to be managing do whatever they want until his bosses decide something needs to be changed. Then, he shifts blame to outside forces (officials) or throws somebody under the bus. It’s the same behavior that got him canned in GB.

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