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Could Tony Pollard Be the Cowboys Version of Deebo Samuel?

While some continue to be delusional with their hypothetical trades for San Francisco , I wanted to switch directions for a couple of minutes and talk about Cowboys .

Pollard, who is currently the RB2 behind , was seen more as a potential contributor coming out of Memphis, but since then, he has proven scouts wrong. So, how does that relate to Samuel?

Well, in a recent comment by Cowboys Executive Vice President regarding their interest in Samuel after a report came out on Wednesday that he was requesting a , Jones said “they're always looking to get better, but things have to fit in and work.”

And while that may sound encouraging to some, if you read between the lines, you realize his whole answer is just a long version of a “no.”

With a Samuel trade looking unlikely, I wanted to address the fans who are upset about the 's incompetency to make moves and ask: Why can't Pollard be the Cowboys version of Samuel?

Starting, I admit that Samuel is arguably better talent-wise. So, don't freak out just yet.

But if you compare both players you see they have similar playing styles and builds and besides Samuel posting more production (given he's more of a weapon in San Francisco than Pollard is with Dallas), there is a real possibility that Pollard can put up similar numbers.

I mean if you take a look at this run below and the praise that he got from 49ers George Kittle and Kyle Shanahan, they realize how much of a special player he is, so why can't the Cowboys? Also, those comments coming from a high offensive-minded coach that HAS Samuel, there is no reason the staff can't justify not getting him the ball.


As I agree a Samuel trade would elevate the Cowboys to a crazy level, the cost of such a trade would be too big for the franchise, and given the number of holes they have, all of their draft capital is needed.

Additionally, in a tweet by The Game Day NFL that listed the Top-10 NFL Players who had the most all-purpose yards since 2020, you see Pollard made it at Number Nine. And looking at the other players on the list, you could argue that he's planted himself among some elite playmakers.

And if he's putting those stats with limited touches, just imagine how much they would skyrocket if he was given the whole enchilada of looks.

So what do you think Cowboys fans? Could Pollard be the Cowboys version of Samuel?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Cowboy Fan Ed

In football there are just some dudes that seem to play year in and year out and never miss a game due to injury! EE is kinda in that category it’s just been recently that he has had some injuries! In my opinion I just don’t think that TP can take the punishment that DS does or even EE ! I like TP but when it comes to carrying the ball 20 times a game for any time at all I’m afraid he is not one of those kinda of dudes that can take that kinda of beating without injury!! That just my gut feeling!

Terrance Hamilton

Everything you said is right and makes sense. Pollard is seriously underutilized while Zeke is seriously overused. I’ve been saying for years that it’s not so much Zeke but more about WHEN the Cowboys choose to run Zeke. Half of Zeke’s rushing attempts are when the defense expects ax run. That hasn’t changed from Garrett to Moore. Too predictable.


Debo Samuel has had one exceptional year. Before 2021, Samuel was good but not exceptional.
Pollard could be the same if given the touches.

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